Pisces lunation review

The Pisces New Moon on March 15th was conjunct Mercury and Uranus with the lunation falling into my 7th and the Mercury-Uranus conjunction into my 8th house. So, one could say it straddled the cusp of my 8th house, the area related to shared values and resources, such as revenue, debts, credits, insurance etc. It’s also the house of the subconscious and other things that got buried away, of surrender, intimacy, transformation and therapy. Moreover, the lunation made aspect contact with my chart by forming a t-square with my natal nodal axis in Gemini/Sagittarius across the parental houses 10/4. As could’ve been expected from a challenging setup like that, several important themes have been triggered, all of which involve issues of mobility and communication as well as the mental processes underlying them. A crossroads in the line of destiny has now been reached in this regard and the time has come to make a turn, especially as Mars in Virgo has also progressed into a t-square with this axis by secondary progression. Thus, a mutable grand cross has actually been configured, pressuring from all of its ends for cohesive, coordinated action.

According to the Sabian Symbol for this lunation would “different people realize that they had to go on with their different projects”, a pretty revealing statement in this context. Because the lunation fell for J into his 3rd house, opposite his natal Pluto in Virgo in 9, it was the ‘car business’ that would preoccupy his mind and where he would make changes (Mercury-Uranus conjunction) to tie up loose ends (conjunct Pisces New Moon) – whether this concerned his small company (Germania Motorsport) or the SUV we had parked in our driveway. That this wouldn’t sit well with me was indicated by Juno in Taurus’s semi-square to this cluster of planets. He was also busy filing our tax returns, which factored greatly into his decision-making process as did the power struggles he became engaged in during this time with his business partners and the company politics that cost him the last nerve, so to speak (NM opposite Pluto). Therefore, as the pressure intensified he threatened that he would quit his job and pull out of his business, stating that he’s ready to give up and lose everything (Pisces).

Since I know him well, this wasn’t something I hadn’t heard before from him (semi-square from Juno in Taurus) and particularly over the course of the last year did I learn that my emotional involvement in these situations has only harmed me so far and that I cannot control which direction the developments will take us, even less control him. His tax assessment has been always a matter of concern, which of course goes back to his spending habits and general attitude toward money, and thus quite predictably will lead to the same scenario every year. By now I’m not surprised anymore that he will come up then with certain schemes I find shocking, but this is only, because his personality is so different from mine. It’s a time in the year when I braze myself for the inevitable trials ‘inflicted upon me’, which may have actually aided me in those other instances of the confrontational kind I experienced, the first of which I did encounter on the day of the First Quarter Moon, March 23rd, when I had finally decided to make this outstanding call to the dental office, where I had a filling done back in December, but was still experiencing problems with that particular tooth.

This “crisis in action” had the waxing Cancer Moon square the Aries Sun (from house 10 to house 8 for me – public dealings) accompanied by Mercury in Aries’ semi-square to Neptune in Aquarius. It was not only a sensitive issue, but also a source of anger and disappointment, quite understandably, after all I’ve been through and had to pay for, literally and figuratively. But there was a chance of some form of compensation for me in this and that was the main reason why I pursued the matter from this angle, instead of having it done by the other dentist. This was a wrong assessment, however, I wasn’t aware of at that time in the same sense as the information and advice given to me wasn’t that reliable either. Nonetheless, it was all part of the lesson I’ve been taught. After a rather desperate search I finally found the number of this dentist and dialed the office and since I was pretty upset what the circumstances of this situation concerned, it wasn’t that hard to use a direct approach. The receptionist listened and seemed to be reasonable; to a certain point though, which was when I tried to explain my case to her in its entirety. I realized the futility of my efforts, especially by using the phone as a medium, and stopped right there with my complaints. With the intention in mind to address this properly once I’d be there, facing them person-to-person, I set an appointment.

Only a couple of days later did the circumstances force me to make another call – this time to the power company that had sent us a final notice of payment for a bill we had actually overpaid and this in time. The person who answered this call was not only incompetent, but also ignorant, unfriendly and short. In spite of my anger about this matter was I reasonable enough to not set myself on par with her and remained composed and objective. However, I wasn’t content with the outcome of this call either.

