Astro-Notes on November 27, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Venus in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces
– Saturn in Scorpio semi-square Pluto in Capricorn
– Ceres in Sagittarius trine Uranus Rx in Aries
– Vesta in Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn in Scorpio
– Mercury ingress to Sagittarius at 9:25 pm EST (until Dec 17)

It is critical today to get our stuff together, wrap up our preparations and make up our mind or organize our affairs in such a way that we are ready for the ‘big day’ – it’s not only Black Friday weekend, but also Thanksgiving in the U.S. For us in retail it is quite a struggle to manage the additional merchandise sent our way and to get it out on the floor. We are crazy busy and conditions are often rather chaotic with a backroom stocked up to the roof. Space – whether to move in or to stock/fill – is scarce and some of the rules or daily routines and procedures are temporarily abandoned in order to be able to deal with this event. Outside of the box thinking is required and so is improvisation. Everybody is looking for great sales – either to ‘score’ a few desired items for a good price or to have a huge turnout and high sales rates. In the U.S., families gather and celebrate in big style. Many have to travel long distances to join the festivities. Appropriately, Mercury will make ingress to Sagittarius later tonight, heralding a period of extended and far-reaching connectivity as well as increased flexibility and mobility, when we think bigger and open our mind to broader vistas and foreign concepts or viewpoints, travel a lot and communicate with a wider circle of people in a purposeful and meaningful way and when we focus on abundance, expansion and growth. My friend Tracy was so nice to take me to the Brick after work. However, the couch I wanted to look at was not on display. Same old story. Not sure right now what to do or how to proceed. This is so much in the sense of the 2 of Swords in the position of the environment in this lunar month’s tarot spread. So far, it looks as though I’ll “only” buy the electronic gadgets.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Wands”, suggesting that we can expect the unexpected today. Change is encouraged. We’re rediscovering our purpose and source of vitality, experiencing creative restlessness and enthusiasm for which we need to find an outlet. Thus, we’re positive and spontaneous, excited about the possibilities, step into the limelight, are passionate about our projects and take the plunge. There are new possibilities, calling upon us to express ourselves from our heart.

In the news: Storm hits Thanksgiving travel on U.S. East Coast – Oil prices in free fall as OPEC fails to agree on output cut

Happy 113. Birthday to my maternal grandmother in heaven!

Astro-Notes on November 26, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Venus in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Ceres and trine Uranus Rx in Aries
– Ceres in Sagittarius trine Uranus Rx in Aries
– Moon ingress to Aquarius at 2:22 pm EST
– Mercury in Scorpio sesqui Uranus Rx in Aries
– Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

In sync with yesterday’s aspects did I complete a rather huge knitting project on which I only have to

put some finishing touches yet and this feels relieving as it ‘frees’ me for other projects. The thought that I can proceed now with other endeavors and gifts I still want to create takes a ‘burden’ of my shoulders. It also helped me to let go off the anger which had arisen after I couldn’t get a hold of anybody in the rental office. This matter will be reviewed today together with some ‘electronic toys’ I have set my eyes on and need to get some expert info about so that I can decide if I will spend a large sum on Black Friday or will wait for even better deals. In any case, I have to keep these matters on top of my agenda to be able to make progress in this regard, especially since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to gadgets and the options I have or the things they can do and thus, which features would be ideal for me and my purposes. However, the Sun-Neptune square, which creates a mutable t-square with my natal Mars in Virgo, might lead to more confusion or questions than answers.
This is how far I came this morning. The post was written in a hurry, while I was enjoying my morning coffee, but I just couldn’t make it to the WordPress site anymore to publish it on the blog. I had spent all evening with my knitting project and had encountered a complication at the end – the thread of the yarn I was working with was all tangled up, which took at least half an hour to fix. So, I went to bed late and today I returned home late again, because I had to stop at the rental office and had a nice chat with the Lady there, trying to work out how to make better arrangements in the future. At work, I had tried to find out more about a specific TV I’m interested in, though unfortunately we don’t have any of this brand on display so that I could get an idea about the color, quality, pixels, features etc. Not one to give up so easily, I contacted my ex husband, who is very well versed in technology. He too had no experience or knowledge about this model though. Meanwhile, one of the girls is setting up card reading parties for me, but none of them is able to give me a ride to the Brick (furniture store) before Friday so that I could at least have a ‘real’ look at the sectional I want and sit on it before I would order it. Consequently, I don’t know more than I did at the beginning of the day. :( And this at the start of a new sub-cycle! Oh well. Venus is already approaching a square to Chiron. So, I have to find solutions for these ‘problems’ one way or another, whether I like it or not or I will miss out on those deals.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Pentacles”, a card that encourages us to begin putting those plans and actions in place that will ultimately lead us toward the fulfillment of our goals and dreams. It is time to start acting on all those grand ideas and concepts that have been brewing in our imagination. No matter what’ll take, we need to see the project through and work on the realization of our vision.

