Astro-Notes on October 27, 2017 – First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Daily Aspects:
– Moon ingress to Aquarius at 5:58 am PDT
– First Quarter Moon at 4:41 Aquarius/Scorpio at 3:22 pm PDT
– Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn
– Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn and semi-sextile Venus in Libra
– Mars in Libra semi-sextile Jupiter in Scorpio

The Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio yesterday shone a light on personal truths, beliefs and perspectives we have a chance to explore, uncover and unravel during this new cycle of soul searching and self-discovery. We might even had an opportunity to get some guidance, advice or counseling in these matters.

However, with the waxing Aquarius Moon in square to the Scorpio Sun and Venus casting another square to Pluto, the ruler over the sign Scorpio, the ‘crisis in action’ that accompanies this stage in the lunation cycle, challenges us to dig deep and do some inner alchemy that helps us to stay detached and keep a cool head when things get intense.

Circumstances or affairs beyond our control could pull our strings and offset our balance or composure. As a consequence, we could feel under pressure and give in to temptations, compulsions or passions in the heat of the moment if we don’t get a grip on these impulses or psychic triggers.
With Mercury in Scorpio activating the Venus-Pluto square and Mars in Libra engaging in a semi-sextile with Jupiter, the ‘mental controls’ are in our hands, so to speak. Instead of getting all worked up and reacting emotionally, which we might come to regret later on, we have to keep our smarts, take a step back and influence our thinking process from a calm and collected position that allows us to reason things out, thereby standing above the issue.


Tarot card of the day is the “King of Swords”, symbolizing a decision-maker, who lives by clear logic and fact and by justice and fairness, has a sharp mind and a high intellect and expands on inner wisdom. He is impartial, puts emotions aside, makes informed decisions and applies mind over matter. Thus, it is a day when we filter our thoughts and imagination and put them into cohesive ideas and projects.

On a personal note, one year ago today I moved to this beautiful island. I’m also experiencing a Venus return today. 🙂

Astro-Notes on October 19, 2017 – New Moon in Libra

Daily Aspects:
– Sun in Libra opposite Uranus Rx in Aries and sesqui-quadrate Neptune Rx in Pisces
– New Moon at 26:35 Libra at 12:11 pm PDT
– Ceres in Leo sesqui-quadrate Saturn in Sagittarius
– Pallas Rx in Taurus sesqui-quadrate Saturn in Sagittarius and square Ceres in Leo
– Venus in Libra semi-square NN in Leo/sesqui-quadrate SN in Aquarius
– Moon ingress to Scorpio at 6:40 pm PDT

A New Moon in Libra is a good time to set intentions toward restoring balance, harmony and peace, toward feeling more at ease, poised and sophisticated as well as toward working on other-awareness, cooperation, collaboration, agreements, contracts and other forms of interaction and engagement.

This New Moon is opposite Uranus and sesqui-quadrate Neptune, while it’s ruler Venus, who is in her autumn sign (Libra) is casting more harsh octile aspects to the nodal axis. As a result, this new lunation cycle is happening under a lot of tension and stress, at a ‘time of personal crisis’ really, when we are confronted by something unpredictable, unexpected and unsettling that tips the scales for us in an uncertain situation, where we are not sure how to proceed or cope and we’re just going back and forth over the same issue.

Therefore, what we need at this point is a breakthrough so that we can feel confident about our future again. We have to change this upsetting pattern we’re all too familiar with by now in order to see some fairness or justice and don’t struggle any longer to have our needs or values met. Pallas, also ruled over by Venus, is involved in more challenging aspects to Saturn and Ceres, which means it is our strategies we need to review and re-evaluate if we want to overcome the obstacles in our way and help ourselves.

Things cannot continue in this manner or we will never see different results. We have to get creative, build up self-esteem and self-worth and increase our authority or expertise. The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio is joining the lower with the higher mind, bringing plans and options together in a resourceful and empowering manner; matters d4212297b63ce92138f6a9352383f6ffare being discussed in depth and opinions are being shared.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 26:35 Libra states:

An airplane sails high in the clear sky. Keynote: A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life – TRANSCENDENT REALIZATION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 188)

Implied by this symbolical message is the need to rise above the issue that’s weighing us down. This will relieve the stress, lighten the burden we are carrying and provide us with peace of mind and soul. Then, we will see things clearer and with more objectivity and detachment.

Libra NM 2017

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Swords”, indicating a new way of thinking or the conception of an idea or the start of a new project. Our mental powers have been awakened and we’re seeing through illusions, cutting through the confusion, dispelling doubts, finding out the facts, thinking our way through or championing a cause. It’s a time of great insight and mental clarity, which could result in a break-through or aha-moment as well as a greater understanding.

Astro-Notes on October 12, 2017 – Third Quarter Moon in Cancer

Daily Aspects:
– Mars in Virgo sesqui-quadrate Eris Rx in Aries
– Pallas Rx in Taurus semi-square Chiron Rx in Pisces
– Third Quarter Moon at 19:22 Cancer/Libra at 5:25 am PDT
– Mercury in Libra sextile NN in Leo/trine SN in Aquarius and sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
– Moon ingress to Leo at 11:41 pm PDT

A semi-square between Pallas and Chiron (both retrograde) requires from us to become aware of a pattern we keep repeating as the waning Moon in Cancer is squaring the Libra Sun and we’re undergoing ‘a crisis in consciousness or perception’ that tests our familiar way of relating or family relationships or our living arrangements or dependency and support issues that are out of balance.

