Astro-Notes on September 28, 2019 – New Moon in Libra

A new lunation cycle begins today at 11:26 am PDT as the Moon and the Sun meet at 5:20 Libra with their ruler Venus also in Libra, one of the signs she rules. This is a good time for setting intentions toward interpersonal harmony, balance, cooperation, partnership, teamwork, interdependence, fairness, poise, grace, peace, tactfulness, diplomatic means, charm, accommodation, the occasional compromise, refinement, sophistication as well as reaching agreement and consensus etc.

The New Moon’s quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Taurus requires from us to make the necessary adjustments and changes during this cycle to be able to break away from unproductive habits and routines and ensure our progress. A sextile from Venus to Jupiter offers us opportunities in this regard through relationships and the proper evaluation of our needs, desires, talents, assets, priorities and attachments, whereas Mercury’s opposition to retrograde Eris brings awareness of discord through inner dialogue that confronts us with the pros and cons of issues we need to weigh and assess in order to get our message across and create win/win situations.

Pallas in Scorpio, Ceres in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn are connected to the nodal axis, turning our focus to patterns of the past and their results and consequences, which need to be worked out for the sake of our future prospects by employing strategies that help us growing our influence, increasing support and manifesting our goals and ambitions through resourcefulness, competence, outreach and capable management.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 5:20 Libra states:
“A man watching his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision. Keynote: The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual – INTERIOR FORMULATION.”
Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases” (Pages 175-176)

To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan, believe and act.

Achieving Success by Visualizing Dreams and Goals

Tarot card of the day is “The Lovers”, indicating choices where moral values are questioned, especially in relationship situations. A decision must be made about which we feel divided. We may be struggling with temptations and need to remember that the most attractive option is not always the best one. Problems can be overcome via reconciliation, through harmony and cooperation.

Astro-Notes on September 13, 2019 – Pisces Full Moon

Thanks God, it’s Friday. However, it’s Friday, the 13th and we have a Full Moon in Pisces. What could possibly go wrong???……

The Full Moon’s ruler Mercury is in his home sign Virgo and conjunct Venus, which means a new synodic cycle is beginning at this highpoint in the lunation cycle, during which we have a chance to analyze matters of communication and connectedness in regard to their value and need for us and be selective about our associations and relationships and this theme is playing out and coming to a head in our work environment or in another area of service, or in matters of health, efficiency and functionality.

A Full Moon happens when the Moon opposes the Sun and this one is activating the Pisces/Virgo axis. It’s also falling exactly on my natal Moon in Pisces in my 7th house (I have a lunar return that is a spooky Full Moon).

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Uranus in Taurus are engaging this Full Moon, allowing for circumstances beyond our control to interrupt the flow of our daily routines and turning things upside down. The square between Juno in Virgo and Ceres in Sagittarius with both of them forming harsh sesqui-quadrates to retrograde Eris in Aries shows strained relationship dynamics that undergo lots of tensions and discord due to having too many things on our plate and not enough support to count on. Consequently, tolerance levels are low and discord rears it’s ugly head now and then. We are no happy campers, barely succeeding with our tasks, while struggling with human errors and faults.

As if that’s not enough, Mars in Virgo activates the Jupiter-Neptune square in the approach of the Full Moon. This is when things go from bad to worse, challenging us to cling to our sanity and to keep our faith, commitment and focus under chaotic, messy or just unfortunate conditions while being caught in a tidal wave of malfunction, invasiveness, or even hostility we can’t seem to escape from.

Case in point, after a few days of dealing with losses, delays, ignorance, uncertainties, cancellations and things not working out, my boss’ email got hacked, which resulted in our phones ringing off the hook with all phone lines being busy for at least 2 hours in a row as our customers, suppliers and other contacts were wondering and inquiring about the email that was sent out to them from my boss’ account. It was spam, of course, and we had to confirm that and explain the story a thousand times over. Needless to say that this didn’t help with our work load.

In typical Pisces fashion, all of us were overwhelmed. We’re all tired and beaten. This was a week from hell. In fact, yesterday morning I thought I had entered the twilight zone as I couldn’t believe what was transpiring. It was just unreal. One person sick again, another one late again, a third one sleeping in etc. etc. etc. And when I did my weekly grocery run after work, the heavens opened up and it poured rain for hours. Everything was soaking wet, including my feet after I had to walk through puddles of water. The traffic was backed up everywhere, coming to a grinding halt every now and then and moving so slowly that it took me hours to get home.

