Astro-Notes on July 4, 2020 – Capricorn Full Moon/Appulse Lunar Eclipse

The Sun in Cancer is leaving a trine with Ceres in Pisces and joining Vesta in conjunction before he’s lining up with the Earth and the Moon for the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 9:44 pm PDT that’s the third one in this particular eclipse season and will bring the Cancer lunation cycle to it’s culmination.

A season has come to an end in our life as well that was defined by waiting, longing and hoping in order to protect, nurture and support something we care for and this has resulted in growing dedication to Self-care, our families, our tribe, our country and our private causes, but also in the realization that we have to live with ‘nature’ and thus, embrace this sheltered way of life.

However, with Juno in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries and forming a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus and the triple conjunction of retrograde Pallas, retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn squaring Eris in Aries, the cards are stacked against us with many of us pushed into a corner and forced to accept their circumstances or realities, knowing they can’t win. Trapped in one form of confinement or another, we turn against each other, ready to fight those, who are not agreeing with us or are not of the same belief system or have wronged us in some other way.

When we had enough of the injustice, the errors in judgement, the incompetence, the undeserved privileges and the unfair rules or laws, the time has come for us to take a stand and rock the boat. Although we might be defeated, we won’t hold back and we wont’ let them get away with it – we push back, we confront, we accuse and we won’t budge an inch. Once we reach our tolerance threshold, things could get nasty. Accumulated anger and frustration are hard to contain.

As retrograde Mercury in Cancer engages in a semi-sextile with Venus in Gemini, over which he holds disposition, it is important that we take a moment and pause before we speak. We might want to reconsider before things will get out of hand and make matters worse. Reviewing and rethinking our inherent values will help us to recognize our subjectivity in situations when our feelings, moods and pre-conditioned response patterns take over.

At this Full Moon issues concerning our authority, control, structure, responsibilities, status, attainment and management are coming to a head and could result in conflicts that involve dependency, support, supply and care. Therefore, we need to focus on reconciling, resolving and working terms and conditions out.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is an Appulse Lunar Eclipse, which means in astronomical terms that the Moon will only enter the penumbra of the Earth’s shadow to the effect that her surface will be dimmed only slightly. Although the event doesn’t seem to be very spectacular, this is a super-charged Full Moon. Astrology-wise, an eclipse is far from being subtle and lunar eclipses have a tendency to cause quite a stir of feelings and lots of emotional turmoil. They often bring an ending or closure to a long-standing issue. It’s either a breakthrough or a breakdown.

The Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 13:37 Capricorn states:

“An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture. Keynote: The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value and let go of non-essentials – a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 13:37 Cancer states:

“A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast. Keynote: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom – PERMANENCE IN TRUTH.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 238-239 and 118-119, respectively)

Implied by these symbolic pictures is that facing our destiny will require great strength and endurance, in particular once the permanence of our reality sinks in.

Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Cups”, a card that is associated with loss, suffering and sadness. There is a lack of attainment or non-fulfillment of expected results. Thus, today is a day of emotional up and downs when we could feel disappointed, cry over spilled milk or letting go of a hope. We might be feeling regret, only seeing the negative in a situation and generally have a pessimistic outlook on things. The more important is it to focus on our higher potential and the things are still left for us to work with. Forgiveness and the ability to recover are necessary.

Astro-Notes on June 20, 2020 – Summer Solstice/Annular Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon

The Sun reaches his northernmost point from the equator today with his ingress to Cancer at 2:43 pm PDT, marking the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. Consequently, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest day, whereas for the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night and signals the start of winter.


As the Sun seems to ‘stand still’ (sol sistere) high in the sky, we transition into ‘stasis’ and have a chance to pause, stop and take stock before fully committing ourselves to the new season. With Mercury, who has just turned retrograde, retracing his steps through Cancer, we’re going down memory lane and review conversations, paperwork, matters of communication, association, connectivity, locality and mobility of the last few weeks, in particular those that involve our past, family, tribe and domestic life and center on dependency, support, safety and sustenance.

Moreover, we have a chance now to become more conscious of subjective and preconditioned thinking that triggers habitual responses and reactions. Mars in Pisces’s sextile to retrograde Jupiter allows us to trust in the timing and flow of things, which means we make our move when it feels right to us or when we sense an opportunity that is realizable. Perhaps an option might come up for reconsideration to which we could respond with relief or we could reverse or leave a direction we’ve been following. In any case, achieving our primary objectives might require transient loyalties.

