Astro-Notes on November 25, 2015 – Gemini Full Moon

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Libra trine Ceres in Aquarius
– Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, sextile Ceres in Aquarius, sesqui Eris Rx in Aries and sextile Mars in Libra
– Moon ingress to Gemini at 12:15 pm EST
– Chiron Rx in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Rx in Aries
– Full Moon at 3:20 Gemini/Sagittarius at 5:44 pm EST

Yesterday, the Vesta-South Node conjunction in Pisces perfected for a last time, bringing up the question if we worship the past, which would also suggest that we remain blissfully ignorant, evasive or oblivious toward certain issues and keep repeating past karma. Another manifestation would be a unquestioning devotion to sacrifices for the ‘greater good’ or whatever cause we consider holy or sacred. Unsurprisingly, this creates a conflict with our future prospects, which are centring on resolutions and improvement (NN in Virgo). Therefore, Mercury and Saturn began a new synodic cycle in the sign of the archer, Sagittarius, who aims heaven-ward. Thus, the corresponding period will see increased focus on and communication or information exchange about a growing sense of structure, limitation, fear and control, all of which is challenging our higher ideals and vision of a unified world or our unrealized dreams, because of the doubts we have and the uncertainties or unknown factors we’re dealing with. Consequently, there will be delays and not all expectations or promises can be met. Our nurturing and support principle has changed as the result of recent replacements or new relationships or arrangements and agreements. Things are different now, which means we can actually make progress if we commit ourselves toward this end and work together on problem solving for our various situations. As the Scorpio lunation cycle culminates in the Gemini Full Moon, the impulse that sounded forth with the Gemini New Moon in June of this year will also come to fruition. Thus, ‘the overheard conversation the parrot repeats’ (Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon) is about ‘old memories of Christmas’ (Sabian Symbol for the Gemini Full Moon) – imitation leads to memorization – and this particular one is a reminder of the ‘Christ consciousness’ we need to ‘imitate’ or be inspired by, because the darkness and cold or the crystallization of stereotypes (‘frost-covered trees against winter skies’ is the Sabian Symbol for the Gemini New Moon from June) can only be conquered by the light and warmth of the ‘love principle’. It is essential now that we learn to walk our talk and follow in the footsteps of natural leaders – if only tentatively – who will show us how to ‘resolve conflicts’ (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius Sun) in spite of our differing worldviews and backgrounds.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 3:20 Gemini states:
“Holly and mistletoe reawaken old memories of Christmas. Keynote: A longing for the pre-intellectual state of consciousness – RETURN TO THE SOURCE.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 3:20 Sagittarius states:
“A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of his parents. Keynote: The natural assistance of superior powers during crisis of growth – RESOLUTION OF CONFLICT.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “ An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 91-92 and 212, respectively)

Tarot card of the day is The Chariot”, suggesting that we take control and move forward with care. There is a need to remain focused and to keep the emotions in check. We need to harness our energy and apply it wisely. Self-discipline is important to be able to balance the light and shadow aspects of our personality.

Gemini FM 2015

Astro-Notes on June 9, 2015 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries
– Juno in Leo semi-square NN in Libra/sesqui SN in Aries
– Third Quarter Moon at 18:29 Pisces/Gemini at 11:41 am EDT
– Pallas Rx in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

The shifts we experienced over the last few days when Ceres turned retrograde in Aquarius and when Venus made ingress to Leo and Vesta to Aries and both of them engaged in a trine with retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius right away, have not only inspired us to turn inside and review the nurturing principle and how it operates in our life, especially in regard to our social purpose, circle and identity, but also to revisit our sense of structure together with the conditions, boundaries or limits we have developed over time. As a result, we learnt some important personal lessons related to tolerance and to our judgment of others lately, because the ego came into play and so did our self-love for which our inner flame is burning strong currently. In fact, it is firing us up, daring us and pushing us. Consequently, convinced by our righteousness or beliefs, dramas have been enacted, which resulted either in self-aggrandizement or in growing understanding. In any case, it is essential that we reach an agreement or else we have to cut ties to be able to move on from these situations. Therefore, the ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies the Third Quarter Moon challenges us to become aware of our reality picture and perception of things, in particular what our expectations and projections concerns, and also of the thinking process that leads us to these assumptions and conclusions. We have a chance now to make progress if we are willing to look at both sides of an issue, because our approach or the politics and strategies we are using for this purpose can either harm or help, depending on how flexible and adaptable we are and if our intentions are well-meant. Thus, it’s either peace or war – the choice is ours (Sabian Symbol for the Taurus New Moon was: “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by. Keynote: Peaceful adaptation to collective needs – ADJUSTMENT.”).

