Astro-Notes on May 2, 2017 – First Quarter Moon in Leo

Daily Aspects:
– Saturn Rx in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces
– Jupiter Rx in Libra semi-square NN in Virgo/sesqui-quadrate SN in Pisces
– Sun in Taurus sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Sag and semi-square Chiron in Pisces and sextile Neptune in Pisces
– Vesta ingress to Leo at 4:52 pm PDT
– First Quarter Moon at 12:52 Leo/Taurus at 7:46 pm PDT
– Mars in Gemini semi-square Eris in Aries

The First Quarter Moon of the Taurus lunation cycle coincides with the festival of Beltane, a cross-quarter day and one of the eight Solar Sabbaths, that is named after the solar deity Bel and marks the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. With this festival we celebrate the fertility and growth of the season, which usually is at its peak now, symbolized by the erecting of the May-Pole. In the wheel of the year, Beltane is a high-point of manifested energy, which is tangible and visible everywhere and therefore, necessitates us to actualize the intentions we set at the time of the Spring Equinox.

With the Taurus Sun activating the Saturn-Chiron square with tense octile aspects at this stage in the cycle that is termed a ‘crisis in action’, the pressure is definitely on us as we’re reflecting on our as yet unfulfilled goals – the result of a vicious cycle that kept us trapped in undesired conditions and kept repeating over and over, while we remained in a victimized position, waiting, dragging our feet and delaying our plans. Consequently, we haven’t been comfortable in our skin for a long time and neither have we been really happy with the way our life is going.


Therefore, it is time that we get back in touch with our dreams and vision, take matters into our own hands and move forward with our agenda. Mars in Gemini’s semi-square to Eris in Aries encourages us to focus on winning and acting in our self-interests, which requires that we build up self-confidence as well as a sense of self-worth and overcome our inner resistance we’ve been using as an ‘excuse’ with our emotional security threatened throughout this prolonged ordeal. Thus, after Vesta re-enters Leo this afternoon (her first ingress into this fixed fire sign was on October 19 of last year), where she will be traversing until July 17, we’re rekindling our inner flame and recommitting us toward the causes that were important to us then (back at the end of October of last year). During Vesta’s retrograde journey in Leo and Cancer we had to grow, foster and sustain our devotion to the things we hold sacred so that we can now concentrate our energy on attending to our inner child, having fun and invest in our creativity and talents or hobbies.

Tarot card of the day is the “Hanged Man”, demanding from us to let go and surrender to the experience, end the struggle, accept what is and hang in there for now. We are in an in-between state and also at a cross-roads, where decisions are postponed, even though there’s a sense of urgency to act. Therefore, we may simply just want to wait for better opportunities. There is a chance that we could see a situation from a new angle and consequently, overturn our priorities or upend the old order. This card also represents someone who has chosen the path of sacrifice and forsaken instant gratification in order to accomplish a higher goal.


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