Nonetheless, individual development is at peak and thus, there is liveliness and vibrancy as well as a re-gathering and refocusing of intent. As a quarter point in the wheel of the year, the summer solstice brings a change in regard to the condition of the light, which will soon begin to wane. In correspondence to the symbolism of the emotional water sign Cancer, we’re now entering a period, during which we seek to support, protect, nurture and care for ourselves and to cultivate a sense of bonding and belonging.

A tense semi-square between retrograde Pallas in Capricorn and Ceres in Pisces though shows that we’re currently living through a crisis related to the environment, nature, support and work that requires a reviewing of our politics, protocols and strategies based on the limitations, restrictions, severity and losses we are facing due to the global pandemic. Vesta in Cancer’s square to Juno in Libra indicates that the arrangements in our relationships are at cross purpose with the causes we’re supporting and invested in as conditions don’t seem to be fair or provide for our needs. The dynamics of these interactions are unbalanced and challenging, calling for compromises and concessions.

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is involved in a long-standing square with Eris in Aries, while Chiron in Aries is holding a semi-sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Not only require extreme times extreme measures; current circumstances are way beyond our control and discord is reigning, bringing our shadow material out in the open and causing rifts and divisions that keep us struggling, fighting and warring. Progress can only be made once we ‘evolve’ our lower, instinctual nature. It is a matter of survival.

This turning of the wheel, this power point in time is accompanied by a New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

The Cancer New Moon that will transpire late tonight at 11:41 pm PDT is an Annular Solar Eclipse. This is the 2nd eclipse in a series of three. A solar eclipse occurs at a New Moon when the Moon, the Earth and the Sun align with the Moon’s nodal axis and the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun. During an Annular Solar Eclipse the Sun and the Moon are exactly in line, but the Moon is too far away and thus too small to completely cover the Sun’s disc. Hence, the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the dark ball of the Moon.

annular eclipse 2012

In astrological terms this means, things that have been eclipsed or concealed in the area of our life, represented by the house in our natal chart, where the Eclipse has an impact, have now a chance to be brought into the light of conscious awareness, triggering individual and collective transitions, marked by endings and new beginnings. Eclipses are potent omens that accelerate the pace of events, which seem to be fated and can be life-altering. An Eclipse can set a pattern for a duration for up to half a year and longer, the theme of which can be felt already before the Eclipse is approaching. Each Eclipse is a member of a family and each family has specific characteristics.

The current Solar Eclipse is a member of the Saros Series 4 North, which means the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse is conjunct the North Node of the Moon, a point of spiritual influx, which provides us with the courage to allow new energy in. This Saros Series was the last time around in June 2002 and the same degree was activated at the Summer Solstice in June 2001 (look for the common theme). Its hallmark is a Venus-Neptune conjunction, while Jupiter is quincunx a Pluto-Node conjunction. The New Moon is also on the Mercury/Node midpoint and Saturn is on the New Moon/Uranus midpoint, for which Bernadette Brady gives the following interpretation:

“Restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation and illusions are the trademarks of this family of eclipses. Events can occur, which seem to block the individual. In this blocking, the individual is very prone to misjudge his or her strengths or the situation and is best advised to wait until this eclipse passes before taking any real action.  This is a difficult Saros Series.”

(Bernadette Brady, “The Eagle and The Lark”, Predictive Astrology, Appendices, Page 313)

The Sabian Symbol for the Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 0:21 Cancer states:

“On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one. Keynote: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act – a point of no return – REORIENTATION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 110-111)


Implied by this symbolical picture is an act of necessity or a declaration that could propel us to reverse course and reorient ourselves in a direction that acknowledges the need for accepting the situation, if only temporary or for the time being. Sometimes the end justifies the means. In order to be able to pursue our intentions, we might serve under the flag of one cause and then another, even if this seems to go against our principles. It is the power of adaptability that enables profitable life management.

The Cancer New Moon’s quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius indicates that this reorientation is an adjustment to changed conditions and rules.

Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Cups”, a card that is associated with loss, suffering and sadness. There is a lack of attainment or non-fulfillment of expected results. During this time of emotional up and downs, it is rather ‘normal’ to feel disappointed, to cry over spilled milk or to let go of a hope. Moreover, we might be feeling regret, only seeing the negative in a situation and generally have a pessimistic outlook on things. The more important is it to focus on our higher potential and the things are still left for us to work with. This too shall pass. Forgiveness and the ability to recover are necessary.

