Astro-Notes on October 9, 2016 – First Quarter Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Saturn in Sagittarius square nodal axis across Virgo/Pisces
– First Quarter Moon at 16:18 Cap/Libra at 0:32 am EDT
– Vesta in Cancer semi-square NN in Virgo/sesqui-quadrate SN in Pisces and sesqui-quadrate Saturn in Sagittarius
– Venus in Scorpio square Pallas Rx in Aquarius
– Mercury in Libra sesqui-quadrate Pallas Rx in Aquarius

A few days ago did Saturn in Sagittarius move into a square to the nodal axis across Virgo and Pisces, which brought us to a turning point destiny-wise in matters of structure, control and limits, where we had to curtail the damage inflicted upon us by overcoming the uncertainties and ‘ghosts’ of the past (self-undoing) and finding out the unknown factors, which have been lingering for a long time, trapping us in unresolved and undesired conditions we now seek to break out from in order to be able to improve our future prospects. This set up the stage for Mercury’s ingress to Libra on October 7 and the Libra Sun’s square to Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. Mercury’s transit through Libra, which will last until October 24th, introduced a phase during which we evaluate and assess our information, schedules, plans, verbal exchanges, mobility and associations and focus on contracts, agreements, negotiations and the terms of engagement with others. However, right at the onset of this transit did circumstances or forces beyond our control cause us personal struggles, which threatened our inner peace and threw us off balance, because they forced us into a corner, we couldn’t get out of. We had to accept that the situation is out of our hands and the pressure of it all has taken its toll on us.


Therefore, the ‘crisis in action’ that accompanies the First Quarter Moon, challenges us to get on top of our affairs and in control of these circumstances, while remaining professional and defending our position. As Vesta in Cancer connects to the Saturn-Nodes t-square with hard octile aspects and Mercury in Libra casts another octile to retrograde Pallas in Aquarius, who is also receiving a square from Venus in Scorpio, taking care of our causes and investments has become a necessity on which our future depends. In order to save the future we’ve been planning and working on for so long, we have to reconsider our approach (personal politics) and the strategies we employ and this includes the messages we send out or how we come across to others, in particular what shared values or approval ratings concerns. Donald Trump’s ‘sex gate’ is a perfect example of the current astro weather.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Swords”, suggesting that we may feel victimized and powerless or just ‘dead tired’ and exhausted, wishing for a clean break from a stressful issue. However, this is the final ordeal, presenting us with a confrontation of the sum total of our thoughts and outcome of mental processes. Thus, a reorientation or gaining of perspective might ensue and things might get better from now on. It is important though to let go off negative attitudes and to accept our current circumstances. Something is coming to end and change is impending. The worst is over and the only way is up.


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