Astro-Notes on March 1, 2016 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Juno in Scorpio semi-sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
– Venus in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn
– Third Quarter Moon at 11:48 Sag/Pisces at 6:10 pm EST

The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in Pisces a few days ago squared my natal Mercury in Sagittarius in house 4 (home and family) from house 7 (close others). It marked our day of departure from the beautiful island, where we (my daughter and I) had spent a few days of vacation that seemed to be beyond everything we could have hoped for or imagined – truly a dream vacation. We enjoyed a wonderful time together and were surrounded all day by friendly, welcoming people. We also had met a nice couple from the US with whom we became friends during our short stay and had exchanged our contact information. Thus, as indicated by the square, I felt rather sad to leave paradise so soon to return to Ontario, where it is winter and where I made my home, which is indeed a cold, lonely place – no matter how one looks at the situation. Nobody misses me over here (well, maybe a few people at work) – no parties, no celebrations or get-togethers happen around here anymore. My daughter lives too far away and so do my best friends. This part is really disappointing and therefore, it’s time for a change. We are already in the eclipse season. Big changes are already on their way for some. We too will soon set our plans into motion and hopefully reunite in a few months to embark on another great adventure (the Solar Eclipse will aspect my natal Jupiter in house 9 with a sextile from house 7 – so, my daughter is ‘the trigger’ for this opportunity for farther horizons). So, this is my personal story. For everybody else, the Sun-Neptune conjunction revealed a self-image, shed light on a dream or longing or even an illusion and also on the life we envision for ourselves. As Venus in Aquarius first engaged into the Juno-Saturn semi-sextile by casting a square to the former and a sextile to the latter and then formed a semi-sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, our individual values and preferences have been challenged in business situations and other relationship interactions, in which we are more or less powerless, because of the terms or conditions they are based on. Consequently, we have to surrender, even cut our losses, and accept what fate has dealt us. The ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies the Last Quarter Moon tests our idealism, in particular what our personal truth and viewpoint of the situation concerns. Indeed, March came in roaring like a lion – not just weather-wise (a major winter storm system is blowing through here). Let’s hope for an early spring.


Tarot card of the day is “Justice”, indicating that justice will be served and a fair decision will be made. The workings of karma will be evident. Therefore, an understanding of cause and effect or consequences is necessary. A sharp mind is needed and so is a clear-sighted view. This is a time to remain objective and impartial. We need to apply ethical principles, try to do what’s right and play by the rules. Thus, we can handle the situation and settle old accounts and debts.


7 thoughts on “Astro-Notes on March 1, 2016 – Third Quarter Moon

  1. someone said this lunation would be drawn in on march 4 for some reason…I think it was but not sure why

  2. oh , here it is.. (terry lamb blog) just curious , I dont know what it means either, maybe a mistake? ha, (i’m virgo rising btw, sometimes I have to figure things out ha)

    Friday, March 4

    Although Moon in Capricorn might make us anxious to tie up the week productively, this morning’s aspects favor going solo, thanks to contacts involving Uranus the liberator and transformative Pluto that combine with the Fourth Quarter Moon to help us release attachments.

  3. oh, is there a 4th quarter moon? what does that mean ? maybe a mistake…

  4. Hm, I think she’s referring to the upcoming New Moon. I never used the term Fourth Quarter Moon for it and haven’t heard it before either.

  5. yes, what a confused way to put it.. it was triggered friday i noticed (dont ask how i know ha) Darn things are hard to get mind around… most of the time lunations hit a few days before for me i notice. (3/29/58 4:36pm louisville) Its hard to find a good astrologer, hard to get info ha… (usually check at least 5 diferent blogs , nobodys fault, just so info intensive stuff…) Maybe the eclipse will happen on tuesday also ha. I know it hit friday already tho’. Serious chiron action going on phew. And jupiter, – (they found wing of flight mh377 i noticed, right on its anniversary of march 8, ) weird stuff… (flight disappeared on jupiter transit as I recall)

  6. Eclipses are generally felt at least a week before and after the actual event and their impact lasts for half a year, if it is a close one. It’s always good to get different opinions in any field of inquiry. 🙂

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