Astro-Notes for November 8 and 9, 2014

Daily aspects for November 8:
– Mars in Capricorn semi-square Saturn in Scorpio
– Juno in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn
– Ceres in Sagittarius square Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Mercury ingress to Scorpio at 6:08 pm EST (until Nov. 27)

Daily aspects for November 9:
– Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo
– Sun in Scorpio semi-sextile Vesta in Sagittarius

Yesterday evening did Mercury return to Scorpio, the sign he first entered on September 27 before he retrograded to Libra. He also set off the eclipse degree. This means, the story that began in relation to these events continues and a period of intensified planning and scheduling might be starting soon. Many matters could get more complex or complicated as ideas, plans, friendships, associations and projects evolve and we’re taking inventory of data and even our thought process, whereby we could uncover hidden information or which could prompt us to research these issues in depth. In fact, our perception is undergoing a transformation with the potential to change some of our views and interpretations of our reality picture. Therefore, we are challenged to overcome personal beliefs, truths or concepts, which prevent us from overhauling our value system and experiencing greater satisfaction, validation and wellbeing. Consequently, we have to make the necessary adjustments to be able to increase our dedication in this regard.

Accordingly, yesterday’s Tarot card The Devil” is succeeded by The Lovers”, suggesting that if we untie the binds that keep us chained to our complexes, fear, shadow or psychic compulsions, we can free ourselves and make the right moral and ethical choices. We also have to remember in this context that the most attractive option is not always the best one and that we have the power to resist temptations if we exert control over our mind or attitude.

This is an interesting ‘setup’ in the event of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which not only changed the ‘face of Europe’, but also the power distribution in the world. Personally, I once again arrived at the understanding or conclusion that in some instances you cannot rely or wait on others if you want your plans or projects to take off/be completed and you can arrange for this on your own, while in other instances you have to (Mercury in the last degree of Libra), because your hands might be bound. I also connected with my daughter yesterday after work. We had a long chat that touched on many Scorpio-related topics – whether it concerned personal desires, shared values and resources or intimate aspects of our lives.


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