Astro-Notes on June 29, 2014 – struggling with temptations

A trine from the Sun in Cancer to retrograde Neptune in Pisces shows that we met certain expectations or projections regarding our self-image and as a result feel nurtured and supported now that things are coming together and this allows us to sustain a vision again we had in the past. As Venus and Juno in Gemini connect with the Sun and retrograde Neptune via semi-sextile and square, respectively, reunions with important others we call family or can depend on are happening and we’re enjoying ourselves as well as others’ company, depending on how aware we are of our ideals and theirs and thus how well we get along and can adapt to the situation or fit the role we’re supposed to be playing in these dynamics. For instance, here in Canada we are having a long weekend, because we’re celebrating Canada Day. Personally, I have several things to take care of (amongst them shopping for gifts for my friend and her family where I will be vacationing in July) and although I have an additional day off from work with retrograde Saturn in Scorpio in quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries, the opening hours of the stores and the reading I scheduled require from me to adjust my time and schedule accordingly. Per example, yesterday evening at the onset of this aspect configuration, I went on a long walk through my surroundings and upon entering as yet unfamiliar paths, the miles ahead of me seemed to stretch endlessly and I ended up with ‘hurt’ feet I had to soothe in a footbath once I returned home from my journey. At least I was able to sleep deeply throughout the fireworks (Vesta-Ceres). However, these walks are beneficial to my overall wellbeing, as well as calming and healing, especially after the ‘unpleasantness’ of dealing with demanding customers on those long weekends. Today, I ‘m not in the mood to do anything than just relaxing, but this of course is not an option with all the chores I have to attend to. The Moon made ingress to Leo early this morning at 4:42 am EDT, bringing forth a playful, dramatic, boisterous and selfish vibe. So, beware of the pitfalls of pride and ego-centricity – the shadow Self (the evil twin) is very prominent during these social setups when we tend to let loose and party extensively, while seeking freedom and liberation from the constraining conditions of everyday life.

Tarot card of the day is The Devil”, a card that comes with the message “I can untie the binds and set myself free”. We may in some way feel controlled by our environment or by our attitude and may therefore have a fear of taking our power back or of having to succumb to unwanted circumstances. It’s a day when we’re overly concerned with material security and when therefore money and material wellbeing are very important to us. The material world is highlighted and with it our darker emotions. A tendency toward negativity and pessimism could keep us addicted and enslaved to whatever issue we give control over us. Therefore, temptations of all kinds will abound.


Reflections on May 1st and 2nd, 2010 – a humid weekend

On Saturday, May 1st, did Venus catch up with Juno in Gemini and consequently, the signs and facts now all add up, which allows us to respond quickly and do as we see fit, thereby using a logical approach that also feels appropriate in this situation and suits our needs. I drew the Tarot card “The Tower” for this day with the message that change brings freedom. Lightning strikes in one way or another, bringing either revelations and/or shock. The upheaval associated with this card can take a number of forms, though provides also a chance to climb out of a rut.

There have been quite a few developments involving J’s auto company as an outcome of the latest meetings with friends and associates (Venus-Juno conjunction in Gemini) – all of a  positive nature, in particular what the financial angle concerns. Thus, he has been on the road and on the phone/blackberry for most of the day. When he stopped in shortly in the afternoon, he switched our furnace to the airconditioner, something we usually only do after the ‘last freeze’ of May has passed. However, the high humidity in the air had become unbearable and we could feel that with every fibre of our bodies (Venus in Gemini). It made blogging almost impossible for me as I sat on the computer for hours, unable to focus. I was about to give up on it, but the coffein had a reanimating effect, which aided me in changing my attitude (the Tower). Subsequently, I got busy and even responded to most of my mail and the requests I had received.

Pallas Rx in Scorpio cast a sesqui-quadrate to Uranus in Pisces as Saturn Rx in Virgo engaged in a waning quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius on Sunday, May 2nd. The renewal or loss of purpose correlated to this stage in the synodic cycle referred to efforts aimed at improvement and the prospects thereof under changing and unforeseeable conditions, which have intensified at an unpredictable rate.

This was especially evident in the case of the unfortunate environmental disaster that has affected the coastal waters of the U.S., whereby the surface area of a catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill has quickly tripled in size, causing fears to grow among experts that the slick could become vastly more devastating than it seemed just a few days ago. “I don’t think anybody foresaw the circumstance that we’re faced with now,” an expert said. “The blowout preventer was the main line of defense against this type of incident, and it failed.” BP is having three domes built to contain the spill, however, BP did not build the containment devices before the spill because it “seemed inconceivable” the blowout preventer on the rig would fail – a disasterous assessment as it turns out (here we get a feeling of Saturn’s archetype attempting to contain the seemingly limitless, indicated by Neptune’s archetype – quincunx – an effort [Saturn] applied afterwards [Rx] when it is too late [Neptune, plus Uranus at last degree of the zodiac has last minute implications of epic proportions] to prevent a catastrophe [Uranus/Aquarius]). U.S President Obama, who headed to the area, stated: “We’re dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.” And Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told NBC that the potential environmental outlook is “a very grave scenario.” – The situation took a turn toward the worst possible scenario (Pallas-Uranus in the context of the New Moon symbol). In this case the realignment of aims, related to the waning quincunx aspect, is evident as is the option to renew one’s perspective and sense of purpose.

My personal experience of that day was of the enjoyable kind. J told me in the morning that he didn’t feel like working in the basement and wanted to go on a drive. The humidity really messed with his energy level and therefore he changed his plans in regard to his project once again (Pallas-Uranus leading to a loss of purpose at this stage). While I was getting ready he played with the rabbit. After he had taken a few pictures of her comfortably resting in the chair, he thought I’d need a different camera to get better quality shots (Saturn quincunx Neptune). So, we went to London and checked out the selections in a few stores, but were neither satisfied nor convinced and therefore decided to wait a bit before we’ll make a purchase (Mercury is Rx, which is ‘reason’ enough to delay, just not for J). However, I bought a set of headphones (crossing my fingers now). We then ate at the Boston Pizza Restaurant, where I ordered my favorite appetizer – loaded potatoe skins (Southwestern style there) and a Cajun Shrimp Pizza. J also chose from the appetizer menu. The food was really good and filling. On our way home we drove over Coldstream again, which is a beautiful small town with conservation area. I was busy taking pictures of the surroundings and the river and hope they turn out well this time.

Tarot card of the day was “The Empress”, signifying nurturance and caring as well as a strong sense of being at home with one’s inner Self and in touch with what’s going on in one’s surroundings. One could also feel at peace with the world. This was definitely true for us.