Virgo lunation review

The Virgo New Moon happened on September 8, 2010 at 15+ degrees of Virgo and fell into my 1st house, where it triggered my natal t-square via conjunction to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo that is opposite Chiron Rx in Pisces in house 7 and square Juno in Sagittarius in house 4 and which therefore highlighted issues related to feelings of alienation, abandonment and being excluded in matters pertaining to the relationship principle that is operating in my life and which involves the themes of personal power and individuality.

This heralded a “karmic confrontation” by coming face to face with the wild power of the primordial nature within oneself (Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon), thereby referring to the hidden motives and psychic complexes, which need to be brought to light in a literal ‘dark night of the soul’. Indeed, I got an inkling about the impending months of darkness as the climate changed and our surroundings were drenched by pounding rain accompanying the storms that moved over the lakes and brought a sharp drop in temperatures. Following the altered rhythm of the seasonal changes so far, fall had arrived sooner than I’d expected, while I had so naively looked forward to the Indian Summer with its brilliant, glaring Sun rays and beautiful foliage coloring. In a sudden turn of events, it all seemed to dissipate in front of my eyes in the same way as my relationships ‘faded’ away.

J was on a 3 week vacation he spent in his shop in order to do the things he likes to do. Although I didn’t have any projections in this regard and know what I can expect in this utterly dysfunctional relationship, it was still somewhat disappointing for me, having Venus in Libra as final dispositor and the Moon placed in the 7th house. I need company or I’ll suffer (Moon and Chiron in Pisces), though not necessarily his. In fact, I was relieved that he wasn’t at home all this time, even though I wanted him to do a few things around the house he had kept moving to the next week or the next month since February.

The day after the New Moon I watched my neighbors take their little girl to her first day in school. They are a loving little family; really wonderful people who have many friends and acquaintances and occasionally they hug and kiss, which is one of the things I can observe from my lonely place on our deck, where I use to hang out with a book. Admittedly, my eyes wander over there often, longingly, and at the same token I feel depressed.

On the next day I stopped by Angie’s store on my way home from the post office. She was busy preparing her store for the fall season and told me that she wouldn’t join the sacred circle this month, because she wanted to spend time with her partner, which I completely understood, particularly so since I had a feeling that she needed some time to grieve as this was the month when her beloved father-in-law had passed away. So, this meant moreover for me that I couldn’t join the circle either, because I didn’t have a ride. From then on and with the nasty weather going on simultaneously, I spent more time home alone writing chart analyses. As the First Quarter Moon approached I contacted a potential client and we set up a meeting. With the waxing Sagittarius Moon squaring off the Virgo Sun, the test and crisis in action was one in patience and skill, of not losing the faith and of finding purpose during this time of withdrawal.

The Virgo lunation cycle peaked with the Aries Full Moon right on the Aries Point. It succeeded the Autumnal Equinox and carried the message ‘to reach for our highest evolutionary potential’ (the impulse to be made sacred in the image of the impaled butterfly – Sabian Symbols for the Aries Moon and the Libra Sun). My rollicking little wild rabbit fell down the open space into the basement that night, which caused me quite some emotional turmoil. To my relief, she didn’t seem to have contracted serious injuries except for the shock we shared. In review, it seemed like an omen of things to come. This was the weekend of the Parkhill Fair I was going to attend for the first time, because we didn’t drive up to my mother-in-law’s place for birthday celebrations. Thus, I was really excited and looking forward to this event. I went on a walk already Friday afternoon to check out what was going on at the Fair ground. To my surprise I had to notice that they were still in the process of erecting the tent and the merry-go-round. But since I didn’t have a program I didn’t know what to expect. Anyway, it was a nice, warm, sunny day, whereas on Saturday it had cooled up considerably and began to rain the moment I left the house and once I arrived at the ‘scene’ there was nobody I knew and only a petting zoo in addition to the tent and the merry-go-round. I also had to pay an entrance fee, though my neighbor Adele had told me otherwise. As I proceeded through the ‘attractions’ with my hair getting really wet from the rain disappointment began to sink in and then I was already discouraged to enter the new Fitness complex that most likely housed an exhibit and just went straight back home. A perfect example of a failed cycle! The woman just risen from the sea had a seal embracing her – although I had mustered the courage to go to this event I couldn’t overcome my feelings of awkwardness (the butterfly was impaled indeed!), caused by the years of living in reclusion with no real friends or connections close by. Therefore, the karmic confrontation with the psychic complexes I have developed didn’t go too well, but resulted in important insights about my own role in the larger scheme of things (Aries Point connection).

At the time of the Last Quarter Moon and subsequent crisis in consciousness when the waning Cancer Moon squared off the Libra Sun, I struggled with myself to be appreciative of the generous gift I had received from my mother-in-law, not ‘just’ because it was not what I truly needed and takes up space I had just cleared, but also due to being very dissatisfied with myself and J, who had finished nothing on the house in those 3 weeks off work. He had changed the outside door and the interior of the mudroom and sealed it up, but it’s not useable yet since he hasn’t cut out the opening from the other side. Thus, I was angry and nourished my rage, thereby subconsciously directing it toward her, because he’s a Mama’s boy and she still defends and protects him at every opportunity she gets, the UBERcancer she is with Jupiter in Leo in house 5! However, I managed to channel the negative energy into a creative outlet by designing a professional letterhead and style format for my chart reports. The next day I got a call from a friend of mine, from whom I hadn’t heard in a while and who invited me to join him on a trip through the surroundings. It was a wonderful day with the perfect weather for such an undertaking. Light and good company, finally!

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