But when you’re surrounded by water, you have to learn to swim. You surrender, adapt to the current and follow the flow.

Thus, as the Virgo lunation cycle climaxes in the Pisces Full Moon (at 9:32 pm PDT), the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Pisces New Moon back in March also comes to fruition. In the symbolical language of the Sabians we get the following: ‘The emptiness of waiting’ (keynote of the SS for the Virgo NM) has resulted in a ‘great peak experience’ (keynote of the SS for the Pisces FM) due to us ‘relying on our subjective strength’ (keynote of the SS for the Pisces NM from March 6), which in turn bestows us with some form of ‘aristocratic status or nobility’ (keynote of the SS for the Virgo Sun). This ‘royal coat of arms or office’ (SS for the Pisces Sun) is our ‘mandate’ (keyword for the Pisces FM), which means we learnt how to ‘put to use’ (keynote for the SS of the Virgo NM) or make the best of this experience.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 21:05 Pisces states:
“A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai. Keynote: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great peak experience – MANDATE.”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 21:05 Virgo states:
“A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones. Keynote: The certification of aristocratic status at whatever level ‘nobility’ expresses itself in cultural eminence – NOBILITY (assume a royal office).”

Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases” (Pages 282-283 and 164-165, respectively)

Tarot card of the day is “Temperance”, suggesting a need for emotional stability, which can be achieved through moderation and a commitment to sobriety. We need to find middle ground, avoid excess, foster cooperation, cleanse our body and mind, heal ourselves and recognize the flow in our life. As we observe the nature of energy, we learn how to mix the right ingredients in our own life to maintain equilibrium and see all imbalances drifting away. Instead of sweeping changes subtle shifts need to take place. With renewed energy and vigor comes the promise of new growth.

Astro-Notes on August 30, 2019 – Virgo New Moon

A new lunation cycle started early this morning at 3:37 am PDT in the sign Virgo. At the time of this New Moon all the personal planets (including the luminaries Sun and Moon) plus the asteroid Juno were in Virgo. Juno, a significator of our relationship principle, is also conjunct Mercury, the ruler of the sign Virgo and of this new cycle. This means that this is not only an excellent time to set intentions toward self-improvement, perfecting skills, techniques and methodologies and learning new ones, as well as toward efficiency, functionality, proficiency and precision, but also to use our connections in order to be helpful and of service, to interact effortlessly and efficiently with others via media and other means of communication, to busily and consciously mingle and meet and to analyze and rectify our role in dealings with others.

With this amount of Virgo energy around, there is major focus on details, the small print, minimalization, particularization, discernment, modesty, temperance, humbleness, usefulness, work, diligence, conscientiousness, resolutions, correction and even damage control. The tense semi-square between Ceres in Sagittarius and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn that’s been building up for the last few days could have increased our stress level, stretched us to the limit or filled our plate with more than we can possibly chew on. Therefore, it’s important that we commit us to recovery and taking care of ourselves or others, who are in need of our support.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 6:46 Virgo states:

“A harem. Keynote: A fateful (even if thought after) subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature – (learn how to put to use the) EMPTINESS OF WAITING.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 154-155)

Tarot card of the day is the “6 of Cups”, suggesting that past efforts are being rewarded and pleasant or nostalgic memories are resurfacing. We could take a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about the good old days. Home and family provide protection, harmony and contentment. We need to be aware of the blessings or charity in our lives and take some time out to enjoy the good moments, for they are special.

Astro-Notes on July 31, 2019 – Leo New Moon

At 8:11 pm PDT tonight begins a new lunation cycle in the sign Leo that is ruled over by the Sun. This is the second New Moon in the month of July, which is also called a Black Moon. However, there are several definitions for a Black Moon. In any case, it’s a special New Moon with Super Moon effect as it is also happening with the Moon in perigee or closest to Earth.

So, the start of this lunation cycle is an auspicious time to set intentions, which are centering on our sense of Self, our self-expression, self-realization, self-affirmation, self-confidence, self-love and self-validation, on our life, vitality and joy de vivre, our performance, creativity and children, our play-, past- and spare-time, hobbies, romance, entertainment and inner child.

