Astro-Notes on February 15, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Ceres conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
– Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Mars in Pisces

Today we’re standing at the beginning of a new sub-cycle that combines the nurturing principle with the

transformative urge in the achievement-oriented sign of the goat. Here, where I live (the Greater Lakes area of Ontario, Canada), we’re currently undergoing a cold spell. Temperatures have been steadily dropping to such a low that instead of venturing out we seek out the warmth, safety and protection our homes have to offer – the structures we’ve built or have established, where we can utilize the sources of energy we ‘tamed’, while outside the forces of nature present us with conditions over which we have no control and thus have to surrender to. It is a harsh climate indeed that shows us our limits and place in the natural order of things or ‘food chain’. However, we know that this ‘comes with the season’ and won’t last long. Once it has passed, we’ll get back to business as usual. “What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.” Consequently, we’ll bounce back from this struggle regenerated and with our foundation strengthened or renewed, which is also the result of commitments and bonds we’ve strengthened and took care of or resources we know we can rely on for our support in these difficult times (Valentine’s day yesterday and Family day tomorrow could make this into a very nurturing and productive weekend). And although today we might not do much of anything, we’ll go with the flow of things and make amends where needed, because we’ve entered a period during which we can gradually grow in power and influence, thereby managing our affairs constructively and responsibly if we sustain and nurture our resources or sources of replenishment and cut off those, which deplete and exploit us.

Tarot card of the day is the 10 of Pentacles”, a card that speaks of permanence, solidity and lasting conditions. It refers moreover to a climax in our foundational life, a culmination or achievement that allows us to make a commitment to a sustainable future.


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