Sagittarius lunation review

                                                                                                                                                                         The Sagittarius New Moon of  December 16th, 2009, fell on the 25th degree of the sign Sagittarius and thus into my 4th house, the area of home, family and private life. “Foreshadowing” was the keyword associated with the Sabian Symbol that was highlighted by this lunation. I had an hair appointment that morning at a truly nice place in town that very much appeals to my sense of taste (Venus in Libra in 2), because it is located in a renovated old building with high tin-tiled ceilings that has a spiral staircase going up to the spa; huge, wooden-framed mirrors covering the whole wall, the original red brickwalls – all in a modern setting, beautifully furnished and decorated. Most importantly, I’ve been real satisfied with the work of my hairstylist so far. On that morning though when I entered the salon everybody there seemed to be busy, although there was just one customer in the stylist’s chair. So, it was a bit disappointing that nobody greeted me, felt a bit ‘rude’ to get pointed to the sitting area in a formal tone and being practically ignored while they went on with their business until one of the girls led me to a chair by a sink in the back of the salon to wash my hair. Since I had disposed of the garbage in the morning, which is the time in the week when I also clean out the rabbit cage, clean the bathroom and the kitchen and mop the floors, I’m usually a bit exhausted and was looking forward to relax at the salon. Therefore and in the state of emotional confusion I was finding myself in, I followed her with my mind taken off from all the stress and sank in the chair without really registering what was going on around me. It was only later, when she was already washing my hair, that I noticed something was wrong. I wanted to get high lights, which has to be done prior to washing. She couldn’t have known that without consulting with my stylist or the girl at the reception first – obviously, nobody paid attention as they seemed to be occupied with other things. In that moment it occured to me that I was an ‘intruder’ in their small world; somebody, who is excluded from their reality and isn’t deserving of their full attention, because I don’t belong. Of course, this was no coincidence on a day when we usually plant a new seed, symbolically, – though this particular seed had been planted much earlier.

Already at the end of November had J and I talked to my mother-in-law about supporting her by moving up there to Alliston so that I could be closer to her now that she’s getting older and her health is deteriorating – slowly, but surely. I’ve been taking care of her household, roommates and pet since last May when she was on vacation in Europe and then again when she had a stroke in June and from there on almost every other month for a week  – the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius has happened in my 6th house, affecting my daily routine and obligations. However, it wasn’t all about service and drudgery, I actually enjoyed a nice time in her company and had the opportunity to be in the city and meet new people, among them the folks at the Reiki Centre. Thus, I also got a different perspective and direction for my life. Every time I returned ‘home’ from there I felt the restrictions of this area here anew. Sentimentality really got to me that same evening when I chatted via skype with my girlfriend Carola, who still has her residence in my birthtown, and we evoked cherished memories from the past. Usually, it reaches a point where she imagines how different our lives could be if I were only there and had made different choices. With Sagittarius intercepted in my 4th house however, I’ll always look where the grass is greener and can’t wait to move on once again, which is also implied in the “foreshadowing”, announced by the symbol’s message.

Our plan is to renovate the house so that we can put it up for sale in spring. Until then, I’ll still be traveling to Alliston to assist my mother-in-law when she needs me. We thought a good time would be during the holiday season, but with the impending Mercury retrograde in Capricorn all plans we had made have been put on hold. As the schedule at GAI kept changing, so did the hours and obligations for J and Adrian. There was simply not enough time to drive such a long distance for J or to invest the extra hours after work for Adrian. Plus they had lots of repair work to do in the shop. Therefore, at the First Quarter Square of the lunation on December 24th did the waxing Aries Moon square the Capricorn Sun from house 8 to house 4 in my natal chart. The ensuing “crisis in action” affected the good intentions we had in regard to my mother-in-law (“group activity” was the keyword for the Sun) and the reality of the situation (“two lovers strolling on a secluded walk” was the keynote for the Moon), which forced us to stay home. In fact, we’ve been only up there for the Christmas holiday on December 27th for a few hours when my daughter and her boyfriend visited too. That same night started the snow storm that left us snowed in for the weekend and has been bringing more challenges along with it, which reminded us among other things about the condition of our house (the Saturn-Pluto square really lays bare the structural ‘damage’ everywhere) and the continuing effort plus the resources this place regularly consumes.

So, on New Year’s Eve, a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse fell into houses 11 and 5 in my chart, forcing me to curb down my hopes for any kind of fun or entertainment (“deconditioning” was the keyword for the Moon), and instead be ready and prepared to get up early the next morning to take care of J’s needs and feed the rabbit as this would be the smart thing to do in this situation as opposed to getting all ‘fed up’ and moody (“aristocracy” was the keyword for the Sun), because he had to go in to work to remove the snow from the runways and the parking area and there was no place open, where he could have gotten breakfast. Winter conditions have been tough this time and with all the personal restrictions and cutbacks one would think that people would recognize the necessity to support each other, though apparently not in this town. When they cleared the roads from the masses of snow, they left them piled up on the sidewalks and thus barricaded the entrances to the driveways. This ignorant attitude infuriated me so much that I threw the snow back on the street as I had to think of J, who had shoveled for hours on the weekend to clear our driveway and who had left very early in the morning again, making sure that others actually could make it to work and then be able to work there and who would come home exhausted only to find his own driveway unaccessible as they had the snow piled up so high that it would reach up to the hood of his truck. Well, the snow plow returned and cleaned up the area after my little ‘fit’, but at the end of the week when J’s truck got stuck in the high hard-packed snow late in the evening the one neighbor, who J had pulled out of the ditch the week before and who hadn’t even bothered to open the window to thank him, left his house to walk his dog and the other one sat in his SUV across the street the whole time with his lights on, while we were trying to pull the truck out. J had to call Adrian for help. So much for their sense of community and camaraderie.

At the time of the Last Quarter Square of the lunation the waning Libra Moon was squaring the Capricorn Sun from house 2 to 5 in my chart, which related to a challenge I experienced in regard to my daughter’s birthday. With the Moon sitting on my natal Venus on top of that “the consequences I had to face” (keynote for the Moon) were that my daughter didn’t have time to celebrate, because they were tied up in renovations after they got the government credits permitted (“the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order” was the keynote for the Sun) and which can be taken as a kind of “payback” (“polarization” is a keyword) related to the events at the time of the First Quarter Square, when I didn’t follow up on my promise to spend some time with my mother-in-law.

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