Astro-Notes on November 28, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Ceres in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces
– Moon ingress to Pisces at 5:03 pm EST

No gain without pain – is a fitting phrase for this aspect. If we want to be able to get the items we desire on sale, we have to bite in the sour apple – as a German saying goes – and make a few sacrifices. Because there won’t be any rain checks for those who come too late. These offers are only available while quantities last. Therefore, we’re challenged to ‘beat’ others in this ‘race’ and thus have to be content as well as patient with long lines and large crowds. We also can expect disappointment and disillusionment. Moreover, the majority of folk won’t be on their best behavior. The fallacies of the human condition will be very evident and this holds also true for the typical family Thanksgiving, where folks are challenged to get along in spite of their different characters and beliefs. Once the Moon has made ingress to Pisces will we feel more ‘under the influence’ or in the spirit of whatever helps us to attune, escape and cope.

Tarot card of the day is Justice”, indicating that justice will be served and a fair decision will be made. The workings of karma will be evident. Therefore, an understanding of cause and effect or consequences is necessary. A sharp mind is needed and so is a clear-sighted view. This is a time to remain objective and impartial. We need to apply ethical principles, try to do what’s right and play by the rules. Thus, we can handle the situation and settle old accounts and debts.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy shopping!


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