Astro-Notes on September 16, 2016 – Pisces Full Moon – Appulse Lunar Eclipse

Daily Aspects:
– Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron Rx in Pisces and trine Uranus-Eris Rx in Aries
– Venus in Libra trine Pallas Rx in Aquarius
– Lunar Appulse Eclipse/Full Moon at 24:19 Pisces/Virgo at 3:05 pm EDT

The Pisces Full Moon is an Appulse Lunar Eclipse, which means in astronomical terms that the Moon will only enter the penumbra of the Earth’s shadow to the effect that her surface will be dimmed only slightly. Although the event doesn’t seem to be very spectacular, astrology-wise an eclipse is far from being subtle. Lunar eclipses are more felt internally, on the emotional and intuitive levels – they can actually cause quite a stir or a tidal wave in this particular case with the Full Moon in the oceanic sign Pisces – and they often bring an ending or closure to a long-standing issue. Thus, feelings could flow freely at this time, thereby disclosing a source of pain or other trial we endured and have been hiding away.

Because the Pisces Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is closely conjunct retrograde Chiron and square Mars in Sagittarius, who is also casting a trine to the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries over which he is the dispositor, this could concern a wounded spot or mystery illness, an unresolved problem or other matter of difficulty that has left us vulnerable and defeated or defenseless and caused us much hurting and suffering to a point of victimization. This situation is now under review using a process of selection and analysis to reveal and illuminate what we’ve struggled with for so long. This forces us to act with conviction, knowledge and purpose, especially since we are aware that damage control has become absolutely necessary and therefore have to turn this situation around rather quickly. Consequently, far-reaching and increased initiatives that are being taken in this regard will be met with success and as a result, we will see reform or removal and progress, because the strategies, politics, proceedings and procedures employed in this undertaking have restored the harmony or balance and justice has been done.

Thus, as the Virgo lunation cycle culminates in the Pisces Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse, the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Pisces New Moon (Solar Eclipse) back on March 8 will also come to fruition. Using the symbolical imagery of the Sabians, we readily realize that the ‘two heads, which were looking out and beyond the shadows’ (Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse) have become a ‘religious organization’ (Sabian Symbol for the Pisces Full Moon). ‘The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon) has led to ‘moments of crisis and purification, induced by necessary catharses’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Pisces Full Moon). All the shadows of doubt, uncertainty and worry have been dispelled. Moreover, ‘the master who instructed his disciple’ (Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon) ‘receives public recognition for a job well done and a destiny fulfilled’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Virgo Sun), demonstrated by the ‘flag at half-mast in front of a public building’ (Sabian Symbol for the Virgo Sun). He carried his task ‘of transferring power and knowledge’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon) to its ultimate fulfillment, thus ‘keeping the original and creative impulse of the cycle active and undeviated’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon).

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 24:19 Pisces states:

“A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and materialized ideals. Keynote: The power of the soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses – moments of crisis and PURIFICATION.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 24:19 Virgo states:

“A flag at half-mast in front of a public building. Keynote: The social acknowledgement of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled – PUBLIC RECOGNITION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 284-285 and 166, respectively)

The suggestion here is that a negative, undesirable and disappointing situation can be fixed, corrected or rectified when the job or task is done properly and well. No more lying, hiding, cover-up, shaming, blaming, disguising, denying, falsely accusing, pretending, projecting or insinuating. Instead, we’re aiming for the truth, honesty and transparency and need to be guided by a moral compass, personal and social ethics and most importantly, a conscience.


Tarot card of the day is “The Hierophant”, representing traditional values and moral development. This card is suggesting that we stay within conventional bounds and follow established social structures and traditions. There is a need to conform to rules or fixed situations and to go along with the program. We are working as part of a team and are doing the right thing. This concerns especially the bridging of the earthly and divine, which can be achieved by using our situation or particular circumstances to transcend as yet unevolved aspects of ourselves. A gateway to higher consciousness is open for us today that allows us to access the sacred as we try to understand the inner world.


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