Then came the Libra Full Moon (falling into houses 2 and 8 for me) and with it transiting Neptune in square position to my natal IC/MC axis. A major water pipeline broke in our area that was a further example of incompetence and ignorance gone wrong. J had forewarned me of a possible shortage, but both of us didn’t listen to our instincts and flushed the saved water out after their announcement that they had rectified the damage and that the water flow was now intact. This left me without water during the day hours of the next day (interestingly enough the Sabian Symbol for the Libra Full Moon spoke of “a canoe reaching calm water” – the water flow had been calmed for us!).

A few days later, when Mercury in Aries formed a sextile to Chiron in Aquarius, did our SUV break down on J’s way home from work, where he had left early to be able to take me to my dental appointment. Thus, he had to park the SUV in the garage and drive the truck instead. On our way to the dentist did he reveal his plans for the SUV to me, which caused me even more stress than all his aggravation after the incident, because this meant a setback to me as it would leave me without a vehicle again. Not to mention that I liked the idea of driving this car. So, when we arrived at the dentist’s office I was mentally exhausted already from the shocking realizations and crushing of my hopes I had just went through and therefore I wasn’t really in my best shape (mentally) anymore for the confrontation and this was one of the reasons why I was unsuccessful. I didn’t get my point across – not just because the dentist was defensive and started arguing (he didn’t just simply accept my accusations – imagine that!) – but because I failed to address it in an unmistakable way once he was on the defensive (which actually means that I gave in or is it ‘caved in’?), which is mostly based on my experiences with J and his mom (they’re very much alike – he has a partile Mercury –Moon opposition from Aquarius to Leo across houses 2 and 8 with the Moon also ruling 8 and Saturn ruling 2), who have been my only real contacts for a very long time as well as my line of support, so to speak, and who take every argument or difference in viewpoint as a personal offense and turn it around as they see fit or change the topic of the conversation in the blink of an eye, which makes it impossible to talk something out, especially while they’re trying to shut me up and to impose their will or opinion upon me. Conclusively, what happened at the dentist’s was the reenactment of a pattern and as long as I can’t handle this in my private life (see Aquarius lunation review) I will also not be able to succeed in my public life.  

On the next day began the Easter weekend, the time of resurrection (though only after crucifixion I might add – Sun semi-square Neptune and Pallas-Vesta square perfection). The ache that had started in my left hand had now taken over the entire arm (Mercury). J had to send Adrian to the walk-in-clinic with me, because he couldn’t leave at work (transiting Uranus was now in contact with my natal IC/MC axis). My overall condition only got worse since then, causing me to face my mortality. It seemed as though my prayers during the darkest hours had been heard as I fell seriously ill with a disease that hasn’t been identified yet (transiting Neptune is currently sitting on my natal Saturn in Aquarius in house 6) and which I might have been carrying for a long time as one might suspect after all what has been going on, ignoring the signs in the face of my own powerlessness (the death wish, so to speak) regarding my personal circumstances and a position of ‘immovability’ where I have lost my independence almost entirely and my values and needs had been given no voice or were completely overseen in the context of shared values. I certainly got the attention now, though the prognosis is dire.   

Anyway, Mercury in Taurus was trine a stationary Pluto in Capricorn on the day of the Third Quarter Moon with the waning Moon in Capricorn squaring off the Sun in Aries (from house 5 to house 8 for me) when my daughter (5th house connection) took possession of the SUV in form of a lease (8th house connection) J had arranged for and that he said was intended to pay off the debts he had put in my name, which is exactly the point that drove me over the edge, because I’ve got to know his habits and thus I know how trustworthy he is when it comes to finances. Although I didn’t feel any resentment toward her (Pluto), I experienced an emotional breakdown, descending in a hell of my own making (5th-8thconnection) and behaved in a mean-spirited way toward J. This was the “psychic release” announced by the keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Moon, the “crisis in consciousness” that had me blowing off the steam (Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn). Fortunately, I stopped short at the cancellation of our planned theatre visit (it was a trine after all), which happened at the time of the Mars-Pluto quincunx and signified a remarkable adjustment for both of us. At the end of this lunation cycle were we able to overcome our differences as we engaged in a joint activity. The ‘dark’ prospects brought us closer together.

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