Astro-Notes on October 10, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury egress to Libra at 1:26 pm EDT (until Nov. 8)
– Sun in Libra sextile Jupiter in Leo
– Venus in Libra quincunx Chiron Rx in Pisces

Today, we have an opportunity to express our viewpoint of a relationship situation that has been giving us quite some grief so far and to ask for justice and fairness in this regard or a resolution that is acceptable. As Mercury retraces his steps through Libra, we have a chance to review conversations, records, contracts and other matters of communication and exchange together with relations, affiliations and terms of engagement.

Tarot card of the day is The Magician”, coming with the message ‘I have the power to create’, because we have all the tools we need available – the sword of intellect, the wand of inspiration, the cup of emotion and the pentacle of practicality. This card suggests that it is time to approach our whole life or a situation with a new creative and original attitude. We have the ability to act not react, as well as the willpower to channel our energy in the direction we want it to go. With self-confidence we will gain the knowledge and the ability to tackle the important issues that need to be dealt with so that success can be achieved.

In the news: and and and – etc.


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