Astro-Notes on April 19, 2017 – Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Daily Aspects:
– Third Quarter Moon at 29:31 Capricorn/Aries at 2:56 am PDT
– Moon ingress to Aquarius at 3:51 am PDT
– Sun ingress to Taurus at 2:26 pm PDT
– Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction In Taurus

Early this morning did the Third Quarter Moon of the Aries lunation cycle transpire with the Sun and Moon in the last degree of their respective signs, urging us to realize that this is our last chance to act or assert ourselves in a situation, with which we’ve been struggling for a long time so that we can get a grip on it and gain control over our life.

Meanwhile, the Moon made ingress to Aquarius and the Sun to Taurus, where he will meet up with retrograde Mercury for their inferior conjunction. The latter is just coming out of a trine to the North Node in Virgo. Therefore, after reviewing the accumulated information and communication in this particular matter, we’ve come up with a solution or set a date to work this out. As a consequence, our emotions are stirred up, we feel excited and even liberated, while anticipating change or progress as we receive this new mental impulse that inspires us in a fulfilling or satisfying way. We’ve entered a period of time, during which we seek to build up a sense of self-worth or -esteem and self-appreciation, bestow our life with quality and value our talents and gifts.

Tarot card of the day is the “6 of Wands”, suggesting that things are changing in a positive way. There is the possibility of acclaim and acknowledgment. It could be our day to shine or we could be coming out on top. We strive to be successful and seek to promote ourselves more frequently in order to gain the recognition we desire. However, it is important that we keep the ego in check.


I was just going to post this as I got a call from the doctor I had seen last Sunday, telling me that I had to come back to the hospital to get different antibiotics, which need to be injected intravenously (this treatment started with the Sun’s ingress to Taurus with retrograde Mercury already in this degree, which has the Sabian Symbol “a clear mountain stream”). My daughter took off from work to take me there and will also drive me to the outpatient hospital in Victoria tomorrow (Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn/Aries – she took the initiative and left work ’caused’ by the ‘crisis in consciousness’ – moreover, the inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is exactly conjunct the Moon in her Solar Return in the 12th house – taking Mom to the hospital). For this first appointment we had to wait a few hours again, because we had to see a doctor first, then I had to drop off a sick note at work, have a late lunch and then a friend from Ontario called, informing me about all the things that had happened since I left my place of work there. That was my day off, but this doesn’t matter since I’ll be off for the next 10 days anyway now. We still have to go back to the hospital for another IV injection tonight, but we won’t have to wait anymore. I guess, that’s the good news. 🙂 Other than that, I’m very grateful for the support and care from my daughter. The nurse and the doctor were very attentive and nice as well. So, although it seems things have gotten worse, they might actually are getting better.


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