September 26-30, 2009

September 26 was the day of the First Quarter Moon, when the waxing Capricorn Moon squared off the Libra Sun and tested the solidity of our personal structures, thereby challenging our competence and showing us our limits. “Practice in the presence of God” could have required a tightrope act. Pallas in Virgo’s semi-square to Vesta in Leo and her opposition to Juno Rx in Pisces indicated that trained methods may have failed us or our performance lacked some element and that our strategy may have only partially yielded the desired result. This was “the crisis in action” that demanded to part ways with the past and to focus on our current reality instead, thereby evaluating what works and what doesn’t.

Accordingly, I held an astrology workshop in Alliston for which I had prepared well. However, for my few students, who didn’t know anything about the topic, was the “load” of the material a bit too overwhelming. So, I accommodated them to the best of my abilities, exchanged e-mail addresses and put a document with the contents of our lesson in addition to helpful links and illustrations together on Monday night, sending a copy to each of them. Mercury Rx in Virgo was in quincunx to Chiron Rx in Aquarius.

Saturday was a great day for me – also because my daughter came for a visit in the afternoon and we went on a short trip to a nearby mall and then spent the rest of the day playing games. It was lots of fun, for which I had to “pay” on the next day as the flu caught up with me. I fell so sick that I lost a whole day, which had to happen on the day I was going home and had a few things to take care of. Needless to say that I couldn’t really have a conversation with my daughter, who was driving and wasn’t even able to unpack everything, once at home, because I laid down with a fever. Fortunately, the worst of it was overcome by Monday. But I got a stiff neck in the meantime and I’m still not well nor fit, while trying to juggle the job and the household. Therefore, I haven’t paid attention to the world stage, though I noticed that a few earthquakes/tsunamis (seismic activity) were triggered around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Tuesday was particularly eventful in regard to aspects, inclusive a trine between Ceres in Libra and Neptune Rx in Aquarius that could easily describe a collective drama as an outcome of a shift of tectonic plates under water after a phase of this natural cycle reached completion. It is very sad, but predictable as well as expectable in this area. So, as Juno Rx in Pisces opposed Saturn in Virgo on this day the question is if we will learn from our lessons or if we will keep ignoring these realities.  


September 25, 2009

The sesqui-quadrates between the Sun in Libra and Jupiter Rx in Aquarius and between Venus in Virgo and Eris Rx in Aries add some tension to the day due to revelations that could force us to reassess our approach. Certain relationship dynamics may have to undergo re-evaluation after a review of the single factors could demand a revised message we want to communicate as Mercury Rx in Virgo is sending a semi-sextile to Ceres in Libra. At 06:18 pm EDT will the Moon ingress Capricorn, stimmung us more serious in a matter-of-fact way.

Typical for the octile aspects a crisis situation had to be dealt with as Iran’s nuclear program seems to have taken a dangerous turn. Leaders at the G-20 summit formed a united front to find a solution to this threat. So, the international arms race has been a major concern, inclusive the means available to halt the efforts to proliferate and control the production/facilities, imposing sanctions and the like, under this astroweather. – We’ve had a birthday party. The weather was very cooperative, but at night the German channel didn’t work and therefore it was kinda sad that the birthday girl couldn’t watch her favorite show (Rx planets, especially Mercury, can be associated with cancellations).


September 24, 2009

Ceres in Libra forms a trine to Chiron Rx in Aquarius and Pallas a conjunction to Saturn in Virgo. We can make progress in regard to a wounding issue with a few simple, though effective gestures intended to smooth over ‘bumps’ in our relations and may also renew our agreements.

