Astro-Notes on September 28, 2013 – serving our desires

Vesta in Virgo’s sextile to the North Node in Scorpio (trine South Node in Taurus) offers us an opportunity to dedicate us to our future prospects and invest our energy effectively so that we can complete tasks and projects that have ‘piled up’. If we work diligently toward that goal, we also have a chance to enjoy the remainder of our day and commit us to the things we hold sacred. Therefore, the square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo together with the semi-square between Mercury in Libra and Ceres in Virgo and the sesqui-quadrate between Jupiter in Cancer and retrograde Neptune in Pisces challenge us to be creative as well as confident in our approach, while concentrating on our heart’s desires, to be able to meet a complex set of values and needs. Apparently, this concerns our effectiveness and thus the methods we are using to achieve our ends with so many things left unfinished we now have to take care of and see through to completion in a never-ending catch-up effort if we want to live up to our own standards and vision.

Tarot card of the day is the “Knight of Cups”, a card that is associated with transition and free flowing emotional energy. New ideas, invitations and proposals are implicated. Also, we’re inspired and full of zeal as we serve our desires. We’re on a journey of imagination and creativity, where our idealism and love principle will be put to a test. Therefore, we’ll have to follow our heart in order to find our path.

Personal Notes: We’re having the nicest weather here of which I want to take advantage on this day off work, especially since I haven’t been able to enjoy it the last couple of days due to personal obligations I had committed myself toward. However, I still have to write up a short synopsis of a Tarot reading I conducted and prepare for a consultation on Tuesday. Not to mention that I wanted to hold a New Moon workshop at the time of the Libra New Moon, which is only a few days away. There is also lots of packing and cleaning up to do in my apartment plus I have to make cauliflower patties and oatmeal cookies. Yet, I slept in to reload my batteries and now I’m also loading the batteries for my camera and cellphone.