Astro-Notes on September 22, 2014 – Fall Equinox

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Virgo semi-square Jupiter in Leo
– Pluto stations direct at 10:59 Cap at 8:35 pm EDT (turned Rx on April 14 at 13:34 Cap – new territory on Jan. 13, 2015)
– Sun ingress to Libra at 10:29 pm EDT – Autumnal Equinox

Today is it especially important that we concentrate on our personal mission and figure out the creative

options and possibilities for self-realization available to us in order to be able to improve our life. Circumstances, which have been under ‘reconstruction’ since mid April can now be managed from a position of reviewed potential and influence in these matters in regard to authority, control and experience as we start a new season. The Sun’s ingress to Libra, which marks the Autumnal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, will happen at 10:29 pm EDT tonight. His crossing over the intersection point of the Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic in the West and change from North to South Declination corresponds to a time of transition and gear change. Day and night are of equal length once again with the nights growing longer and the days shorter from now on (for us here in the Northern Hemisphere). Summer has ended, nature is beginning to batten down, darkness is increasing and it’s getting colder. It’s a time of harvesting – the second of the three Pagan Harvest Festivals (Mabon) – of ingathering and taking stock that makes us aware that we are part of and affected by a larger wholeness to which we must respond and adapt. A phase of restoring equilibrium and balance as well as bringing harmony to key life projects and relationships is beginning, during which we seek self-affirmation through cooperation and accommodation, while refining our personality and life quality. Happy Mabon!

Fall Equinox 2014

Tarot card of the day is the 7 of Pentacles”, suggesting slow growth. The seeds have been sown, but there is no sign yet that they have germinated. Some things are moving along well and we feel hopeful about the future, while others seem to be pointless. Consequently, we are applying a long-term view and focus on sustainability of results. It’s time now to assess which of our energy investments are worth it and where we might have to change direction. Thus, we are taking stock, reflecting on our progress, questioning our choices and find out where we stand.

Personally, the Sun-Jupiter semi-square manifested as a marathon Skype chat with my daughter, who lives a 9-hour drive away. We talked for 4 hours using simple, inexpensive technology. Pluto’s station has been marked by the following headlines in the news: (Pluto’s archetype is about power and circumstances beyond our control) and (abortion as a ‘life-and-death’ issue falls under Pluto’s domain).

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