Gemini lunation review

The Gemini New Moon from June 12, 2010, fell into my 10th house of public affairs and standing, in conjunction to my North Node and in square to my Moon in Pisces in house 7, placed in the area of relationships. Thus, the new seed impulse that sounded forth at the beginning of this new lunation cycle, affected my public persona in a way that was also going to concern my future prospects, destiny and soul purpose, indicated by the North Node, while at the same time challenging me (square) to become aware of and release counterproductive behavioural patterns and feeling reactions, which are underlying my interchanges and relations with others (Moon placement), in particular my South Node (in Sagittarius in house 4) tendency to spend my days in seclusion and the privacy of my home (square Moon in Pisces in 7). With the activation of the North Node, the natal crossroads (Moon in square to the nodal axis) sent me in the other direction, out on the street, so to speak, to become known among the local community and also a member of it (NN in Gemini in house 10).

Ruler over the lunation was Mercury in Gemini, positioned in his sign of rulership, which endowed the seed impulse with great potency, in particular what the theme of dualism concerned that is associated with the Mercury-Gemini archetype and was beautifully expressed in the Sabian Symbol’s message for the New Moon at 21:23 Gemini: “Dancing couples in a harvest festival” with the keyword “bio-energetic rebuilding” to which Dane Rudhyar added “the value of rhythmic, healthful activity in a natural setup” and which could be interpreted as a balancing in the dynamic interplay of the yang and yin, the dualistic universal forces. Moreover, the elemental change from earth to air was almost palpable; the atmosphere became notably lighter; situations that have been stuck began to move. Mercury featured prominently in the lunation chart, which was also evident in the aspect dialogue.

Leaving a square to Mars in Virgo, he settled at the apex of a Yod with the Pluto Rx-Pallas Rx sextile, which was part of a symmetrical triangle with Vesta in Virgo, a highly flowing configuration, where everything cruises well and even crises become effortless. So, what this symbolical picture implies is that new facts or a new theory would set the course toward corrective action and this would lead to a choice between two different mental influences; one that’s leaning toward conservatism, based on traditional ways of seeing and dealing with things, and one that addresses the issue at the root of the problem as well as in its complexity, which is based on shared wisdom. Although this would be a rather quick and smooth shift from one approach to the other, the deeper implications had transformational potential.

Thus, a polarization was going to take place and for me personally it meant to literally step out of the dark into the light, which would allow my authentic Self to emerge from the shadows, revealing my true identity, indicated by the New Moon’s sextile to Eris in Aries. Another sextile in the lunation chart between Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Virgo offered a chance to improve conditions in need of ‘repair’, or in other words to do some damage control, with the assistance of others and through the bonds formed with caring people.

I received a mail from my wonderful friend Christina, from whom I hadn’t heard in a while, on the day of the Gemini New Moon. She had given birth to a bouncing baby boy, which naturally kept her away from the computer. In response to what I had told her about my medical condition and experiences in this regard did she suggest to look up the term “systemic yeast infection” (candidiasis), because she knew from several sources that this condition could cause a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms about which traditional physicians have no clue. Indeed, the information on the Webmed sites I researched about this medical condition was scarce. However, the ‘non-official’ websites had plenty of information to offer and for the first time during my long ordeal was I pointed in the right direction (Mercury-Pluto-Pallas), a notion that was confirmed by a worsening of my condition after we had enjoyed some pizza and pastry. Realizing that this condition could indeed be the source for all my symptoms, I decided to go on a yeast-free-diet (Mercury-Mars; Mercury-Pluto-Pallas), the rules of which really didn’t appeal to me as they cut out almost everything from my normal diet (Venus-Saturn). However, since most of the information was contradictory, I was at first not sure about a few things on those lists, but still began to reduce my intake of dairy, grains and acids.

June 15 was the day of my Mars return (the chart has the socializing sign Libra rising and Mars placed in the 10th house of public standing, ruling over houses 6 and 7 – the areas of health and service and interchanges with others), when I opted to go to the new cafe in town, the Nightcup Gallery. It turned into a nice evening, filled with interesting conversations, while time seemed to be flying by and at the same token, an opportunity was offered to me to get to know a few town folk better. My neighbor Adele, who works there, invited me to join her and Ann from the post office for a lecture about the hemp plant at the Leisure Club on the next evening. The speaker was Angie, owner of the organic store in town, to whom Adele introduced me, where upon I promised her to come by her store soon. Thus, on the day after that, June 17, I went to “The Currant” for the first time and was amazed to find such a jewel of a place. Angie has not only an excellent taste, she has also a very likeable personality. We had so much to share that I could’ve spent even more hours there with her conversing about synchronicities and symbolism, if she wouldn’t have had other plans, because it was her 5th anniversary, which had totally slipped my mind due to all the excitement that had befallen me since I had made all those contacts.

