Astro-Notes on April 20, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Venus in Gemini trine NN in Libra/sextile SN in Aries and square Vesta in Pisces
– Sun ingress to Taurus at 5:41 am EDT and trine Pallas Rx in Capricorn
– Moon ingress to Gemini at 7:27 pm EDT

So, now that this is a done deal or deed and we reached an agreement one way or another or set up a

meeting, we are challenged to get our ‘ducks in a row’ and not waste our energy or be self-undoing in any other manner. With the Sun’s ingress to Taurus early this morning began a period of steady, productive self-expression when we seek to build up, secure and pursue a sustainable lifestyle or bestow our life with quality, tend to our wellbeing and toward sense gratification as well as validate our sense of Self and cultivate self-esteem. Consequently, our reviewed approach of a personal matter can help us to achieve our ends in this regard. After the Moon’s ingress to Gemini later tonight will we feel more flexible and adaptable and also lighter.

Tarot card of the day is the 9 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we can complete any work necessary, because we’ve reached a point where we’re feeling self-sufficient, resourceful and capable and have identified the roots of our passion. We have worked hard and acted on our own accord to attain success and material comfort. With inexhaustible focus are we targeting our specific aims and invest our energy in the honing of our skills. Moreover, we appreciate what is now available to us, knowing that the worst is over. Therefore, it is important that we stick to our program and exercise self-discipline until we have achieved that level of sophistication we’re striving for.


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