In the news: Ghomeshi to plead not guilty to sex assault charges, leaving court with his lawyer

Astro-Notes on November 25, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury in Scorpio semi-sextile Vesta in Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn and semi-square Pluto in Capricorn
– Sun in Sagittarius semi-square NN in Libra/sesqui SN in Aries
– Ceres in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn

It’s a day when we feel compelled to get to the bottom of complex matters and circumstances and dig up the information we need. If this is too complicated for us, we might need the input of others, who are more knowledgeable, and ask for their assistance or advice, while accessing and utilizing all sources available to us. Although some uncomfortable truths or facts might come to light too today, we have to accept the reality of the situation together with our shared responsibility in these instances and judge them fairly, instead of reacting angrily or self-righteously. This is especially important at the start of a new sub-cycle during which we have the chance to deepen our expertise or knowledge, take integrity and manageability to a new level, expose long-maintained secrets, concealed information or darker realities and schemes, plan and prepare intensely as well as move and remove structures – psychic and material.

Tarot card of the day is The Magician”, coming with the message ‘I have the power to create’, because we have all the tools we need available – the sword of intellect, the wand of inspiration, the cup of emotion and the pentacle of practicality. This card suggests that it is time to approach our whole life or a situation with a new creative and original attitude. We have the ability to act not react, as well as the willpower to channel our energy in the direction we want it to go. With self-confidence we will gain the knowledge and the ability to tackle the important issues that need to be dealt with so that success can be achieved.

In the news: Violence overtakes protests in Ferguson after jury fails to indict the officer responsible for the death of Michael Brown

Astro-Notes on November 24, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Moon ingress to Capricorn at 11:31 am EST
– Mars in Capricorn square Eris Rx in Aries and quincunx Jupiter in Leo
– Mercury in Scorpio semi-sextile Vesta in Sagittarius

It’s time to turn a corner and take the next step in matters of self-interests and their promotion.

Therefore, we have to adjust our intentions accordingly and start working toward that goal, which means we have to tear down our self-defenses, stop struggling with ourselves, get ready and organized and take charge. This requires that we strengthen our will and determination to make this into a productive day. Once the Moon shifts into Capricorn, we will feel like we’re standing on more solid ground and seek to achieve our odds and ends.

Tarot card of the day is the King of Pentacles”, suggesting that we put quality over quantity and are good stewards of our life and energy. We pursue self-sufficiency and self-reliance, gain progress one step at a time and work toward a goal with firm resolve. Moreover, we handle any situation competently, meet commitment and promises and can be counted on. Our enterprising spirit comes forward as we turn this day into a successful day. This is a card of worldly success, ultimate fulfillment and material satisfaction that comes with the promise of financial stability and continuing prosperity.

In the news: – in this case the government or revenue Canada is symbolized the King of Pentacles, who needs to rule fairly in order to be successful and to ensure continuing prosperity for all (Mars in Cap square Eris Rx in Aries and qx Jup in Leo).

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Astro-Notes on November 23, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Jupiter in Leo trine Eris Rx in Aries
– Chiron stations direct at 13:05 Pisces at 6:43 pm EST (rx since June 20 – enters new territory on March 16, 2015)

So, now that this difficult stretch lies behind us and conditions are getting better with every day that passes (appropriately, the snow is melting here and it’s warming up), we can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on our personal agenda. In fact, we have a mission to accomplish and need to concentrate on these specific goals and aims, especially since it is easier now to let things go, instead of dwelling on them, while losing ourselves in the negativity or pity they drag us into. We are now ready to follow the flow of events with more confidence and self-assurance. This makes all the difference in winning scenarios. For me personally, Chiron stations in sextile aspect to my natal Ceres in Capricorn in house 5, which comes with a semi-square to Saturn in Aquarius. As you may have noticed, I had to neglect my daily blog posts due to unexpected events, which interfered with my daily routine and also due to a lack of time, because I had to take care of other chores first and then couldn’t catch up anymore or was too tired to be able to focus on creative writing. With Christmas approaching, I have to invest time and energy into projects I need to finish for this occasion as these are my gifts for my important others. I also have to get everything set up here in my living quarters and have to make preparations for parties and workshops. Therefore, I wanted to use this opportunity to ask you kindly for your support in form of a small donation to my blog (donation button is on the right hand side of the blog – you just need to scroll down a bit) so that I can justify committing my time to this endeavor. Although it often may seem to take only 5 minutes to write a short paragraph, it is actually truly time-consuming, because inspiration isn’t always readily accessible. It is rather often more a bit of a struggle to ‘compose’ and requires lots of changing and editing. If you enjoy my writings, please consider a small donation. It is greatly appreciated. Also, a personalized horoscope or Tarot reading makes a nice Christmas gift. :)

Tarot card of the day is the 8 of Wands”, representing a very focused kind of motion and activity, a time when we need to strike while the iron is hot and when things proceed quickly. It encourages us to act in the spur of the moment in order to be able to pursue the best opportunities available right now and to MOVE ON or ahead.

