Astro-Notes on January 3, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries and conjunct Pluto
– Venus ingress to Aquarius at 9:48 am EST (until Jan 27)
– Mercury in Capricorn semi-sextile Ceres in Sagittarius
– Moon ingress to Cancer at 8:07 pm EST

After things took a turn yesterday and we had to manage these distractions from our path that kept us from the achievement of our personal ambitions together with the changes to organized matters or setups, we’re even more determined to make progress on all fronts as we start a new sub-cycle today, during which we have a chance to strengthen our personal foundation or life’s structure, to fortify our position, authority or standing and to achieve personal or professional influence and also more control over our circumstances and affairs. This happens in sync with the beginning of a period of greater inner detachment and stimulation, when we feel inspired and also liberated by the way we relate, prioritize and assess and when we reform or change our values and relationships. This requires that we set our mind on developing and increasing our nurturing capabilities and enlisting more support for the realization of our plans. Later in the evening will we seek out the comfort of home and family.

Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Wands”, suggesting that we’re renewing ourselves as we’re summoning our creative energy and approach our life’s situations energetically and confident. We are not afraid of challenges and use our tremendous energy constructively as well as within the scope of our capabilities, which means we’re equipped to be successful and to effectively multi-task.


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