Astro-Notes on May 22, 2020 – Gemini New Moon

A new lunation cycle began this morning at 10:38 am PDT in the mutable air sign Gemini. This New Moon is an auspicious time to set intentions toward matters of communication, association, connection, mobility, locality, versatility, dexterity and ambiguity. Moreover, this cycle favors fact gathering, information exchange, learning, journaling, chatting, mingling, socializing, short trips, flexibility, adaptability, curiosity, objectivity, diversity, multi-tasking and busyness.

With the New Moon’s ruler Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus in his home sign Gemini and both engaged in a square to Neptune in Pisces, unmet ideals, expectations and hopes could leave us disappointed and disillusioned, especially if our satisfaction or contentment is put on hold, because we have to wait to get an appointment or are inconvenienced by the delays everywhere or some services or goods are still not available or not available anymore, all of which challenges us to see both sides of the issues at hand and move forward with our agenda.

In addition, confusion and uncertainty could result in mixed feelings and we could be unsure about the flow of data coming our way, not knowing what to think. However, Vesta in Gemini’s sextile to Eris in Aries and quincunx to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn open up opportunities for us to focus on our self-interests and dedicate us to causes we’re invested in so that we can regain some control over our circumstances. We will be busy managing our affairs.

The New Moon’s trine to retrograde Pallas and retrograde Saturn in Aquarius indicates that a period of our life has ended, allowing us to return to a different kind of ‘normalcy’ with eased restrictions in place under changed conditions, regulations and procedures, which require re-strategizing and innovative thinking.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 2:04 Gemini states:

“The garden of the tuileries in Paris. Keynote: The formalization of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to newly discovered aspects of nature – FORMALISM.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 90-91)

garden of the tuileries

Implied by this symbolical picture is the need for social order and civility based on narrow concepts and rigid rituals that are reasonable and necessary as we reopen our countries and economies. It is for each of us to bring our own capabilities and possibilities to a graceful, exquisite level of self-expression within our own world. Happiness arises out of making the best of what we have and enjoying the results of our work and commitment to what we value in the context of our community.

Mars is approaching a conjunction with Ceres in Pisces, helping to start the flow of productivity and encouraging support for our common visions and ideals.

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Wands”, suggesting an upsurge of ideas and imagination and the drive and energy necessary to undertake such projects. There is the promise of motion, direction and positive energy and thus, we could be feeling quite energetic and enthusiastic as well as optimistic and hopeful for the future. Today we’re driven by a strong, creative force, proceed with courage and confidence and expand our potential.

Astro-Notes on May 7, 2020 – Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon occurred early this morning at 3:45 pm PDT, bringing the Taurus lunation cycle to a peak and revealing all sorts of secrets and underlying truths as matters pertaining to death versus life’s preciousness or quality of life, social security versus emotional security and shared values and ventures versus personal values and ventures come to a head.

Pluto, the ruler over the Scorpio Full Moon, is in retrograde motion in Capricorn and holding a square with Eris in Aries. Due to the pandemic forced lockdown many industries and businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy. Challenged to get back on ‘track’, economies all over the world are being gradually reopened, but this raises questions about the sustainability of natural resources such as oil and gas. Now that we have recorded a dramatic decline in demand, it would be well worth to invest in ‘green energy’ and let the fossil fuel sector wither away.

In fact, some industries might never come back or recover from the fallout and this affects the livelihood of their workers as well. A lot of tough decisions will have to be made to get the economy and all of us back on our feet. Consequently, we’re struggling to come to terms with our changed circumstances and to get on top of our affairs.

Moreover, the response of governments to the pandemic and its origin has become a subject of strife and accusations globally, while their switching of gears in their approach to the pandemic as they reopen the economy causes different reactions from different people that range from relieve to extreme anxiety.

