Astro-Notes on March 12, 2017 – Virgo Full Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius
– Full Moon at 22:13 Virgo/Pisces at 7:53 am PDT
– Venus Rx in Aries semi-sextile Ceres in Taurus
– Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus-Eris in Aries
– Moon ingress to Libra at 10:28 pm PDT

Mercury, the ruler over the Virgo Full Moon, is coming out of a semi-square to Ceres in Taurus and holding a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This means that we had to get in touch with our environment or into the flow of things, build up rapport and ensure we are not misguided before we could make a decision in a difficult matter or follow the call of duty if we don’t want to have to deal with the consequences later on. We could be confused about the situation or have no answers or be at a loss how to handle this and overcome these obstacles and therefore the pressure to resolve this is mounting (also don’t forget to move your clocks ahead an hour – Daylight Savings Time is starting here).

The Sun’s quincunx to retrograde Jupiter in Libra in addition to his semi-sextile to the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries together with retrograde Venus’ semi-sextile to Ceres in Taurus required a review of our options in an unfair or unbalanced situation that could have left us victimized or self-undoing, and therefore calls for an adjustment of our priorities or preferences as well as the use of foresight so that we can integrate this change and serve our self-interests. Per example, after all these days of being up late to which I got quite used to, I had to get up pretty early for my day shift today (and had to take the ‘leap forward in time’ into account on top of that), which wasn’t easy on my body (Full Moon in house 1). In fact, I had a hard time to fall asleep at all (Pisces), while struggling with worries and anxiety (Virgo). It took me a while to get my mind into a meditative state (Mercury in Pisces) that let me drift into sleep.

As the Pisces lunation cycle culminates in the Virgo Full Moon, the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Virgo New Moon on September 1 of last year also comes to fruition.
Consequently, ‘the jockey who spurns his horse to outdistance his rivals’ (Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon from February 26) has turned into ‘a lion tamer who displays his skill and character’ (Sabian Symbol for the Virgo Full Moon) – the mobilization of our energies at the start of this cycle has brought us to a point where we demonstrate strength of character, competence and control of the situation, while concentrating at the task at hand we’ve been preparing and training for a long time;
whereas ‘the two heads, which were looking out beyond the shadows’ (Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon) have changed into ‘a materializing medium giving a séance’ (Sabian Symbol for the Pisces Sun) – because since last September’s eclipse we’ve grown in understanding and gained clarity or objectivity in regard to an issue that confused or misguided us or has been misinterpreted.

But since this last eclipse’s impetus (at the end of February) came forth things have changed, inspiring us (or rather ‘inspiriting’) to give form to our ideals and desires. We can do that if we are willing to put the necessary effort into it and work on ourselves.

Virgo FM 2017

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 22:13 Virgo states:

“A lion tamer displays his skill and character. Keynote: The need to tame one’s vital energies in order to fulfill one’s destiny – RESOLUTENESS and PATIENCE.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 22:13 Pisces states:

“A ‘materializing’ medium giving a séance. Keynote: The ability to give of one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires – SUBSTANTIATION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 165 and 283, respectively)

Suggested by the symbolical imagery is the need for self-discipline, practice and focus in order to see the things we long for materialize.

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Cups”, symbolizing a seeker of inner transformation who possesses a strong perspective and perceptive nature. Suggested is furthermore that we are acknowledging our emotions and feelings. We trust our intuition and listen to our inner voice as well as to the sensations and impressions we’re getting from our environment. In our interactions with others we need to empathize and show true compassion, helping people along their chosen pathway. This is a day when we’ll be following the lead of our heart.


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