She gave me two samples of a powerful herbal tea and her business card, on which she wrote a yeast buster product she recommended to me. On the next day was my doctor’s appointment, right in sync with the Gemini Sun’s opposition to Ceres Rx in Sagittarius. After I had confronted him with the newest information I had obtained, he still asked me if the anti-fungal medicine he had prescribed had helped me to which I answered with no, adding that it contained sucrose. Not only did this truth not sit well with him, he began shaking his head in disbelief that he had sent me to all those tests and specialists with such a “simple infection”. He let me go with the words: “You’ve got it under control. It’ll clear up by itself. I think you’re pretty healthy. Have a good day.” Well, if it would clear up by itself, I wouldn’t have had to deal with my immune system fighting inflammations, whole body aches and rashes and other disconcerting, extremely painful symptoms, which had pushed me to the edge of my wits. Not to mention that all the antibiotika and corticosteroids helped the already severe yeast infection to multiply and spread.

Obviously, these doctors’ wisdom only reaches as far as what they’ve been taught and learnt from their ‘science’ books. They cannot stretch their minds a bit to put things into context, because they treat only the symptoms and not the causes of the diseases. In the end, I diagnosed myself, even though the doctor and J tried repeatedly to prevent me from doing so. But honestly, I cannot just sit idly by and wait until the doctor will figure something out – if he figures something out – and how that went has been more than disturbing. It’s moreover a matter of trust and listening to my instincts, instead of following the instructions of people who don’t genuinely care.

After that appointment did we drive to the Superstore in Strathroy, where I was able to purchase the Yeast Buster Kit that also contained a booklet with the dietary information I was looking for, which meant I could effectively start my yeast-free-diet on the next morning, the day of the First Quarter Moon. The waxing Virgo Moon trined my Midheaven, signaling the end of the medical trial, whereas the Gemini Sun squared Saturn in Virgo and trined Neptune Rx in Aquarius (conjunct my Saturn in Aquarius in house 6 – the house of health), which brought about a health crisis for me that forced me to lay down all day long as my body responded to the natural remedy. Due to my aching body I wasn’t able to sleep through the first couple of nights, but after that my condition gradually improved from day to day. The keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Gemini stated: “A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks – liberation from the past”, whereas the Sabian for the Moon highlighted “the power of the will; the sheer power of personality in times that call for decision”.

The Full Moon of this lunation cycle was also a Partial Lunar Eclipse that happened on June 26 and fell into my 4th house of home and family, trining my Mars in Virgo in house 12. It was my mother-in-law’s birthday to which the ‘tribe’ gathered. Once J`s nephews had arrived too, we split up in groups as suggested by the Sabian for the Capricorn Moon: “While some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance.” The men were sitting around the table, having coffee and cake and were engaged in a lively conversation, while the women were busy looking at pictures, talking about the family and exchanging advice on handcrafting. A typical scene at her house. However, what was different, was me not joining them at the lavish feast our `matriarch` always arranges for and which is of utmost importance to her with all this Cancer energy she’s got at her disposal. That`s how our interests crossed, so to speak, implied by the message of the Sabian for the Cancer Sun: “At a railroad crossing, an automobile is wrecked by a train – karmic readjustment”. No food orgy for me – I had to adhere to the rules of my diet (Lunar in trine to Mars in Virgo in 12). But since her elder son had also been on a diet over the course of last year for reasons pertaining to his health, she was able to accept that. Moreover, the rather careless attitude of the younger generation in regard to punctuality, has forced her to adjust to this new reality she can`t control or enforce. No wonder then, that a huge branch of a tree in her backyard came crashing down that night.

My daughter had a corrective eye surgery done at the time of the Third Quarter Moon. The waning Aries Moon also squared my Ceres in Capricorn in house 5 (the Cancer Sun opposed her) when J and I took her to her appointments and then cared for her at our home. This “crisis in consciousness” was about taking action in form of support, which strengthened our bond once again and provided us with an opportunity for a mother-daughter-talk, even though we both were pretty drained and tired from the strain. The Sabian’s keyword for the Moon was befittingly “adolescent frustration”, whereas the Cancer Sun’s referred to “the shaping of character”. So, we spoiled Lucia a bit and on Sunday did I show her the organic store and introduced her to Angie, whom I was visiting again on July 8th to nurture that connection as well, especially with the Sun conjunct Juno in Cancer that day initial seeds I had planted have been growing in an amazing way, revealing possibilities beyond my imagination (Venus was opposite Neptune). At the end of this lunation cycle, I was firmly walking on the holistic path – whether it concerned the health of my body (naturopathic dietary treatment) or the health of my soul.

In the meantime Uranus stationed retrograde and my computer quit on me, but I was fortunate enough to have J borrowing me his for the time being. The Solar Eclipse was here.

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