Astro-Notes on September 30, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Venus in Libra semi-square Jupiter in Leo
– Ceres in Scorpio semi-sextile NN in Libra/quincunx SN in Aries
– Mercury in Scorpio semi-sextile Venus in Libra
– Mars in Sagittarius sesqui Juno in Cancer

In order to be able to move on from the past and start over, we have to make the necessary arrangements and adjust our commitments, routines and agenda accordingly. It is also important in this regard that we help and support each other, thereby focusing on harmony or peace, cooperation and accommodation instead of reacting ignorantly and self-righteously. – So, I had this text already written up for today, but because we’re having inventory at work, I had to stay late yesterday night and then was so tired that for some reason I didn’t hear my alarm going off this morning. Needless to say that I had to rush to work. There was no time to post the blog.

The Tarot cards for the day I got are the Page of Pentacles+Knight of Cups”, indicating that plans are set in motion and actions are being taken, which will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of our goals and ambitions. No matter what’ll take, we will see these projects through to completion with the help of someone who is trustworthy and genuine. Their support will come with the best of intentions or at least there is good will on the side of each party involved. A matter is coming and going, so to speak and a stagnant situation will soon change.


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