Astro-Notes on November 19, 2015 – First Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– First Quarter Moon at 26:35 Aquarius/Scorpio at 1:27 am EST
– Moon ingress to Pisces at 7:21 am EST
– Mercury in Scorpio trine Vesta in Pisces and semi-square Pluto in Capricorn

Neptune, who was in retrograde motion since June 12, stationed in Pisces as the First Quarter Moon of the Scorpio lunation cycle was forming. Therefore, we can say that this particular ‘crisis in action’ that accompanies this stage in the lunation cycle is challenging our ‘intelligence sharing’ (channelship is the keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon) and higher values (“a parrot repeats the conversation he has overheard” is the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon), because our reviewed ideals are being tested, which is evident in the case of the Syrian refugees (a Neptunian theme) after the latest terrorist attack on Western soil. As a consequence, we feel divided once again in regard to our common humanity and shared values. The threat and fear of terrorism distance us from these humanitarian matters, causing us to question these peoples’ motives and whether they can be trusted. So, what did we actually expect after years and years of bringing war and death to their lands, bombing them and providing them with weapons? Now that ‘war’ has been declared on us in the ‘free world’, we’re experiencing the ‘echo’ effect or backlash, or in other words, the tragic consequences of our actions, and we don’t know how many ‘perpetrators’ already slipped through our porous borders; neither do we know how many sleeper cells have been set up all over the Western World for their jihad. In the Bible it says “What goes around comes around” – this refers to the physical law of cause and effect. Does this mean we are doomed? Are we committing collective suicide? An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. The question is: Are we able to escape from this vicious cycle and evolve from this? Not without facing our demons. As we collectively grieved for the victims of the attack in Paris, it became quickly obvious that some lives do matter more to us than others. A very disturbing truth indeed. Atrocities are being committed almost daily all over the world. Innocents are being sacrificed and seen as collateral damage. The end justifies the means – but apparently only as long as it concerns THEM. With Mercury in Scorpio the issues are more complex, asking us to look deeper, to uncover the threads in this web that connects us and to be aware of the complications we have to deal with. Our world has changed and it will take a lot of effort to work out our conflicts, find solutions to our problems and improve our situation (Jupiter in Virgo). In fact, checks and controls will increase (Saturn in Sagittarius) and there will be more surveillance, tighter rules and more policing. So, be aware of that and prepared, especially when you travel.
Personally, I have moved lots of merchandise in my department over the last couple of days as we are getting ready for Black Friday. Finally, I’m overcoming a sense of powerlessness, because I’m running out of space and options for these mountains of merchandise. At the same time did I have to deal with lots of paperwork and different overseeing agencies because of my “injuries”, which is rather annoying. Too much bureaucracy for my taste.

Tarot card of the day is the Knight of Wands”, suggesting that an important matter is likely to enter our life and demand our attention. Therefore, we have to be ready to react quickly and to go with the flow. Our present situation will soon change and we have to make important decisions. Consequently, we’re charging forth with ideas and visions to make things happen, while tackling any challenge that stands in our way. It is important that we show ambition, are high-spirited, strong-willed and determined and take calculated risks.


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