Reflections on June 30th, 2010 – blast from the past

Preceding their conjunction in Cancer, Juno and Mercury both aligned with the nodal axis. At the South Node gate we entered all too familiar territory, reliving past times and patterns, especially with the reality challenges thrown our way by the tense sesqui-quadrate aspect between Venus in Leo and Pluto Rx in Capricorn that had the potential to bring us down due to setbacks and other experiences, where we had to swallow the bitter pill of things not developing as we want. Consequently, we had to reassess our plan and think of some other way than the traditional approach to take care of our future prospects, thereby making the best of the situation.

High tides and rough seas generated by Hurricane Alex pushed more oil from the massive spill onto Gulf coast beaches and even roads Wednesday as most cleanup efforts were sidelined by the far-away storm’s ripple effects. The hurricane was churning coastal waters across the oil-affected region on the Gulf of Mexico. Waves as high as 6 feet and winds over 25 mph were forecast through Thursday just offshore from the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana to northwestern Florida. In Louisiana, the storm pushed an oil patch toward Grand Isle and uninhabited Elmer’s Island, dumping tar balls as big as apples on the beach. “The sad thing is that it’s been about three weeks since we had any big oil come in here,” marine science technician Michael Malone said. “With this weather, we lost all the progress we made.” – Efforts were side-lined (Cancer); they made one step forward and two backwards (Venus-Pluto + Cancer energies coupled with SN) as the storm pushed the oil to the shores (forces beyond our control=Pluto Rx in Capricorn receiving a sesqui-quadrate).

Tarot card of the day was the “Four of Pentacles” with the message to take control of your spending habits, which includes your time and energy. Let go of clinginess and don’t obsess about material things. It suggests a slow but sure increase in power and responsibility as well as mastery of the material world.

I too got side-tracked after the cleanup effort in this house this morning and before I could turn round it was early in the afternoon and this after yesterday’s ‘energy boost’! Well, I could feel the drain from the early getup and that didn’t help with my focus. So, I thought knitting wouldn’t be as strenuous on my mind as trying to ‘compose’ a text. However, the instructions on that site I’ve been using so far are hard for me to comprehend. I could go out and buy a Canadian knitting magazine, but my problem is that I learnt a different technique and therefore these instructions make even less sense to me. Thus, I put the basket with the yarn and needles to the side and took the computer outside instead, using the time to compile my aspect list for next month.


Reflections on June 29th, 2010 – driven

Mars and Vesta cast a trine to the North Node in Capricorn prior to their conjunction in Virgo, whereas Venus in Leo formed a sesqui-quadrate with Jupiter in Aries. We may have seen our purpose clearly laid out in front of us, providing us with an understanding where we need to focus on and which skills, techniques and approaches we should utilize in this regard. This most likely raised our determination to new levels, mobilized our spirit and spurred us into dedicated activity. With our sleeves rolled up, we harnessed the energy to get things done, at times pushing forward relentlessly.

As Europe’s major economies focus on belt-tightening, they are following the path of Ireland. But the once thriving nation is struggling, with no sign of a rapid turnaround in sight. Nearly two years ago, an economic collapse forced Ireland to cut public spending and raise taxes, the type of austerity measures that financial markets are now pressing on most advanced industrial nations. Despite its strenuous efforts, Ireland has been thrust into the same ignominious category as Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. It now pays a hefty three percentage points more than Germany on its benchmark bonds, in part because investors fear that the austerity program, by retarding growth and so far failing to reduce borrowing, will make it harder for Dublin to pay its bills rather than easier. Other European nations, including Britain and Germany, are following Ireland’s lead, arguing that the only way to restore growth is to convince investors and their own people that government borrowing will shrink. This led to strikes in both Spain and Greece on Tuesday, where the protests turned into violence, highlighting widespread resistance to Europe-wide austerity measures as the euro and shares tumbled ahead of a deadline for banks to repay a giant European Central Bank cash injection.– In this case, the austerity measures (Virgo) imposed by the governments of those countries (Capricorn) to deal with the European financial crisis (Venus in sesqui to Jupiter) are raising the spirit (Mars-Vesta) of the protesters (Lunar Eclipse aftermath – ‘revolt/revolution’).”The Indians are on the warpath; the careless automobile clashes with the collective will.” (Sabian Symbols for the Lunar Eclipse).