Astro-Notes on November 22, 2014 – Sagittarius New Moon

Daily aspects:
– Sun ingress to Sagittarius at 4:38 am EST
– Moon ingress to Sagittarius at 7:19 am EST
– New Moon at 0:07 Sagittarius at 7:32 am EST
– Venus in Sagittarius sesqui Eris Rx in Aries
– Mercury in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo and quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Jupiter in Leo trine Eris Rx in Aries

This morning, the Sun made ingress to Sagittarius with the Moon closely on his heels and then catching up for their monthly union, which marked the start of a new lunation cycle. The Sun’s transit through Sagittarius corresponds to a period of increased self-expression based on a heightened urge for self-realization together with a growing sense of adventure combined with high spirits, during which we seek to extend ourselves by spreading our wings and expanding or exploring our world and horizons, while questing to give meaning and purpose to our life by finding out more about who we are and what our personal truth is. Today, with the Moon also traversing this sign, we could have experienced a range of emotions – up and down the scale – in quick succession – as tolerance levels fluctuated wildly amidst all the buzz and fuss in social situations, which could have put us on the fence in regard to personal convictions and controversial actions. Therefore, it was critical to remain mindful and use good judgment in the pursuit of our self-interests, instead of letting the ego run the show.

Sagittarius New Moon 2014

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 0:07 Sagittarius states:
“Retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories. Keynote: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group achievements are founded – PERPETUATION.”
(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases, Pages 210-211)

In the larger picture the end justifies the means, no matter which truths, laws, principles or code of ethics we’ve been taught or believe in. Right and wrong are just concepts, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways. What is of importance is that we retain the spirit of camaraderie that brought us together on this journey, deepen our connection and lift each other up. Then, we might understand that the ‘kingdom of god is within us’.

Tarot card of the day is the 5 of Cups”, a card that is associated with loss, suffering and sadness. There is a lack of attainment or non-fulfillment of expected results. Thus, today is a day of emotional up and downs when we could feel disappointed, cry over spilled milk or let go of a hope. We might be feeling regret, only seeing the negative in a situation and generally have a pessimistic outlook on things. The more important is it to focus on our higher potential and the things are still left for us to work with. Forgiveness and the ability to recover are necessary.

Astro-Notes on November 14, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Chiron Rx in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Rx in Aries (aspect perfection)
– Juno in Leo trine Uranus Rx in Aries and quincunx Chiron Rx in Pisces
– Third Quarter Moon at 22:09 Leo/Scorpio at 10:15 am EST
– Ceres in Sagittarius sesqui Eris Rx in Aries
– Sun in Scorpio quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Pallas in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn
– Venus in Scorpio sesqui Uranus Rx in Aries

Today’s crisis in consciousness is a test of character or personality, in particular in the way we seek to express ourselves or draw attention to us. This could range from being overseen or ignored to overdramatizing or over-exposing ourselves. Therefore, it is important to be aware of our attitude and the role we identify with, especially when we want to impress others (Kim Kardashian, per example, showed us her ass, whatever that means :) ). Consequently, we are showing a more authentic version of ourselves, even more confidence and pride, in order to feel important, accepted or validated, whereby we reveal of which kind of mind we truly are. Thus, it is critical to review our choices together with the ‘liberties’ we take and our individual rights before we act and promote our self-interests, but also to make sure that shared values are being met. At work we’re having a bit of a Christmas Party for which the lounge has been decorated nicely and the management team has volunteered to cook for us. Meanwhile, we got our first load of snow, which forced the snow plows out and me into dressing warmer and turning the heat on in my apartment. My Solar Return will happen tonight when I’ll be riding the bus home after late shift and the Sun-Jupiter square will be a major feature of it.

Tarot card of the day is the 7 of Wands”, suggesting that we’re coming out on top of a situation as things are going well and projects move right along. Thus, we seize the opportunity, are firm and act resolutely as we’re going after what we want. We stand our ground and show determination, even in the face of adversity. Our inner strength and tenacity give us the ability to meet all challenges head-on.

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