Astro-Notes on October 31, 2012 – continuing efforts

Prior to her station at 3:43 Cancer at 11:47 am EDT will Ceres receive a square from Venus in Libra, which is challenging our traditional ways of nurturing due to problems we have to overcome in our familiar environment where we have to assess our interactions with others together with needs for balance and harmony, thereby evaluating our worth or worthiness based on the appreciation and cooperation we receive. Ceres will be in retrograde motion until February 4, 2013, and trace back her steps to 19:44 Gemini, which corresponds to a period of reviewing the maternal principle as it affects our sense of belonging, of home and family and how we feel cared for, protected, supported and nurtured, inclusive our eating habits or diet, during her transit of Cancer, whereas in Gemini it is the support of or our dependence on our surroundings, connections, means of transportation and thought process, plans and schedule we have to introspect. This is followed by the Moon’s ingress to Gemini and instant square to retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 2:40 pm EDT, bringing a phase of general mobilization accompanied by feelings of busyness during which we could at first feel overwhelmed or helpless and disoriented. The Sun in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Pallas in Pisces stresses the use of emotional intelligence in order to create the trust in our person we long for to portray so that we can focus on our shared interests and common vision.

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we’re building on our previous successes, especially in regard to the work we’ve done in the past or the visions and dreams we’ve had. We need to be diligent, make an effort and plug away. Important is also in this regard to find out the facts, to increase our expertise, to check and recheck what we’re doing.

In the news: A massive clean-up effort is underway in the U.S. after the ‘monster’ storm for which U.S. president Obama canceled his campaigning schedule to be able to visit victims of the disaster. 

Personal Notes: A massive renovation and clean-up effort seems to be underway in this building here too. My landlord has been working on the unfinished apartment since 8 am in the morning. I don’t expect him to adjust my work schedule, but it’s just another example of how much consideration is coming my way. Luckily, I went to bed early and got up after 7 am already. Not that it really matters anymore – I made up my mind what this “home” concerns.