Astro-Notes on October 9, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Moon ingress to Taurus at 7:43 am EDT
– Mercury Rx in Scorpio square Juno in Leo
– Ceres in Scorpio quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Sun in Libra semi-square Vesta in Sagittarius

After the Moon’s ingress to Taurus will we feel rather mellow, even a bit complacent, and seek out

comfort and gratification. However, we cannot afford to lay back and indulge in our fancies, because of personal and creative commitments we made and the deadlines or expiration dates, which are approaching. Therefore, we have to get our stuff together, seize the day and pursue our causes enthusiastically and with the conviction that we will succeed with whatever we set our mind to.

Tarot card of the day is Strength”, suggesting that we draw upon our inner strength and the power of our spirit and will. With compassion and understanding can we handle the most difficult situation and also tame the beast within. We have the ability to be tolerant, forgiving and accepting and thus can gently influence our environment. Furthermore, we can be assured that we have enough endurance to see things through to their end and get a lot accomplished.


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