Tarot card of the day was the “Ace of Pentacles”, bringing about a new period of realization as it signifies the root of the power of Earth. Pentacles are the final suit of the Minor Arcana, or the last stage of development. They are about manifestation or fruition and are the culmination of the first three suits, indicating that conditions are taking form. The Ace of Pentacles represents a new beginning of prosperity. The focus is on things coming together, satisfaction, prosperity, and new things replacing the old. Things that have been cut back will grow again.

Personally, I was pretty energetic, took time out for my fitness program and completed the baby set at night. I came also up with new approaches for creative projects.

I chose this image, because it also represents the spirit of the fire, symbolized by Vesta

Reflections on June 27th and 28th, 2010 – cyclic peaks

Mercury, catching up with the Sun, repeated the latter’s aspects from Friday on Sunday, helped by a sesqui-quadrate from Venus in Leo to Uranus in Aries and with the waning quincunx between Saturn in Virgo and Neptune Rx in Aquarius in the background. So, the realignment of aims associated with the stage-setting aspect that referred either to a renewal or loss of purpose had to do with a situation where we once again faced up to forces beyond our control, which may have had a limiting or otherwise restricting influence upon us we could’ve managed by surrendering to the flow of things. Thus, distractions or other interferences with our plans wouldn’t have upset us, instead we would’ve just approached the issue from a different angle that would’ve also led to results.

Because J had to go in to work on Sunday, it was another early morning for me that left me feeling overly tired and worn out, which of course didn’t help me to be productive in regard to my writings. Besides, it’s pointless to try to force the issue when the environment is not supportive and its better as well as more reasonable for me to slow down and relax for once. So, came afternoon and he back home, I decided to join him in the living room to watch tv together, thereby using the time to start this knitting project for my daughter. I made good progress in that regard, however, the tv program we couldn’t enjoy, even though there was actually something to our taste on, because the thunderstorm that was passing over us from late afternoon through half of the night interfered with the satellite signal. Like the day before, it rained in streams from heaven. The Lunar Eclipse energy definitely shook up and saturated the atmosphere. There have been protests in Toronto at the G20 meeting – first signs of the ‘revolution’, the civic movement that is growing in response to the crossing of our interests (a head-on collision symbolized by the automobile that’s been wrecked by the train of the collective will in the Sabian Symbols for the Eclipse). Keep in mind that this Eclipse is a prelude to the seed-tone of the Solar Eclipse on July 11 that will reverberate through the next half year and will play into the rhythm of the Cardinal Climax. These vibrations are perfectly tuned in the holomovement of our cosmos, where everything is interconnected with everything else in a continuous unfolding of cycles within cycles within cycles.

Tarot card of the day was a double again: “The Moon covered by The Star”. By listening to our intuition, to what our senses tell us, we had a chance to find our own rhythm and this may have given us fresh insight, allowed us to recuperate and heal and balance so that we would be able to fully utilize the peaking of the Sun-Mercury cycle on Monday.

The superior Sun-Mercury conjunction in Cancer happened exactly two months after their inferior conjunction in Taurus and partook of the Scorpio Full Moon from the opposing end of the axis. Thus, the mental seed that was planted around that time (April 28) involved our “faith in cyclic renewal” (message of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun-Mercury conjunction) as we were confronted by “the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings” (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Moon) and this is culminating now under the impact of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and after both, the Sun and Mercury opposed Pluto Rx in Capricorn before meeting again. Therefore, the question is how this faith, this spark of hope we held onto, has worked out for us and what are the results of this, “the basic features at the start of all learning processes” (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction in Cancer). So, what we learnt from the experience will from now on support our decision-making or provide food for mental thought with the intent to take better care of our affairs.

Automaker Ford said goodbye to two long-term cars – the Lincoln town car and crown Victoria – and plans to close the plant that makes these models next year. – Although these street-cruisers may have sentimental value (Cancer) to many, they’re old-timers that don’t belong on our streets anymore in consideration of the economy and their fuel consumption. Cars (Mercury) are a perfect example of the learning process that has been at work here.

Tarot card of the day was “The Empress” with the message that nurturing and caring comes naturally. There is a strong sense of being at home with your inner Self, in touch with what’s been going on around you and at peace with the world. The time is right for you to expand and grow as you could be brimming over with creativity. The Empress evokes peace and harmony – a woman who is not only in control of her feminity, but who is also wise and decisive. She is prepared to make sacrifices at her own cost for the benefit of others; one who inspires us to look at the greater good (‘imitate higher forms’ as suggested by the keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun-Mercury conjunction), and take all things into consideration when making decisions.

