Astro-Notes on June 1, 2017 – First Quarter Moon in Virgo

Daily Aspects:
– Ceres in Gemini trine Jupiter Rx in Libra
– Uranus in Aries trine North Node in Leo/sextile South Node in Aquarius
– First Quarter Moon at 11:12 Virgo/Gemini at 5:42 am PDT
– Venus in Aries trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
– Vesta in Leo sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Sagittarius

The month of June starts out with the waxing Moon reaching her First Quarter phase in the Gemini lunation cycle, a stage, which has been termed a ‘crisis in action’. Since this transpires in sync with Mercury’s (who rules both – the Sun and the Moon) trine to Pluto, Ceres’ trine to Jupiter, Mars’ trine to the South Node, Uranus’ trine to the North Node and Venus’ trine to Saturn, we can readily recognize that a story has come to an end, that we made progress and that a lesson has been learnt. We’re finally ready to move on from the past and to reinvent ourselves or change our life, because we reconsidered and responded differently than we used to, thereby realizing that this is the result of a mental re-wiring or reprogramming we’ve been undergoing that brought us to a point, where we don’t see things in a black-and-white mentality anymore, but understand that we have more options and by including these – at least as a temporary solution or step – we assist our own growth and personal development. Besides, we can always change our mind again or choose a different path.

However, at this time we’re having lots on our plate and perhaps several ‘irons in the fire’, which means we have to roll up our sleeves, start multi-tasking, rank our tasks by priority and importance and then figure out the details. We might have spread ourselves too thin, are too busy or too scattered and therefore not prepared or not able to function properly. A tense sesqui-quadrate from Vesta to Saturn demands commitment, focus and self-discipline from us. The planets are heading into a challenging aspect pattern toward the end of this day and tomorrow, which will add the necessary impetus to get us in the ‘game’ and play our part.



Tarot card of the day is “Temperance”, suggesting a need for emotional stability, which can be achieved through moderation and a commitment to sobriety. We need to find middle ground, avoid excess, foster cooperation, cleanse our body and mind, heal ourselves and recognize the flow in our life. As we observe the nature of energy, we learn how to mix the right ingredients in our own life to maintain equilibrium and see all imbalances drifting away. Instead of sweeping changes subtle shifts need to take place. With renewed energy and vigor comes the promise of new growth.