Mercury, who has been in retrograde motion since July 7, will station direct only 46 minutes later at 23:56 Cancer. He will only leave his shadow phase on August 15 though. Slowly, but surely, can we start nurturing plans, ideas and projects as well as supporting connections we’ve reviewed over the last 3 weeks. With Mars and Juno traveling closely together in Leo and both of them squaring Vesta in Taurus and forming quincunxes to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, we’re pressed to get unstuck and invest energy into a role or cause that is important to us and close to our heart. Creative stirrings we’re experiencing will require from us to leave our comfort zone and engage fully into the manifestation of our dreams, while creating the life we want for ourselves.

A square from Pallas in Libra to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn indicates that circumstances compel us to evaluate our strategies and weigh our approach, especially in business matters, where we need to get on top of our affairs. It’s time we turn a corner in this regard.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 8:36 Leo states:
“Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing. Keynote: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms – CREATIVE INTENSITY.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 137)

This speaks of the conscious participation in the creative act by giving shape to our vision.

glass blowing

Tarot card of the day is the “Page of Cups”, representing some sort of beginning or renewal, which could herald a positive message or an invitation to socialize we respond to in an emotional manner. Our intuition is sharp today and creative energy is trying to burst forth into our consciousness. Therefore, we need to be open to receive, express our emotions and let our heart lead the way. This card encourages us to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to allow our creative Self to come to the fore so that a sense of freedom may reappear in our life.

Astro-Notes on July 16, 2019 – Capricorn Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse

This afternoon’s Capricorn Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs or sometimes in a series of 3, depending on their proximity to the lunar nodes. Since the Cancer New Moon was also a Total Solar Eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings this lunation cycle to its culmination. Eclipses are pattern-setting events. They set the ‘tone’ for some time to come; they’re game and fame changers, potentially life-changing and can affect us profoundly. While Solar Eclipses are experienced more externally, Lunar Eclipses tend to have an impact on our feelings and emotions.

With retrograde Saturn in Capricorn as the ruler of this Full Moon Eclipse, matters that are coming to a head or an end now, being illuminated or revealed, will be reviewed and undergo restructuring, reregulating, redoing and even a complete overhaul. They involve and pertain to structures, foundations, control, authority, professionalism, business affairs and practices, management, boundaries, limitations, rules, the law, abuse, mistreatment, harassment, offenses, violations, corruption and also to goals, ambitions and achievements.

Saturn is conjunct the South Node and opposite the North Node in Cancer and Pluto is conjunct the Full Moon Eclipse. This suggests that struggles and stress intensify, calling for built-up emotions and tensions to be released as we have to face the seriousness of the situation, which could result in feelings of extreme frustration and powerlessness. It’s about getting real, standing up, taking charge or getting or stuff together and doing something about our particular set of circumstances.

Eris in Aries is squaring the Full Moon axis, bringing the competitive and also the combative spirit out of us, thereby challenging us to act in our self-interests. A warring vibe is permeating the atmosphere, which could cause people to lash out and engage in strife. Therefore, we have to beware of our attitude as characters will be exposed. Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn and approaches the North Node, showing that financial, material and relationship conflicts are coming to a head now and this could have far-reaching consequences. We will also find out on whom we can truly depend or rely on or who is supporting us.

Tarot card of the day is “The Lovers”, indicating choices where moral values are questioned, especially in relationship situations. A decision must be made about which we feel divided. We may be struggling with temptations and need to remember that the most attractive option is not always the best one. Problems can be overcome via reconciliation, through harmony and cooperation.

Astro-Notes on July 2, 2019 – Total Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon

A new lunation cycle begins today at 12:16 pm PDT in the nurturing, family-oriented, Moon-ruled sign Cancer. Because this New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse, it is very powerful and potentially life-changing. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse completes a phase of experience begun in January with the Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

Things that have been eclipsed in the area of our life, represented by the house in our natal chart, where the Eclipse has an impact, now have a chance to be brought into the light of conscious awareness or at least to receive enormous attention, triggering individual and collective transitions, marked by endings and new beginnings.

An Eclipse is a pattern-setting event with duration for up to half a year and longer. Eclipses belong furthermore to a larger pattern; each Eclipse is a member of a family and each family has specific characteristics. The current Solar Eclipse is a member of the Saros Series 3 North, which means the Solar Eclipse is conjunct the North Node of the Moon, a point of spiritual influx, which provides us with the courage to allow new energy in.

This Saros Series was the last time around in June 2001. What was happening in your life then and how could this relate to events unfolding now? A personalized reading can help you understand the patterns playing out in your life and provides guidance.

