Astro-Notes on November 3, 2015 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Third Quarter Moon at 10:45 Leo/Scorpio at 7:23 am EST
– Juno in Libra opposite Uranus Rx in Aries and quincunx Chiron Rx in Pisces
– Mercury in Scorpio semi-square Jupiter in Virgo and sesqui Chiron Rx in Pisces
– Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces and quincunx Uranus Rx in Aries

This morning’s ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies the Third Quarter Moon concerns “a rabbi’s ability to perform his duties” (Sabian Symbol for the Libra New Moon), thereby testing our sense of Self (Leo) in matters related to business and shared values (Scorpio). Consequently, a ‘wound’ or other problem could prevent us from living up to our own standards or to meet the expectations of others, which goes against our principles and beliefs, especially if our performance and role within these dynamics are important to us. However, at this point we have to admit to ourselves that we have to accept what we cannot change and need to seek others’ cooperation, while finding solutions that work for all parties. For instance, over a week ago I strained my wrist. I put it in a velcro brace with steel inside and continued with my usual duties. This hasn’t done me any good though. On the contrary, the injury will only get worse this way and therefore I will have to ask for lighter duties for as long as the healing will take, which means I have to put myself first instead of giving it my all at work (pulling my weight). Since I’m very committed (as a Scorpio it’s all or nothing for me), I feel of course guilty about this. It doesn’t sit well with me. But with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius squaring my natal Mars in Virgo (in house 12), I know I have been defeated by the taskmaster, who’s teaching me an important lesson about sacrifice (necessary and unnecessary ones), patience (a virtue I don’t possess) and self-undoing.

Tarot card of the day is Judgment”, suggesting that we’re having a day of reckoning, when we can find absolution or are heeding a call. Therefore, it’s important that we use good judgment, release all sorrows and lift ourselves up. We might have experienced an epiphany that opens ourselves up to a new possibility, which is like an awakening to new life that can lead to renewal and change.


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