Astro-Notes on May 9, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Taurus semi-sextile Uranus in Aries and sextile Vesta in Pisces
– Mercury in Gemini trine NN in Libra/sextile SN in Aries and square Neptune in Pisces
– Pallas Rx in Sagittarius sesqui Jupiter in Leo
– Venus in Cancer quincunx Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
– Mars in Taurus quincunx Pallas Rx in Sagittarius
– Neptune in Pisces quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries
– Moon ingress to Aquarius at 7:21 pm EDT

So, I came home late again yesterday afternoon and I chatted away the evening with my girlfriend and

therefore, I didn’t have any time to look at the astrological aspects or prepare a blog post. Neither have I been able to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather these last few days – today included – because I had to run my errands and came home late and then the Sun was gone and today it even rained as a thunderstorm passed us by. Good thing though that I haven’t gotten back into last year’s habit of going on my long walks on Saturday after work, because this would have forced me to find shelter somewhere. As a result, I’ve been kicking off my personal weekend by drinking ice-cold coconut water out on my balcony and snacking on my Texas nut mix, while reading a suspense novel. Though since I’ve been forced by the change in weather to go back inside, I turned on the computer and poured myself a glass of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (Venus in Cancer qx Saturn Rx in Sag and Mars in Taurus qx Pallas Rx in Sag). In the greater scheme of things (in my life), people are switching departments – voluntarily and involuntarily. This happened before I had a chance to discuss my own plans for the near future with my manager. I’m thinking about going on night shift for a week and would have a good reason in case of several new modulars dropping at once as they did last year in June. It’s also time for me to book my vacation in Philadelphia. Just need to figure out how to get from here to the bus terminal in Toronto. Yep, these are a few matters or issues that I will have to go back and forth over during the impending Mercury retrograde period. Not to mention that I NEED a new computer before this one will break down on me. So, please consider purchasing a personalized reading from me. That would very much help my cause. In the meantime, the Moon made ingress to Aquarius and my new neighbors are getting social and in party mood. They either don’t realize that everybody on this site of the building can listen to their conversation or they don’t care. Things are changing around here too. No quiet, relaxing evenings anymore. 😦

Tarot card of the day is The Fool”, referring to unlimited potential, new beginnings, a sense of innocence and naivety. Anything can happen as we start on this journey. We could be taken into unchartered territory and thus need to be aware of the risks and dangers we could encounter, but also need to be ready to take on the opportunities presented to us. This card encourages us to have faith and calls upon us to trust, believe in our spirit and to follow our heart.


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