Personally, I’ve been trying once again to catch on, but I don’t stress myself unnecessarily anymore in the process. A message that has been coming through for me strongly and is very much in the sense of my Gemini North Node in the 10th house is to collect information, to keep notes and to update my data, which amounts to managing my affairs better and would be supportive to my growth.

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse 2010 – part 3 family gathering

In sync with Mercury in Cancer’s square to Jupiter in Aries hailing the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse did we hit the road early on Saturday morning to visit the family matriarch on her birthday. It’s a long and boring drive we are all too familiar with, which feels exhausting after a while and even more so after the busy hustle and bustle to get us ready, packed and going. The road seems to stretch endlessly and the scenery is pretty much the same until we are close to our destination, where the road winds its way through the lush green hills, valleys and meadows of the beautiful Niagara escarpment. At the beginning of this journey however, in the immediate aftermath of the Eclipse, the things that caught my eye were stark and sad reminders of the Gulf disaster as I saw two dead raccoons in short succession laying to the side of the road, while a bird crashed on our windshield in full flight. What a tragic, cruel ending for those innocent beings, victims of our expansion into and conquering of the wilderness, which is their habitat and therefore, they are forced to cross the street, where they were ‘wrecked by the train’ that’s our way of life, our careless relationship with nature and all that surrounds us. Haunting images of defenseless creatures in the path of human evolution, which has turned destructive as it is based on the principle of exclusivity. Right there, the universe provided me with a tangible example of the energy.

Anyway, J decided to take a different road, a bit of a detour, but very picturesque, which led us through Mennonite territory, where time seems to stand still, though only for a few miles. Further down the road, there was enough evidence that those people are adjusting to modern living. The scene of old-fashioned clothed and hair-styled Mennonites behind computers in their hardware store was almost laughable. Nonetheless, they still set up small tables on the side of the road with fresh water for the passerby who might be thirsty and with flowers for sale, counting on the ethics of the purchaser. We reached the Grand Valley and took in the beauty of its hills and lake and then the rain started, mercilessly in one cloudburst after another, blocking our view and enjoyment of the scenery. This was especially annoying as I had the opportunity to see the panoramic Hockley Valley again, which is an absolute delight for the eye. 

Hockley Valley is part of the Niagara escarpment which was created by a long process of erosion. The escarpment cuts dramatically across the southern heartland of the province. Between Lake Erie and Ontario, the escarpment gives rise to Niagara Falls, then curves around Lake Ontario and reaches northward to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula and beyond, ending at Manitoulin Island. The Nottawasaga River cuts a picturesque gorge across the escarpment. Forested moraines and open meadows lie upstream, and swamp and bottomland forest spread across the valley floor, stretching for several kilometres.

Nottawasaga River tributary

So, the terrain is already rocky there with wild water rushing down in rapids through the forest that’s flanking the narrow road and occasionally offering the sight of private idyllic spots dotting this gorgeous landscape in form of lovely homes and nature businesses, among them an ecological retreat center. Upon approaching the top of the steep hill, we got right into a busy place, the location of the restaurants and souvenir and craft stores. At one time, I will have to check that out!

In another half hour we reached Alliston, our destination, where we first had to head for the gas station and then for the flower store before we arrived at Mom’s house. As usual, she was busy with meal preparations and as usual she made way too much. My daughter, who had been there since Friday already, gave her a helping hand. Anne opened the door for us and Ruby, her cute, wild dog, welcomed us, which usually happens in the most untamed way, but I tricked him with a toy we had bought for him and he of course fell for it, giving us a few minutes to unload. But then he wanted to be petted and play with me. After the plentiful lunch (I stuck with my raw almonds and mineral water) did we women gather to exchange advice on handcrafting. It felt like a tradition being handed down from generation to generation – not surprisingly with Mom’s birthday on the Lunar Eclipse (btw., she had her hair cut off in a very stylish way with the square to Uranus, which made her look years younger in age). In particular so, since this was something she wanted always to do, but never had the opportunity – teach other women the many different crafting skills she has acquired. While she gave me some of her needles in addition to a few things she had crocheted, my daughter picked out a few books for her library. Then the phone rang and that would keep up all afternoon. In between we looked at each others’ pictures and then more guests showed up from J’s side of the family. Mom got a full house and two dogs all over each other, chasing around, swirling the dust from the ground and a little boy trying to catch up to them. J’s nephew announced that his wife is in the family way again – this time it’ll be a daughter. He let Mom view all his pictures on his iPad. She had lots of fun with it and reminded us that she wants to learn (once again! Mercury in Cancer and natally too) to use her computer.

