The potent and powerful cardinal t-square that is forming in the skies and includes Saturn (currently retrograde) in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries (with Jupiter coming to the Aries Point as well) and both of them square Pluto in Capricorn, has been termed the Cardinal Climax. When planets are transiting cardinal signs the energy is initiatory, ground-breaking and trend-setting.  A confrontation between Saturn and Uranus is a clash of conservative and progressive trends that requires the integration of form-giving, stabilizing and structuring practices into reforming visions and approaches, whereby all kinds of possibilities have to be examined in order to find alternatives. Pluto, as the focal point of this t-square, is in a position to enforce the resolve of this conflict.    

With his entry into Capricorn structures and foundations our economy and society is resting on, such as our governmental and societal systems and institutions, began to crumble – their collapse imminent, if it weren’t for the American government coming to their rescue (with Uranus still in Pisces), using taxpayers’ money, thanks to the courtesy of Saturn, ruler over the sign Capricorn and dispositor of Pluto. Saturn was in Virgo at that time, where he ensured the functionality of these systems as they got repaired instead of overhauled and the long standing opposition to Uranus rendered this mostly into a quick fix, allowing for an unregulated cash flow of astronomical proportion, which was in reality and viewed with objectivity a waste of resources, bailing out the perpetrators of these crimes, whereas the average citizen has been sunk into even more debt.   

This happened in the USA, but it affected more or less the whole world, because the main businesses and headquarters, or in other words the “seat of power”, is there and like a stone being dropped in a pond the ripples that have been created moved outward into the branches. Meanwhile, Saturn ingressed Libra, where he is exalted in terms of planetary dignity, to the effect of weighing heavily on all interrelationships, exchanges and contractual agreements by putting them through a test of time, endurance and resistance. As a consequence, bi-partisanship became an unattainable goal, after it turned out that we just don’t like to play fair, while attempts at reform have mostly failed so far (Saturn in Libra opposite Uranus in Pisces), even though the first of the Saturn-Uranus oppositions led to the election of a distinguishable leader, and not only in terms of race, into the highest office of the presidency, as the populace voted for change.

Currently, Saturn is retracing his steps in retrograde motion back from Libra into Virgo territory, providing an opportunity for introspection and hopefully insight, or at least more awareness, into the rules of engagement, the dynamics, which underlie our relationships as well as what kind of solutions have to be worked out to improve them, to make them functional and effective to which the Cardinal Climax configuration then will lend the necessary push-pull to trigger the developments.

Saturn in Libra as dispositor of Pluto focalizes the issue of class disparity, which has its origin in the socio-political systems governments have implemented as well as on the ideologies they are based on. Power, and for that matter wealth, is concentrated in the hands of only a select few, whereas a disproportionally large percentage of humanity is disadvantaged and suffers under the extreme injustice and inequality that has also led our civilization to the brink of demise and decline now that we have to bear the consequences of politics of exploitation, dominion and exclusivity. This corrupt, failing system not only allowed world-wide crises to arise; it closed its eyes toward them. For reasons, which are obvious, change is inevitable – a balancing act in this regard has to take place. 

Seen in an ever wider perspective, all of this is part of humanity’s transition between ages. The long-awaited Age of Aquarius is associated with the brotherhood of man and humankind’s journey in this sense is from the tribal to the global village; a world commune made possible on the principles of universalism and inclusivity and thus the sharing of higher, universal values as an outcome of evolution toward ever more inclusive forms or units , the very essence of the 500-year-long Neptune-Pluto cycles, the last one of which started in 1892. Since then, two political systems have emerged in opposite development to each other – capitalism and socialism, which led during the last half of the 20th century to the Cold War and at the time of the extraordinary planetary lineup in Capricorn in 1989 to the breakdown of the socialist system, especially after the introduction of “Glasnost” (openness) and PERESTROIKA, which literally means RESTRUCTURING.

At this time it is the capitalist system that starts to fall apart from within, while Uranus is on his way to the Aries Point, the alpha point in the zodiacal cycle. The slogan “change we can believe in” can become the mantra in the context of “change we can initiate” that could lead toward a new UTOPIA, a republic of the people and for the people, a true democracy. For this purpose, the ‘best’ of both systems has to be integrated into a new political system.



According to the


A significant modification made to the debt, operations or structure of a company. This type of corporate action is usually made when there are significant problems in a company, which are causing some form of financial harm and putting the overall business in jeopardy. The hope is that through restructuring, a company can eliminate financial harm and improve the business.”

@All rights reserved by Verena Donath.

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