Capricorn lunation review

The Capricorn New Moon 2010 was also a Solar Eclipse, whose message will be reverberating through the succeeding lunar months and then flow into the seed-tone of the next eclipse. “A nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall – the ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena” is the message revealed by the Sabian Symbol pertaining to the highlighted zodiacal degree, which was the degree Chiron was transiting when the Asian tsunami struck in 2004. This time, the natural phenomena that awoke the human spirit was the powerful earthquake in Haiti. As it was the case in the aftermath of the tsunami, others came to the rescue and assistance of those affected by the catastrophe; humanity’s focus has been directed to an area of extreme impoverishment that was in dire need of humanitarian efforts. So, nature showed the way.

For me, the New Moon fell into my 5th house to raise my creative spirit. I began to draw a daily tarot card and included the message I received this way into my blogs. Meanwhile, I had extended my personal network and requested personal information from a few of my closer contacts. Ideas, regarding my creativity, began to form in my mind, inspiring me to work harder and also to accomplish more with the ultimate goal to turn this ‘hobby’ into a vocation. My daughter and my girlfriend revealed a need for counseling, which strengthened my conviction to immerse myself deeper into my astro studies to be able to provide advice. For J, the eclipse activated his 2nd house – relating to what he owns and owes. All these themes will be relevant and require our attention and effort for the duration of the eclipse energy.

On the eve preceding the eclipse made Adrian a ‘first inspection’ of our home in regard to the renovations we had planned some time ago already. Another structural ‘fix’ has been the dental work I’ve been undergoing in slow, weekly steps and in the same sense as this ‘project’ proceeded, starting with a costly emergency that led to follow-up appointments and covering the ‘whole nine yards’ of dentistry – x-rays, surface and deep cleaning, examinations etc. – did the renovation project follow the ‘established’ pattern and even turn into our very own catastrophe. Saturn, the ruler over this New Moon, had just assumed retrograde motion in addition to Mars, the indicator of action, being Rx. So, time, and for this matter patience as well as other forms of mental discipline, would constitute an important factor in this equation. Indeed, a timeline was set at GAI, where Adrian and J work and this meant for Adrian in his function as project leader an increased workload plus additional hours at work, which made it impossible for him to actually start with the renovations – similar to me having to go through examinations before they even began with the dental work. The “crisis in action”, associated with the First Quarter Moon, had the waxing Taurus Moon square the Aquarius Sun (from house 9 to 5 for me and from house 5 to 2 for J) and thus routine or repetitiveness preventing progress for certain special projects from happening. While J’s “hobby” seemed to sustain itself, I experienced a steadily increasing frustration on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.  At the time of the Leo Full Moon then (in my 12th) I questioned my chances of progress in my personal and social life. I was filled with doubt, but the feedback I got from my network felt reassuring, while J also assured me that it wouldn’t take long for Adrian anymore to commit himself to the renovation project.

In fact, as the waning Scorpio Moon squared the Aquarian Sun (from house 3 conjunct my natal Neptune to house 6) at the time of the Third Quarter Moon, the imminent changes were irrevocable. While we were at the dentist’s Adrian began his reconstructing work on our house in sync with Juno’s conjunction to Eris and square to the nodal axis. Neptune rules the 7th and 8th house in my chart. So, I had a new dental insurance and no idea what was actually covered. All I knew for sure and had to accept was that it would be costly. The same holds true for the home renovation. An entire wall was torn down, another one opened from bottom to top and the stairs completely removed. Now our house looked like hit by an earthquake. Everything I had planned to accomplish prior to my departure had become invalid or canceled (Neptune). Dust and dirt had taken over the house (Aquarius) and our fears exacerbated in regard to from where to get the funds we will need for this renovation (Scorpio). Needless to say that a few of the revelations coming my way during the unfolding of this lunation – whether from my girlfriend, my daughter, dwindling numbers, spiraling costs – were harsh realities that had quite a shocking effect. This “crisis in consciousness” truly forced me to address mental patterns I have developed over the years. They’re in for an overhaul. For the remaining days of the lunation I’ve been far away from ‘home’ to support my mother-in-law. The change of surroundings didn’t only physically remove me from the devastating scenery; it also allowed me to pursue my creative intentions, though not without constant interruptions.   

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