Astro-Notes on May 4, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo
– Venus in Gemini semi-square Juno in Leo
– Mars in Taurus sesqui NN in Libra/semi-square SN in Aries
– Neptune in Pisces quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries
– Mercury shadow begins

Challenged by personal options we don’t like in a difficult relationship situation or which are quite

unfortunate in regard to our personal growth, contentment and prosperity, we find it hard to make a decision that will affect our life for some time to come. Yet we have to move on, whether we are happy about it or not, and destiny or fate is putting the pressure on us to make the necessary arrangements. I, for instance, have to prepare my work lunches, bake my afternoon sweets and do some more laundry today. With the big money give away contest going on today on Virgin Radio I also tried my luck calling in, but no such thing. There are too many others trying to succeed with the same spiel. Other than that, I have been experiencing problems with my laptop, which has been in my possession for 7 and a half years now. So, my ‘luck’ is running out; this device is considered to be antique. With Mercury retrograding through Gemini soon I have to look for a new one, which is the main reason why I could use this chunk of give away money.

Tarot card of the day is the King of Pentacles”, suggesting that we put quality over quantity and are good stewards of our life and energy. We pursue self-sufficiency and self-reliance, gain progress one step at a time and work toward a goal with firm resolve. Moreover, we handle any situation competently, meet commitment and promises and can be counted on. Our enterprising spirit comes forward as we turn this day into a successful day. This is a card of worldly success, ultimate fulfillment and material satisfaction that comes with the promise of financial stability and continuing prosperity.


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