Only later in the afternoon was the weather friendly enough that we could go into the backyard, where the atmosphere was a lot more peaceful. I was busy shooting pictures and hope a few of them will at least turn out well, which would make Mom happy. We had to head home soon, considering the long drive, and left together with my daughter, who stopped at a Tim Horton’s to meet with her pregnant girlfriend. She asked me to knit a set of baby clothes for the baby shower in two weeks. We arrived at home with our energy level pretty much depleted, but now it was the rabbit’s time to get out. The little bugger was already impatiently awaiting us.

Astro-wise, the family-gathering was a great example for the Lunar Eclipse, supported by Mercury square Jupiter – the guests traveled there from all directions, so to speak, and plenty of information was exchanged in a connecting and bonding way. Besides, it went a lot better than I had expected. 🙂

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2010 – Part 2 revolution

This Lunar Eclipse is the culmination of the Gemini lunation that began two weeks ago and at the same time is it a prelude to the Solar Eclipse in Cancer in another two weeks time. Thus, we’re experiencing an ‘in-between’ feeling, while sensing the imminent arrival of a ‘new personal era’ of rooting ourselves in the fertile soil of our spiritual heritage. “Bio-energetic rebuilding”, the rhythmic process of dynamic equilibrating, has reached its peak in this powerful Lunar Eclipse that partakes of a cardinal Grand Cross superimposed on a water Grand Trine. “The nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall” has found its rhythm, disseminating and circulating the “the downpour of occult energy”, which was the promise of the preceding Solar Eclipse in Capricorn from January 2010. “Consciousness has become sensitized”, the flow on the emotive-intuitive level has been created, functioning like a sensor on which we rely when alerted by the stressors of the Grand Cross, the push-pull of forces that will propel us into action. The Lunar Eclipse’s conjunction to Pluto Rx in Capricorn indicates a transformed emotional base as a platform from which to react and respond as well as heightened instinctuality.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 04:46 Capricorn states:

“Indians on the warpath. While some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance. Keynote: “The mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest – AGGRESSIVENESS.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 04:46 Cancer states:

“At a railroad crossing an automobile is wrecked by a train. Keynote: The tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society – KARMIC READJUSTMENT.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, Pages 232 and 113, respectively)

Suggested by these symbolical pictures is the rising of the spirit of community and subsequently bonding for the achievement of a common goal and this includes the protest and fight of social and moral injustices (square to Uranus-Jupiter in Aries) committed by those “who pit themselves carelessly against the power of the collective will” in their reckless pursuit of material riches. It is the powerful beat of the war drums that will become the rhythm we’re dancing to in resonance to the tragedies that touch us on the deepest psychic level. Our initiative and outrage will fuel (inspirit/energize) the restructuring process in form of karmic readjustment.

Tarot card of the day was “The Druid”, card number 5 of the Major Arcana, the number of humanity as the higher mind and highest evolved life form on this planet. Guidance comes in a spiritual way; there is nothing greater than the truth and in this case it refers to the ‘highest truth’, because this card is the card of “The Hierophant” in other Tarot decks, who represents the eternal realm of the spirit. It’s also a symbol of religion, derived from the Latin religere, which means to bind back.


Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – Part 1

A Grand Cross is superimposed on a Grand Trine in this chart.  

A Lunar Eclipse is a special Full Moon, which can only occur when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth align in close proximity to the Moon’s Nodes. While the Moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth the sunlight is directly absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, which it deeply infiltrates before some remaining shades of this light can reach and consequently illuminate the Moon.

In a partial lunar eclipse, part of the Moon is within the Earth’s umbral shadow. From the Earth, we see the Moon partially in shadow, almost as if it wasn’t full. In the later stages of a partial eclipse, as the Moon darkens, red coloration may become visible on the shadowed side of the Moon. The partial lunar eclipse of June 26, 2010 will be most readily visible from the south Pacific. During greatest eclipse at 11:38 UT about half the Moon will be in Earth’s umbra. The umbral portions of this partial lunar eclipse will last from 10:17 to 13:00 UT. Observers in the Pacific or eastern Australia will be able to observe the entire eclipse. Observers in the western portions of the Americas will be able to observe portions of the eclipse just before the full Moon sets at dawn. While observers in eastern Asia will not be able to observe this eclipse until the Moon rises at sunset.

