Astro-Notes on August 24, 2016 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Saturn in Sagittarius sesqui Uranus Rx in Aries
– Mars in Sagittarius sesqui Uranus Rx in Aries
– Venus in Virgo semi-square Juno in Scorpio, quincunx Eris Rx in Aries, opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces and quincunx Uranus Rx in Aries
– Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius
– Pallas Rx in Aquarius sesqui Vesta in Cancer and quincunx Jupiter in Virgo – Moon ingress to Gemini at 7:39 pm EDT
– Third Quarter Moon at 2:22 Gemini/Virgo at 11:40 pm EDT

We’re in eclipse season when major changes and shifts are happening and therefore, it is hardly surprising that we feel under lots of pressure, even to a point of helplessness, while coming face to face with our own vulnerability. And though our outlook seems to be daunting, we cannot shrink from the task we set out to accomplish. Consequently, we cannot delay any action we need to take any longer, but have to tackle our projects and causes – whether we like it or not. This is the only option we have and we better put out an effort and show motivation. In fact, it is important that we make progress – no matter how small. Every little bit brings us closer to our goal. Moreover, time is of the essence. We need to realize that and rise to the occasion, which means we have to roll up our sleeves and get things going. At the same time do we need to get more involved with others and if possible, enlist their help to further our purposes or objectives. Although we have to take chances and risks in the process, we need to choose wisely and keep things realistic. The ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies the Third Quarter Moon of the Leo lunation cycle challenges us to use reason and think things through when we make our decisions or we’ll set ourselves up for failure.

Summer Sun

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Pentacles”, a card that refers to encouragement due to cooperation and collaboration. Teamwork and planning are the essential ingredients toward the achievement of our goals. We’re taking the next step toward becoming established. Improvement of our situation and success are possible if we apply the necessary effort and show persistence.

Astro-Notes on August 18, 2016 – Aquarius Full Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Venus in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– Almost Lunar Appulse Eclipse/Full Moon at 25:51 Aqua/Leo at 5:26 am EDT
– Moon ingress to Pisces at 12:34 pm EDT
– Merc in Virgo quincunx Eris Rx in Aries, opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces and qx Uranus Rx in Aries
– Vesta in Cancer quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius
– Chiron Rx in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Rx in Aries

Some sources (including Solar Fire, the astro software I use) list this Full Moon as a penumbral lunar eclipse, because the Sun, Moon and Earth are closely aligned with the Moon’s nodes and also within proximity to qualify for eclipse status. However, the Moon actually misses the Earth’s shadow and therefore, no such event will be seen on any location on the Earth.
Although, it won’t be visible, it will certainly be a potent Full Moon with a considerable emotional charge that brings the Leo lunation cycle to a point of culmination, especially since this will occur with Venus in Virgo engaged in a trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, which signifies an end to a situation we had to endure for a prolonged period of time, where we felt powerless and even abused, but things are turning around now and there’s a good chance that we’ll be coming out on top of this. Furthermore, we learnt to control our emotions better in the process.

Saturn, Pluto’s dispositor, has stationed direct in Sagittarius last Saturday, concentrating the energy on the reality picture of our particular circumstances before he will slowly begin to move forward again. This means that lessons being taught to us during this period and the increased sense of structure and authority resulting from them will form the foundation for better results and more respect in this context. Once Saturn will be moving on, we will gain more control over the conditions we struggled with.

In addition, Jupiter in Virgo, who is the dispositor of Saturn, has left an opposition with retrograde Chiron in Pisces and a quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Aries, ruler over the Full Moon, to whom he is connected by quincunx also, which means he sits at the apex of a Yod or finger of God and this is indicative of a dilemma that has to be dealt with and followed up by an adjustment. In this particular case, the adjustment requires from us to resolve a conflict, contradiction or matter that makes no sense and has exhausted and victimized us for months as it kept dragging on and every time we succumbed or conceded and were willing to accept our lot, it actually got worse until we knew we couldn’t take it anymore, but had to proceed differently. Now this situation is coming to a head in a way that will bring much needed relief from all this pressure and frustration due to what is being revealed or illumined or inspired by this special Full Moon.