Mercury in Taurus forms a sextile with Neptune in Pisces, a semi-sextile with Venus in Gemini (with both of them in mutual reception) and a sesqui-quadrate with retrograde Juno in Libra. With plans of returning to some state of ‘normalcy’ in carefully laid out phases unveiled, we’re busy preparing ourselves and setting up appointments or filling our schedule. Although, restrictions are easing, the ‘rules of engagement’ have to be re-assessed to ensure our safety in interactions with others. Social distancing will remain in place.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 17:20 Scorpio states:
“A path through woods brilliant with multi-colored splendor. Keynote: The exalted feeling of a work well done and a truly consummated life – TRANSFIGURATION.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 17:20 Taurus states:
“A woman airing an old bag through the open window in her room. Keynote: The cleansing of the ego-consciousness – PURIFICATION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 202-203 and 82, respectively)

This speaks of the cyclical nature of life and how the ‘richness’ of our experiences serves as catalysator for personal transformation and evolution. At this point, we can make conscious choices about the things we want to shed and the things we want to revive in our life.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Swords”, suggesting that we may feel victimized and powerless or just ‘dead tired’ and exhausted, wishing for a clean break from a stressful issue. However, this is the final ordeal, presenting us with a confrontation of the sum total of our thoughts and outcome of mental processes. Thus, a reorientation or gaining of perspective might ensue and things might get better from now on. It is important though to let go off negative attitudes and to accept our current circumstances. Something is coming to end and change is impending. The worst is over and the only way is up.

Astro-Notes on April 22, 2020 – Taurus New Moon on Earth Day

Tonight, on Earth Day, at 7:25 pm PDT begins a new lunation cycle in the fixed earth sign Taurus. This is an auspicious time to set our intentions on connecting with the Earth by spending time in nature or doing some gardening and getting in touch with the physical, material and sensual aspects of life and everything that provides us with a sense of wellbeing, contentment, appreciation, comfort and gratification.

By understanding that being alive is a gift, living in the moment, enjoying the simple pleasures and cultivating joy and happiness in our life, we are enhancing the quality of our life and become more positive and fulfilled, which affects us on a cellular level.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 3:24 Taurus states:

“The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Keynote: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature – COMMUNION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 73)


This is not only the promise of abundance and spiritual prosperity – we are provided with a chance to change our relationship with the Earth of which we are an integral part as the most evolved species on this beautiful planet we call our home. We have a choice now to take responsibility and assume stewardship by drastically upgrading our values.

The Taurus New Moon is conjunct Uranus, leaving a square with Saturn in Aquarius and moving into a semi-square with Neptune in Pisces. At this time of pause, of shutting down most of our operations and non-essential businesses, of a stalled economy, of staying at home and adhering to social distancing rules, nature has begun a slow process of recovery.

Thus, as we’re getting used to this new ‘normal’ and to different routines, we’re in a unique position to reset and start over as a global community by reforming our societal structures and systems. The nodal axis’s alignment with the global axis across the cardinal quarter points of the year has brought us to a cross-roads, where our survival is depending on how sustainable our way of life is and how reliable our structures are to support each and every one.

In an unprecedented crisis like this pandemic, social injustice and inequality are exposed together with the failures and weaknesses of the governing bodies and systems in place. This together with the loss of freedom, growing anxiety, frustration and overwhelming uncertainty is resulting in resistance and protest, harbingers of change and revolution.

Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Swords”, suggesting that we’re dealing with mixed feelings about life in general and experiencing conflict or discord – inner as well as outer. The more important is it to pick our battles wisely and think before we act. There are boundaries and limitations in life situations we must accept, even though they could make us feel powerless. In this regard, we must overcome ourselves and focus on our needs in order to regain our composure. Breakdown of communication and non-negotiable, self-serving behavior or open hostility, violence, crime and theft could lead to no-win scenarios, defeat and loss.

Jeff Foster, a spiritual teacher, on the deeper meaning of abundance:
“It’s not what you have; it’s what you are”.
Abundance is not the money you have in your bank account, the trophies on your shelf, the letters after your name, the list of goals reached, the number of people you know, your perfect body, your adoring fans.
It is your connection to each breath, how sensitive you are to every flicker of sensation and emotion in the body. It is the delight with which you savour each unique moment, the joy with which you greet each new day. It is knowing yourself as presence, the power that creates and moves worlds. It is your open heart, how deeply moved you are by love every day, your willingness to embrace, to hold what needs to be held. It is the freshness of each morning unencumbered by memory or false hope.
It is the feeling of the afternoon breeze on your cheeks, the sun warming your face. It is meeting others in the field of honesty and vulnerability, connecting beyond the story, sharing what is alive. It is your rootedness in the present moment, knowing that you are always Home, no matter what happens, no matter what is gained or what is lost. It is touching life at the point of creation, never looking back, feeling the belly rise and fall, thanking each breath. It is falling to your knees in awe, laughing at the stories they tell, sinking more deeply into rest. It is simplicity. It is kindness. It is you, before every sunrise, fresh, open, ready… and awake.