Tarot card of the day is the 5 of Wands”, depicting a day of struggles, restlessness and also playfulness when a lot of ideas are floating around and we could encounter conflicts or quarrels – inside and outside. We might be bothered by trivialities as well as overwhelmed by the pressure and demands on us. It is important to not lose sight of the bigger picture and let these minor vexations deplete our energies. Therefore, we need to get a grasp on these fluctuating energies and whims and carefully assess our attitude, while opening us to the changes they bring into our life.

Astro-Notes on May 17, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Gemini semi-square Uranus in Aries
– Juno in Leo quincunx Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– Neptune in Pisces quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries

The tense aspect between Mars and Mars-ruled Uranus already formed yesterday and it was a pretty busy

day for me at work, where I had to cover for all the others, who were off and at the same time try to get my stock out. I also went on a walk later in the afternoon, marveling at nature’s beauty now that everything stands in bloom, and considering ending this blog for good. It hasn’t brought any returns for the amount of time and energy I poured into it. Thus, with Juno in Leo making an adjusting aspect to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (which can be interpreted in this case as me reviewing if I achieved my ends or not with my creative endeavors) at the closing of this lunation cycle and Mercury about to station retrograde in his home sign Gemini (and being the dispositor of Mars), I won’t be posting as regularly anymore. At the beginning I really did enjoy this way of expressing myself, but I lost the passion for it somewhere along the way (mostly because it really felt like a lonely road I was traveling) and I have been realizing for a while now that I have to use my time more constructively if I ever want to see results or have success with my personal affairs. A big THANK YOU to all my readers who have appreciated my efforts.

Tarot card of the day is the4 of Swords”, signifying a break from normal life and a time when we avoid overexertion. We seek to relax body and soul, because we want to gain a better perspective by standing back from the situation and coming to terms with what is. For the moment, there is a truce, which gives us a chance to stabilize ourselves, recover, center our thoughts, stop worrying, put down our defenses and take a breather from the chaos and stress around us. In a practical sense, this card is an indicator that we need to have some time out from our current circumstances, to reflect and review your progress so far to be able to re-evaluate and re-assess our priorities.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little man – Dylan Rhodes Neri – who celebrates his 5th birthday today with a dinosaur-themed party (how appropriate for these aspects – Pluto in Cap can be associated with dinosaurs)!!!

Astro-Notes on May 16, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Moon ingress to Taurus at 3:02 am EDT
– Venus in Cancer square nodal axis and trine Neptune in Pisces
– Juno conjunct Jupiter in Leo
– Neptune in Pisces quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries

Since the Moon’s ingress to Taurus early this morning could we feel more mellow and comfortable, striving to gratify our senses and ‘hunger’ for whatever it is we want and crave. This requires that we take care of our future prospects and make the necessary compromises, whether we like it or not, to get things moving and be ready for the weekend. We might be a bit disappointed with certain developments or feel we don’t get the support we need, but at the end of the day everything will come together. With the beginning of the new sub-cycle (Juno-Jupiter conjunction in Leo) do we have a chance to create the opportunities and attract the people we need to be able to fulfill our personal mission so that we can validate ourselves and contribute to the larger community in the way we seek to self-realize.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Wands”, suggesting news related to business or otherwise and a positive awareness of the future or ‘to expect the unexpected’. There are new possibilities, which demand from us to be courageous and daring as we rediscover purpose. This card represents ‘a new dawn’ that is a new beginning of a phase in which the creative spark must be developed and given a new lease on life, calling upon us to express ourselves from our heart. It’s a day to be positive and spontaneous as well as lively and energetic, when we should pursue our creative vision with enthusiasm.

Astro-Notes on May 15, 2015

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
– Sun in Taurus sesqui NN in Libra/semi-square SN in Aries
– Venus in Cancer quincunx Ceres in Aquarius
– Juno conjunct Jupiter in Leo
– Neptune in Pisces quincunx NN in Libra/semi-sextile SN in Aries

We have to prepare ourselves for the long weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day weekend) and make the

necessary arrangements to have everything ready for either a trip to the cottage or a barbeque at home or whatever festivities and fun we have planned for this occasion. I, however, have signed up for an additional shift on Monday. Thus, I won’t have a nice long weekend; I will have a short weekend that’s divided up in 2 single days. I figured it doesn’t matter that much since I couldn’t get 3 days in a row off anyway, because we are understaffed at work (Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius). One of my co-workers was so nice to offer me a ride, which made it possible for me to take this shift, because public transit won’t be available on that day (another manifestation of this aspect). So, I’ll be laboring hard all weekend (lots of chores to do in my home too) and this will be physical rather than mental, which I would have preferred. Therefore, as this sub-cycle is closing and we could be feeling more confident as well as expressive about our role and purpose as a result, I’m asking you to please consider purchasing a personalized reading with me. This way we can help each other.

Tarot card of the day is The Lovers”, indicating choices where moral values are questioned, especially in relationship situations. A decision must be made about which we feel divided. We may be struggling with temptations and need to remember that the most attractive option is not always the best one. Problems can be overcome via reconciliation, through harmony and cooperation.