Mercury, well placed in his home sign Virgo, is the dispositor of Jupiter, and in pursuit of him, casting a quincunx to retrograde Eris in Aries at this Full Moon, on which he will follow up with an opposition to retrograde Chiron in Pisces and another quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Aries and after a couple of days later he will have caught up with Jupiter . He’s forming another Yod configuration. Thus, we’re shifting our attention to our self-interests and focus on how to succeed in regard to a problem we need to address or a gap we have to bridge. It’s a matter of attitude and although things will get stirred up, even to a point of confrontation between an individual and a group, this will lead to insight and collaboration, because we have the facts on our side and can prove our point. Besides, we all work toward the same end and therefore, things can be sorted out and resolutions found. Moreover, this provides us with a chance for healing or mending and also for change and progress, because we do have options to improve the functionality of our systems and procedures so that we can be more effective in the future and serve people’s specific needs.
This, however, requires from us to think outside the box and to take the individual factor or situation into the equation.

Another quincunx from Vesta in Cancer to Saturn in Sagittarius shows that instead of relying on support systems we used in the past or taken care of our causes in the ways we are familiar with, we have to dedicate us toward large-scale or long-term organization and management.

Moreover, the seeds planted at the time of the Aquarius New Moon back in February will also bear fruits. Using the symbolical terminology of the Sabian’s, we notice that the ‘spontaneous activity of the innocent mind’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon) has resulted in ‘mental efficiency’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius Full Moon) as the ‘children, who played on the swings’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon) have “become” ‘a garage man, who is testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer’ (Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius Full Moon), or in other words, a professional or somebody who is at least trained or knowledgeable in regard to the functioning of a car (means of transportation), which can be taken as “knowing how to use the mind or the knowledge we have”. Whereas ‘the large white dove bearing a message’ (Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius New Moon on February 8) has led to ‘a rainbow’, appearing ‘after a heavy storm’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo Sun) – ‘the answer to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts, the certification of individual worth and victory’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius NM from February) will be ‘revealed’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Leo Sun).

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 25:51 Aquarius states: “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer. Keynote: Skill in applying knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life in our technological society – MENTAL EFFICIENCY.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 25:51 Leo states: “After the heavy storm, a rainbow. Keynote: Linking above and below, the covenant with one’s divine nature, promise of immortality – REVELATION OF WORTH.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 265 and 147, respectively)

Suggested by these symbolical pictures is to look at a problem with expertise and professionalism in order to find the source and figure out the gravity of it. Then, recognition and validation shall be granted.

Aquarius FM 2016

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Swords”, suggesting heartache, separation or quarrels caused by disharmony and an inability to reconcile differing needs. Therefore, we need to let our feelings wash over us and release any anguish, sadness or sorrow, going beyond it, while refusing to harbor any negative thoughts. One way or another, we will get to the heart of the matter from which clarity and mental resolution will emerge.

Astro-Notes on August 10, 2016 – First Quarter Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Jupiter in Virgo quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Chiron Rx in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Rx in Aries
– Pallas Rx in Pisces semi-square Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– First Quarter Moon at 18:32 Scorpio/Leo at 2:20 pm EDT
– Venus in Virgo sextile Vesta in Cancer
– Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Since the beginning of this lunation cycle, we have been either hopefully or painfully aware that we have to make some changes, especially in the way we tend to react or respond and as a result, have been adjusting our options in such a way that they serve our self-interests. This is the Leo (self) lunation cycle after all. Therefore, we’ve come to the realization that we can’t no longer idly sit around and wait, but have to do something or we’ll end up in a disadvantageous position or even worse, at the mercy of forces beyond our control. Consequently, we gathered our resources and took the necessary steps to be able to manage these affairs or circumstances more effectively, while using the opportunities and support offered to us to take care of business. Thus, the ‘crisis in action’ that accompanies the First Quarter Moon, challenges us to step up to the game and into our power. This means we have to get our stuff together and put ourselves first so that we can see this through to completion, while keeping our resolve and finding resolutions for our problems.


Tarot card of the day is the “6 of Wands”, suggesting that things are changing in a positive way. There is the possibility of acclaim and acknowledgment. It could be our day to shine or we could be coming out on top. We strive to be successful and seek to promote ourselves more frequently in order to gain the recognition we desire. However, it is important that we keep the ego in check.

