Astro-Notes on August 22, 2015 – First Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Leo quincunx Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Mercury in Virgo quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– First Quarter Moon at 29:23 Scorpio/Leo at 3:30 pm EDT
= Moon ingress to Sagittarius at 4:40 pm EDT
– Juno in Virgo opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces and quincunx Uranus Rx in Aries

There have been quite a few tense aspects this week in addition to my challenging personal transits – in particular the transiting Sun one’s that turned transiting Saturn square my natal Saturn in house 6 of service into a fixed t-square. As a consequence, my work week was pretty stressful with one department manager on vacation and another sent to a different store, which increased my responsibilities, because I have to cover for them. Of course, I had 3 new modulars dropped on me on top of that and cover cash as well. Thus, I missed a deadline I had agreed upon with my SWAS-leader. However, it was only by half a day – so, we were able to work that out, though not without some hurt feelings, which is the nature of the game if things are getting too complicated and stressful and everybody is just frustrated and overworked. So, here are Saturn’s lessons. You can only do what you can possibly do, though try to do your best and to be of service. This message has been driven home with the First Quarter Moon that tempted us to pursue our personal agenda so that we can make progress and therefore, we might have struggled with ourselves to make some sacrifices for the greater good. Juno in Virgo has activated the Chiron-Uranus semi-sextile – the confrontation commenced and we had to decide whether we wanted to be the victim or the perpetrator, which meant in this case choosing the easy way out and reacting rather selfish. Yet, the question remains: Can we really be that perfect and just keep sacrificing and victimizing ourselves or do we have enough of it already and start putting ourselves first? I guess, it depends on what our conscience is telling us. I’m still feeling guilty for not pretending to help somebody I couldn’t help based on the circumstances. It’s bugging me, but I can live with it. In fact, I must. Things aren’t always that easy and straightforward and we can’t always take responsibility or even blame for everything. There will be ups and there will be downs – that’s life for us. On a more positive note – I’ll be off for the next four days I’ll be spending with my daughter. 🙂

Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Pentacles”, representing an aspect of ourselves or others that is concerned about economic security and the promotion of physical wellbeing. We’re not only tending for ourselves, but also for our possessions. This involves being practical and capable in business affairs, in particular what effective management concerns, where we need to employ down-to-earth common sense and help things to flourish. Putting duty first, we use our resourcefulness to provide stability, to safeguard and to preserve.


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