Astro-Notes on January 21, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Venus in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries
– Mars in Pisces semi-square Eris in Aries
– Mercury stations Rx at 17:05 Aquarius at 10:54 am EST (stations direct at 1:18 Aquarius on February 12 – shadow period from January 5 – March 3)

Today could we have felt confrontational and rebellious, using our chance to show some edge and get our competitive spirit on, while taking the liberty to promote our values or preferences rather forcefully. Consequently, some won, others lost, but in order to move forward with our plans we had to make a point and set things straight, whether everybody liked it or not. We’re now undergoing a phase of ‘reprogramming’ during which we can review procedures, communication processes, group connections, networking ideas and individual and social paradigms for alteration or reform (a good example is the ‘State of the Union address’ , which inspired many folks). For instance, at work at the time of Mercury’s turnaround did we sent many ‘undesired’ items back to the backroom to be binned on the steel, because they won’t sell at this time of the year and this happened only after upper management got this issue straightened out.

Tarot card of the day is The Hierophant”, representing traditional values and moral development. This card is suggesting that we stay within conventional bounds and follow established social structures and traditions. There is a need to conform to rules or fixed situations and to go along with the program. We are working as part of a team and are doing the right thing. This concerns especially the bridging of the earthly and divine, which can be achieved by using our situation or particular circumstances to transcend as yet unevolved aspects of ourselves. A gateway to higher consciousness is open for us today that allows us to access the sacred as we try to understand the inner world.


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