Mars’ tense octile aspect to Eris urges us to be mindful in the pursuit of our self-interests and back off or out when necessary. Vesta’s quincunx to Neptune shows an adjustment that concerns space as well as matters we hold sacred and are dedicated toward in our relationships, which have to be fitted to the situation to meet certain expectations or ideals.

With Mercury casting dynamic sextiles to the North Node and Saturn, we have choices here if we focus on harmony, cooperation and getting along. Then, we can take advantage of these conditions and they will assist us achieving our future prospects and also with developing our communication skills so that we can create the rapport we are seeking or get our message across.


Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Wands”, suggesting an upsurge of ideas and imagination and the drive and energy necessary to undertake such projects. There is the promise of motion, direction and positive energy and thus, we could be feeling quite energetic and enthusiastic as well as optimistic and hopeful for the future. Today we’re driven by a strong, creative force, proceed with courage and confidence and expand our potential.

Astro-Notes on October 5, 2017 – Aries Full Moon

Daily Aspects:
– Uranus Rx in Aries semi-square Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Eris Rx in Aries trine NN in Leo/sextile SN in Aquarius
– Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo semi-square Ceres in Leo
– Pallas Rx in Taurus sextile Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Sun in Libra quincunx Pallas Rx in Taurus and quincunx Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Full Moon at 12:42 Aries/Libra at 11:40 am PDT

Venus and Mars, the ruler of the Sun and the Full Moon, are forming a conjunction in Virgo with both planets in semi-square aspect to Ceres in Leo, combining values and efforts in this service-oriented sign so that we commit us wholeheartedly to our purpose as the cycle climaxes.

A Full Moon in Aries highlights the relationship axis, asking us to reconcile Self-awareness with Other-awareness through our interactions in which we assert who we are and demonstrate how we relate to others. We’re confronted by an imbalance in this regard, which we need to assess and correct.

With the Libra Sun at the apex of a Yod to Pallas and Neptune, we’re caught in a dilemma, where we have to make a choice (Mercury is catching up to the Sun for their superior conjunction, which is the Full Moon phase of their synodic cycle), weighing whether to continue with tried and used strategies or politics or letting go off them entirely and reorient ourselves in order to be able to meet our higher ideals and values and see our vision coming true. Moreover, we have to ask ourselves, if our hopes and dreams we had in this regard were just mere fantasies or ‘ghosts’ we were chasing and for which we kept sacrificing only to be disappointed or disillusioned and thus should rather abandon them altogether. We might vacillate between these alternatives, yet sooner or later a decision has to be made.

As the Libra lunation cycle culminates into the Aries Full Moon, the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Aries New Moon back at the end of March also comes to fruition. In the symbolical language of the Sabians we get this story: ‘The bald-headed man, who has seized power’ (Sabian Symbol for the Libra New Moon), is experiencing ‘adolescent frustration’ (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Aries Full Moon), because ‘an unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest’ (Sabian Symbol for the Aries FM) – his decision to enforce his will (‘power of the will’ was the keyword for the Sabian Symbol for the Libra NM) was ‘an immature evaluation of the possibility to suddenly transform the status quo’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Aries FM).

Consequently, we failed to ‘protect ourselves’ – we weren’t ‘sensitive’ to the trends (winds) and have been ‘misguided’ (keywords of the Sabian Symbol for the Aries NM). Therefore, ‘the large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind’ (Sabian Symbol for the Aries NM from March) has been replaced by ‘children blowing soap bubbles’ (Sabian Symbol for the Libra Sun) – our longing for power and our dreams of fulfillment have been turned into ‘soap bubbles’. This doesn’t mean they won’t fly.
The long-standing Uranus-Neptune semi-square shows that it is to difficult to make progress when we don’t know what we can expect or what is expected of us and thus, don’t have a clue how to proceed under these conditions.

However, we cannot waver in our dedication, but have to be diligent. We’re standing at the beginning of a new synodic cycle during which we have a chance to harness the energies to their fullest potential to have them serve our purpose (Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo semi-square Ceres in Leo). A Grand Trine in fire between Saturn in Sagittarius, Eris Rx in Aries and the North Node in Leo encourages a more mature and professional self-promotion and the understanding that we’re co-creators of our destiny.

This is a lesson in Selfhood that teaches us to grow into our own authority so that we can fulfill our highest potential and become the stars of our own show. All it requires is to do the ‘inner work’ (Venus in Virgo) in tandem (conjunct) with the ‘output effort’ (Mars in Virgo) and then we’re set to succeed.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 12:42 Aries states:

“An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest. Keynote: An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo – ADOLESCENT FRUSTRATION.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 12:42 Libra states:

Children blowing soap bubbles. Keynote: The cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfillment – IMAGINATIVE PLAY.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 58-59 and 180, respectively)

Aries FM 2017

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we seek out permanence and are looking for a solution that will last. Therefore, we are working on the creation of a lasting foundation by moving beyond makeshift arrangements and through a consensus of vision. This card refers to a climax in our foundational life, a culmination, completion or achievement we’ve reached that is the result of our material and tangible efforts and allows us to make a commitment to a sustainable future. We’re now investing in long-term benefits, knowing that we need a consistent approach in order to achieve success that will stand the test of time.