Reflections on June 25th, 2010 – a show of strength

Mercury made an ingress into the sign Cancer this morning at 06:31 am EDT, which brought him into square aspect with Uranus in Aries and trine to Chiron Rx in Pisces. Our emotional impressions may from now on color our thinking process and we may also more often rely on our gut instinct, our perception guided by a caring and protective attitude. An unexpected turn of events could’ve forced us to cope with security-related news, which flowed right into the wounding and healing principle and therefore could’ve felt overwhelming, allowing for defensive thoughts to arise, in particular so as the Sun in Cancer opposed Pluto Rx in Capricorn and trined Pallas in Scorpio, while Venus in Leo semi-squared Saturn in Virgo. Confronted by the need to manage a situation that’s been beyond our control for a longer period of time and could’ve influenced our sense of safety considerably, leaving us vulnerable and maybe even powerless, we could’ve felt compelled to take the next step and finalize our intentions, resolutely setting an end to this problem, whereby our confidence to resolve this for better could’ve played an important part.

One year in the making, a sweeping overhaul of Wall Street rules forged in the aftermath of a financial crisis cleared congressional negotiations early Friday and headed to the House and Senate for final votes. The legislation, the most ambitious rewrite of financial regulations since the Great Depression, touches on an exhaustive range of financial transactions, from a debit card swipe at a supermarket to the most complex securities deals cut in downtown Manhattan. Eager to avoid a recurrence of the 2008 financial meltdown, lawmakers set up a warning system for financial risks, created a powerful consumer financial protection bureau to police lending, forced large failing firms to liquidate and set new rules for financial instruments that have been largely unregulated. – Mercury ingressed Cancer and the bill is now in the house. An overhaul that was one year in the making (Sun-Pluto-Pallas) is awaiting final voting (Mercury-Uranus-Chiron) and it is new trend that has been introduced here (Uranus in Aries), which creates powerful consumer protection (Sun-Pluto-Pallas) by setting new rules  for financial instruments for their better functioning or regulation (Venus-Saturn).

Authorities removed a towering statue of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin from the central square of his home town in the dead of the night on Friday in an unannounced operation, carting away the monument to Georgia’s most famous native. A journalist said police tried to prevent journalists from filming the process, in some cases beating them. Widely reviled as a dictator responsible for millions of deaths in political purges, labor camps and forced agricultural collectivization, Stalin is held up as a hero by supporters who say the Soviet Union would not have defeated Nazi Germany or industrialized without him. – He was a brutal dictator, who was responsible for even more deaths than Hitler was (Sun-Pluto-Pallas), which is a well-known fact among people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth (Mercury-Uranus-Chiron). So, there’s no need to glorify him (Venus-Saturn), but no matter how eccentric and insane a person is, he or she will always have followers and supporters (Mercury in Cancer-Uranus-Chiron). As Mercury ingressed Cancer this symbol of shame – not fame – has finally been removed from the place where he came from.   

Tarot card of the day was “Strength” with the message ‘I must overcome my fears’. Stamina is required to bring about a solution to a situation. You have the courage of your convictions and will triumph over hatred, miserly attitudes and mean-spirited people. You are filled with faith and power; optimism and a firm resolve will enable you to win through in any situation. It has nothing to do with brute force; it comes from a loving, compassionate heart – a beautiful analogy for Mercury in Cancer approaching the Sun in the power triangle.

The day started for me on a somber note, because J had to get up early again and since our rabbit has formed such a strong bond with me, she wants me around when she comes out of her cage and this concerns the mornings and the evenings. Wild rabbits are nocturnal. They sleep during the day. So, usually I stay up late and then I’ll be still tired when I only catch a few hours of sleep, which has become an unhealthy pattern. Therefore, I truly needed to summon all my strength to discipline myself in order to get through the morning. J came home before lunch to take me to another appointment with yet another specialist in London. This was the real challenge! We spent a bit over 4 hours in the hospital due to the doctor being called to an emergency (Mercury-Uranus-Chiron). After that I was completely drained, but we still had to take care of the grocery shopping (Sun-Pluto-Pallas). Tomorrow, on the day of the powerful Lunar Eclipse, is my mother-in-law’s birthday (the family-matriarch! Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto opposite her Sun and square her Aries Moon conjunct Uranus!). Imagine that! Though I know better I try to focus on the positive. Anyway, it was my intention to write a piece about the Lunar Eclipse to post here, but honestly, it’s too late – I’ve run out of time and energy and can barely focus anymore (Venus-Saturn). 😦

Card Number VIII of the Major Arcana "STRENGTH"