The hallmark of this particular Saros Series is that the New Moon is on the midpoint of Mercury/Pluto and Jupiter is on the midpoint of Venus/Pluto, for which Bernadette Brady gives the following interpretation:

“This is an over-excessive eclipse family. It’s main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This information can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive. The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities, which can be very positive as long as the individual doesn’t get carried away.”

(Bernadette Brady, “Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and The Lark”, Appendices, Pages 311-312)

The Sabian Symbol for the Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 10:37 Cancer states:

“A clown caricaturing well-known personalities. Keynote: The value of humor in developing objectivity and independence of mind – a DECONDITIONING STEP.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 116-117”)


Cancer is an emotive, subjective water sign associated with safety, familiarity, support, dependability, mothering, caring, bonding, the home, family, ancestry and roots as well as the habitual patterns and responses we have developed in this regard. These themes will be undergoing ‘a deconditioning’ process that helps us to become more objective and open-minded.

Juno in Leo is trine Chiron in Aries and squares Uranus in Taurus. The role we’re playing in our relationships and the way we tend to express our nature through these dynamics will be undergoing changes so that we have a chance to become ‘unstuck’ and can end our struggle. Once we recognize our own value, we will be able to demonstrate self-confidence and break out of the cycle we’ve been repeating over and over.
Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we’re building on our previous successes, especially in regard to the work we’ve done in the past or the visions and dreams we’ve had. We need to be diligent, make an effort and plug away. Important is also in this regard to find out the facts, to increase our expertise, to check and recheck what we’re doing.

Astro-Notes on June 17, 2019 – Sagittarius Full Moon

Early this morning at 1:30 am PDT did the Full Moon in Sagittarius transpire, bringing matters of communication and connectivity to a head. Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, retrograde Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are forming a lesser triangular pattern that challenges us to not lose faith if things don’t seem to go in the right direction and objectives cannot be met or if we are overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done and reviewed. If we can lower our expectations, things can be worked out, even if the conditions aren’t perfect.

Vesta in Taurus casts harsh octile aspects to Jupiter and Neptune – a sesqui-quadrate and a semi-square respectively – in addition to a quincunx to retrograde Ceres in Sagittarius. These show that we’re feeling the stress of an unresolved situation that leaves us clueless and wondering, because we don’t know how much more energy and commitment this will require and whether it is even worth our time and investment and will bring the expected return. Consequently, we need to make adjustments during this transitional period and review the factors we can depend on instead of keep investing our resources and energy into this cause.

As the Gemini lunation cycle culminates in the Sagittarius Full Moon, the seeds that were planted at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon back in December are also coming to fruition. In the symbolical language of the Sabians we get the following story: ‘The famous pianist giving a concert performance’ (SS for the Gemini NM) has turned into ‘a flag bearer in a battle’ (SS for the Sagittarius FM) – he is wearing his dedication like a flag, unwavering in his devotion to the cause, while around him a battle rages. Whereas the ‘sea gulls, which are flying around a ship in expectation of food’ (SS for the Sagittarius NM) are being replaced by ‘frost-covered trees against winter skies’ (SS for the Gemini Sun) – the circling motion of the sea gulls has resulted in crystallization; their ‘dependence’ (keyword of the SS for the Sag NM) on others for food has left them out in the cold, so to speak. This clearly shows that there is a conflict of interests – the flag bearer holds on to a cause he has no idea where this is going nor certainty of the outcome. Therefore, it is essential that we get a better view of the bigger picture and clarity what the details of this situation concerns before we continue our commitment.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 25:53 Sagittarius states:
A flag bearer in a battle. Keynote: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals – CONSECRATION TO AN IDEAL.”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 25:53 Gemini states:
“Frost-covered tress against winter skies. Keynote: The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence – ESSENTIALIZATION.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 225 and 106, respectively)

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Swords”, signifying a break from normal life and a time when we avoid overexertion. We seek to relax body and soul, because we want to gain a better perspective by standing back from the situation and coming to terms with what is. For the moment, there is a truce, which gives us a chance to stabilize ourselves, recover, center our thoughts, stop worrying, put down our defenses and take a breather from the chaos and stress around us. In a practical sense, this card is an indicator that we need to have some time out from our current circumstances, to reflect and review your progress so far to be able to re-evaluate and re-assess our priorities.