Astro-Notes on January 23, 2016 – Leo Full Moon

Over the last couple of days, first the Sun (for a 30 day stay) and then Pallas (until April 26) made ingress to Aquarius and this afternoon Venus entered the sign Capricorn, where she will be traversing until February 17. As a consequence, we might have felt the ‘change in the air’ not just in the wind chill outside, but also in the fresh breeze that’s been swirling through our lives. At the same time are we more in control of our emotions and have gotten our priorities in order, which means we are ready to take the next step toward realizing our ambitions and desires.
When the Sun is travelling through Aquarius we are more inclined to express our individuality and uniqueness and also our difference or what sets us apart from others, whereby we seek to advance our personal causes and to become more independent and individualized in the process. In fact, we might even reinvent ourselves. However, since Aquarius symbolizes both – the individual and the collective – we will moreover tend to self-realize or affirm our Beingness through our group purpose and contribution or involvement with our social circle, associates and peers during this period, especially through networking and collaborating. With Pallas also travelling through the sign of the waterbearer, our focus will be on progress, change, new trends and the future and our approach will be more detached, innovative, intellectual, preventive and ‘avant-garde’, even ingenious or revolutionary, as we seek to upgrade, modernize and reform our strategies, while improvising, taking risks and chances and thinking outside of the box. Venus’ transit through Capricorn corresponds to a phase when we either strengthen our relationships or breaking up with individuals or groups, when we strive to achieve a sense of wellbeing and keep our values realistic, down to earth and conservative, when we are more in touch with the material aspect of life as well as our mortality and worth and when we validate what we have, while working on structuring and managing our finances and resources.
In the meantime did the Moon make ingress to Leo and now we are craving fun, attention and personal enjoyment. We also want to spoil ourselves, celebrate, feel alive, be creative and connect with our inner child or focus on our children. The Capricorn lunation cycle culminates tonight in the Leo Full Moon and the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Leo New Moon back in August 2015 comes to fruition too. Thus, ‘the hidden choir singing during a religious service’ (Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn New Moon) remains no longer in the background. Instead, it is now taking center stage and the urge is ‘to dramatize one’s achievements by showcasing one’s trophies (skills or talents)’ (Sabian Symbol and keynote for the Leo Full Moon). Suggested is furthermore that the ego has been overcome. Therefore, the ‘carrier pigeon that is fulfilling its mission in terms of service to mankind’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon from August 2015) has been replaced by a ‘Hindu Yogi (the messenger of the ‘higher realm’ has turned into a ‘spiritual master’), who demonstrates his healing powers through the focusing of spiritual (“higher”) energy’ (Sabian Symbol and keynote for the Aquarius Sun) and self-discipline.
The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 3:29 Leo states:
“A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition. Keynote: The masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals – TO DRAMATIZE ONE’S ACHIEVEMENTS.”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 3:29 Aquarius states:
“A Hindu yogi demonstrates his healing powers. Keynote: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind – FOCUSING OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY.”
(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 133-134 and 251, respectively)


Leo FM 2016
Because the Full Moon is in a tense aspect to Chiron in Pisces, as things are coming to a head or climax it is critical that we remain aware of our vulnerability and our blind spots and don’t shoot ourselves in the foot or take unnecessary risks, in particular in regard to the ‘super-storm’ that is pounding the East Coast of the U.S. Although this extreme weather might mess with your plans, it is important to take the warnings seriously and wait it out. Do the smart thing.
Tarot card of the day is the “Wheel of Fortune” indicating that the wheel has turned and we’ve entered a new phase of the cycle. We must accept that things can always turn around; that what goes around comes around. However, in every crisis lies opportunity. It’s not a time to be complacent; instead we have to actively follow this path now and go with the flow.


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