Astro-Notes on July 5, 2013 – being clear on priorities

The Sun in Cancer’s trine to retrograde Chiron in Pisces with both planetary bodies in connection to my natal Ceres in

house 5 indicated that I would slip into the role of the healer this morning and I did indeed shine a light on a wounding issue that had come full circle and needs to be dealt with in this person’s life I met today. However, the same principle was also operative in my life as I supported myself or my growth in this regard and thus also my life’s path and purpose. And as I turned my cell phone on (since my home phone is still not working and needs to be replaced – it’s just that during the Mercury retrograde we didn’t have those cheap, simple phones in stock) in case they would need me at work, I truly left my ‘cave’ or self-made prison behind. With Venus in Leo in semi-square aspect to Mars in Gemini on which she followed up with a quincunx to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, and retrograde Mercury in Cancer in sesqui-quadrate aspect to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, I had a session with a new client, for which I wanted to prepare mentally (especially since I had canceled on her the first time and worked on other texts/charts in the meantime – thus, my memory needed some refreshing), but then all my good intentions fell by the wayside as I started cleaning up (my apartment was more of a mess than thought). Yes, I gave in to my compulsions (my natal Pluto is in Virgo, the sign of cleanliness or purity) – cleaning was certainly NOT the number 1 priority (Venus in Leo) in this case, but once I saw the end result of my efforts, it made me feel better. Mars in Gemini accentuated by a stressful aspect from Venus also pressured me into doing a lot of the talking. But then, I had expected this after my analysis of the chart. Therefore, we could only touch on THE major issue/problem that was affecting her currently. The Mercury-Neptune aspect suggests that much has been left unsaid, which hopefully will be revealed next time. I did actually fill 3 pages with notes prior to the consultation and I was so curious to hear her story! Yet, a single session is never enough to cover all those topics and experiences. Meanwhile, I responded to my mail, but I’m still not through everything that arrived in my inbox. It keeps amazing me how I seem to never catch up – courtesy of my Mars-Saturn opposition and my 4th house Mercury’s (chart ruler) square to Mars/ASC/DSC/Vesta and Uranus-Pluto – I don’t even work full time! And when I think of the plans or vision I have for my life, I have to seriously question or even doubt my capability (Mercury-Neptune). So, will I be able to deliver and fulfill my dreams? I already reached the point where I was ready to give up on all my writings and just go outside for a bit since I didn’t feel inspired. What I decided though was to just write this post differently.

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Pentacles”, advising us to strike a balance. This card comes with the message of unification as well as of recognizing choices and alternatives. It is important to think before we act, to be clear on our priorities and also on where we want to invest our time and energy. We need to maintain the harmony, be patient and cope with the demands in order to get on top of daily affairs. However, we could be feeling in high spirits and do something we enjoy.