Astro-Notes on August 2, 2016 – Leo New Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Vesta in Cancer sextile Ceres in Taurus and trine Juno in Scorpio
– Mars ingress to Sagittarius at 1:49 pm EDT (until September 27)
– New Moon at 10:57 Leo at 4:44 pm EDT
– Chiron Rx in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Rx in Aries

This year’s Leo New Moon happens right after a cross-quarter day in the wheel of the year that marks the middle of summer and the beginning of the harvest season. The Celtic festival of Lammas or Lughnasadh commemorates the funeral games of the Celtic Sun god Lugh, who according to mythology transfers his power into the grain. Thus, it is considered a time of Thanksgiving and is the first of the three Pagan Harvest Festivals. We reached a point in the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, where the Sun’s strength begins to wane and the plants of spring start to wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use and also to ensure future crops. At this time, we become conscious of the sacrifice the Sun god is preparing to make. We experience a sense of abundance.


Simultaneously, we begin to feel an urgency to prepare for the death of winter. First grains and fruits of the Earth are cut and stored for the cold and barren winter months. Canning of fruits and vegetables goes into full swing, jams and jellies are getting made and cabinets are stocked with herbs before the onset of autumn. Lammas also represents the culmination of the marriage between the Goddess and the God that took place on Beltane. The God now becomes the product of that blessed union – the bountiful fruits and grains – and must be sacrificed. He is the personification of the crops that must be harvested for the survival of the people. Underneath the symbolism is the theme of rebirth. The corn God must die and he has to do so in order to return. Without the sacrifice the cycle stops. Although His strength is waning, His essence is still palpable as His energies begin to merge with the harvested crops. It is at this time that the Sun King has reached the autumn of his years and His rival (or dark self) has just reached puberty. The Sun God has reigned supreme over the ripening grain during the hot summer months. His dedication, perseverance and action in tending the seeds sown in spring bring a ripe and fruitful bounty, a return for our labours. Lammas was the medieval Christian name for the holiday that means ‘loaf-mass’. Tradition in these days was to bake loaves of bread from the first grain harvest and to lay them on the church altars as offerings.
Here in Canada, August 1 is a civic holiday and various events are being held to celebrate local culture, history and achievement. Thus, it’s been another long weekend here and an eventful day yesterday from which this new cycle is coming forth that will carry the themes of ‘celebration’, ‘harvest’, ‘sacrifice’ and ‘rebirth’. Moreover, Mars returns to Sagittarius prior to the New Moon, where he will be traversing until September 27. He had first entered the sign of the archer on March 6 and had covered territory there until May 27 in forward and backward motion. Therefore, actions and initiatives taken and revisited during this period will get solidified and be brought to an ending as he marches on through Sagittarius and this will be happening in an enterprising and expansive fashion. Consequently, any intentions we are setting will have far-reaching and long-term implications and this affects the seeds of self-actualization and purposefulness we are planting at this time, because the Leo New Moon is ruled over by the Sun, a symbol of becoming.

With the Leo New Moon in trine aspect to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and also approaching a quincunx to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, we can look forward to getting recognized for our performance and loyalty we have shown over a longer period of time. This is a big achievement that requires an adjustment on our part as it demands from us to let go off certain expectations or imaginings we might have. Furthermore, we might have to get ready for a personal sacrifice. However, this is our time to make our move and we can count on trusted relationships and the bonds we have established and fostered in this regard.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 10:57 Leo states:

“Children play on a swing, hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree. Keynote: The power of tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression – SPONTANEOUS ACTIVITY OF THE INNOCENT MIND.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 138)


This symbolical picture suggests that we can rely on our background and personal history as we are spreading our wings and reach for the sky. We are protected and supported and thus can concentrate on our creative self-realization.

Leo NM 2016

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Swords”, symbolizing a decision-maker, who lives by clear logic and fact and by justice and fairness, has a sharp mind and a high intellect and expands on inner wisdom. He is impartial, puts emotions aside, makes informed decisions and applies mind over matter. Thus, it is a day when we filter our thoughts and imagination and put them into cohesive ideas and projects.