Astro-Notes on October 19, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Pallas ingress to Scorpio at 9:09 am EDT (until Dec. 27)
– Mercury Rx in Libra sesqui Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Juno in Leo quincunx Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Sagittarius
– Sun in Libra semi-sextile Ceres in Scorpio
– Mercury Rx conjunct NN in Libra/opposite SN in Aries

Today starts a period of tough maneuvering and negotiating, during which we’ll be using extreme and evolving strategies and schemes based on a black-and-white-, either-or-, do-or-die-mentality, together with powerful politics and complex tactics or procedures. We really want to meet our ideals and be able to satiate our longings. Therefore, we adjust our relationship principle, and personal role in particular, accordingly, while taking advantage of opportunities coming our way and encounters or offers. There is a good chance for lots of action or activities we can get involved in if we play our cards right and make the necessary arrangements, especially when we deal with our future prospects and face the question how to move on from here.

Tarot card of the day is the 10 of Wands”, suggesting that we’ve reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle, where we now have to deal with the consequences of our achievement. This completion comes with great responsibilities and commitments though in order to ensure our ongoing success. Thus, we could be overextending ourselves as we carry our ambitious burdens by trying to do too much or because we have taken on too much. Therefore, it’s time to rebalance, to gather up our lessons and to recollect ourselves for the next phase life has to offer. As we press onwards, we need to pace ourselves, manage efficiently and prioritize or we could be ending up fighting uphill.


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