Astro-Notes on October 28, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Moon ingress to Capricorn at 6:03 am EDT
– Vesta in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn
– Pallas in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces

We’re starting the day prepared to tackle our tasks and challenges, while seeking to manage our

workload. In fact we might have to increase our productivity and invest even more energy in order to be able to get on top of our affairs. However, we could easily get carried away since this concerns the things we hold sacred and therefore it is important to be aware of our politics and what we’re sharing, in particular, if we want to receive sympathy and solidarity for our cause. An excellent example is the case of Canadian radio star Jian Ghomeshi, who has been fired by CBC for his ‘sexual behavior’.

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Swords”, suggesting that we need to look at a difficult situation from a new angle and with a different perspective. Because our thinking is limited and we’re struggling to see a way out of our dilemma, it is imperative that we open our eyes to the options that lay in front of us. There are choices available, but in order to recognize them, we have to get into the right mindset first.


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