Astro-Notes on September 11, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio and semi-sextile NN in Libra/quincunx SN in Aries
– Mercury conjunct Pallas in Libra and semi-square Mars in Scorpio
– Moon ingress to Taurus at 9:16 pm EDT
– Venus in Virgo sesqui Eris Rx in Aries

We’re now on the same page, ideas- and strategy-wise, which means we’re prepared to pursue our desires

and intentions with all the passion we can muster and we’ve arranged for our ‘move’, applying our social intelligence and utilizing shared resources to promote our Self-interests, while getting our priorities straight. Things are set in motion irrevocably. We do what is necessary to accommodate our future prospects. Therefore, later at night, could we feel more comfortable and rest assured that our security needs have been taken care of.

Tarot card of the day is the 7 of Cups”, representing a multiplicity of possibilities and choices that need to be looked at for their potential – real or imagined – as well as for their basis in reality, whereby we need to be aware that not all that glisters is gold and that less enticing options might turn out to be great opportunities. Therefore, it’s important now to narrow our focus.


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