Astro-Notes on October 20, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Juno in Leo quincunx Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Sagittarius
– Sun in Libra semi-sextile Ceres in Scorpio
– Mercury Rx conjunct NN in Libra/opposite SN in Aries and sextile Jupiter in Leo
– Saturn in Scorpio quincunx Eris Rx in Aries (aspect perfection)

As we review our future prospects we realize that our renewed sense of structure and authority has to be

applied to a re-emerging sense of authenticity and this means we have to bring forth our competitive spirit and believe in ourselves and our capabilities. We also have to make an effort to reach out and set things in motion. It’s time to react to recent conversations and reconnect with those people who offered us assistance in the pursuit of our personal and creative options. Our destiny is calling us and we need to respond by taking advantage of the opportunities, which are present.

Tarot card of the day is the 6 of Pentacles”, suggesting that a balance of mind and spirit is needed to be able to decide which the best course of action would be in a difficult situation. Renewal is possible and equilibrium can be restored due to the kindness and support of others. We can tap the flow of abundance into our lives by placing ourselves purposefully in positions that stimulate a response from our environment. However, the element of balance is emphasized, especially what equality and fairness concerns. As we give so shall we receive and dispense charity in our own lives. This card speaks of the cyclical nature of life.


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