Astro-Notes on April 19, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries and sextile Vesta in Pisces
– Ceres in Aquarius sextile Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
– Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces and trine NN in Libra/sextile SN in Aries
– Pallas stations Rx at 00:26 Capricorn at 9:29 pm EDT (will station direct on August 3 at 11:39 Sag)

While we’ve been upholding our hopes in regard to certain outcomes or expectations, we also made up our mind to be able to arrange for our future prospects after we reviewed the conditions and latest developments within our specific set of circumstances together with our individual support system. However, we still deal with uncertainty and don’t know which way things will go as we’re awaiting closure in a matter that has been dragging on for too long. Therefore, we might want to take advantage of the opportunity, which could open up later today, and just walk away from the situation and thus move on with our lives. As Pallas stations retrograde in the first degree of Capricorn in square aspect to the Aries Point, where the ‘personal becomes political’ and then begins to retrace her steps through Sagittarius, we are dealing with consequences and could reconsider our approach or even make or face a major decision before we enter a period during which we will review our long-term politics and strategies.

Tarot card of the day is the8 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re leaving a situation that is no longer working for us. It is important to know though that good times lie ahead. By realizing that the current cycle is over, we’re disentangling ourselves and moving on. We’re starting on a journey of discovery and seek deeper meaning. This is a card of change and transition.


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