While at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh agreements on bankers’ bonuses have been reached in order to prevent another global financial meltdown and optimism prevailed in regard to dealing with Chinese trade issues plus U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner cited progress on several fronts, predicting that summit partners would endorse the broad outlines of a proposal to deal with huge imbalances in the global economy, protesters in the streets clashed with the police. – Apparently, not all differences can be resolved in a peaceful way. Such is the human condition (Chiron Rx). We’ve spend a nice day together and prepared everything for a birthday party tomorrow. However, we also touched upon a few rather sensitive topics, though there were no hurt feelings.:)

September 23, 2009

The Moon’s Sagittarius ingress at 07:42 am EDT started the day on a optimistic note. However, our tolerance level is challenged today with the Libran Sun’s square to Pluto in Capricorn that might have us juggling our self-control, particularly so with Ceres in Libra’s opposition to Eris Rx in Aries. Our personal influence in matters of self-interest may have to be reassessed. Another opposition will be formed between Mercury Rx in Virgo and Uranus Rx in Pisces that could be refering to an inner conflict in this regard we need to work out first before outer progress can be made, because we may feel divided about which approach to take in this situation. Mercury Rx’s quincunx to Neptune Rx in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer’s quincunx to Jupiter Rx in Aquarius require an adjustment that could give us clarity of direction as well as renewed faith to proceed on the right course.

I went to the Reiki Center and participated in the heart circle. It was a great experience that allowed me to connect with wonderful people. In the meantime gathered a few women for my workshop. We’ve agreed to hold the first workshop this Saturday so that they have enough time to find out some personal data we need to erect a chart – a typical Mercury Rx example. Other than that the first contact went very well; there was an instant connection, a good vibration that had us all resonating on the same wavelength. So, I enjoyed nice conversations and got even offered a ride ‘home’. Thus, I felt quite enthusiastic, ‘inspirited’ and empowered. When I had grabbed the deck of tarot cards from the table there I had drawn 2 cards (I was going for one, but the other one kinda sticked to it) – the king of pentacles and the 10 of pentacles – drawing up new plans, new thoughts on a business/craft (great entertainer fitted me as well!) with the pinnacle of prosperity/something to pass on. That certainly described the situation perfectly.


September 22, 2009

The day began with Mercury Rx in conjunction to Saturn in Virgo on which he follows up with a semi-square to Vesta in Leo and another conjunction to Pallas in Virgo. At 05:18 pm EDT will the Sun ingress Libra, marking the Fall Equinox, when day and night are of equal length. This is the another turning point in the wheel of the year, which not only introduces a new season, but also indicates a shift regarding the condition of the light. From now on, the day-light will be waning and the nights will grow longer, signifying an ingathering of energies, a coming together. Moreover, this quarter point heralds a time of transition and action for us to release the past and embrace rampant change. Thus, the message for us is to learn how we personally can be of service to ensure the effective functionality of our societal institutions and systems, how our personal skills can be utilized in this regard and how we can contribute to improve the conditions around us.

Accordingly, the hot topic of climate change was addressed at an UN gathering today and action in this regard was urged. The “Yes Men” distributed a fake edition of the NYT in an attempt to draw attention to this pressing cause. The Obama administration used the UN summit to get its message “It’s enough talking about talking” across after growing increasingly frustrated with Israeli and Palestinian foot-dragging over peace negotiations, which it wants to see relaunched immediately and based on previous agreements and principles laid out in earlier talks. – Mercury Rx’s aspects are coming through strong and clearly (Mercury is associated with meetings and communication, Saturn with governments and regulations, Vesta with commitment and Pallas with politics and strategies) and so is the Aries Point involvement (Sun’s Libra ingress happened opposite the AP). Besides, with Libra’s ruler Venus in Virgo, Mercury is the dispositor of this ingress, which is a continuation of the story/impulse that started with the Virgo New Moon, the following inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Virgo and today’s conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the New Moon degree.

My day was dedicated toward preparing myself for a meeting tomorrow. Though the humidity was wearing down on us, we’ve also been on 3 walks through the surroundings today. A link led me to my facebook account I couldn’t access for a long time. Thus, I’ve been busy tonight with updating my homepage there.

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September 18-21, 2009

September 18 was the day of the Virgo New Moon at 25:59 degrees of Virgo at 2:44 pm EDT, after which the Moon ingressed Libra at 09:26 pm EDT and when Mercury Rx in Virgo formed an opposition to Juno Rx in Pisces.

The Sabian Symbol pertaining to the degree highlighted by the Virgo New Moon states:

“A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar. – Keynote: The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution – Practice in the presence of God.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, Pages 166-167”)

This symbol begins to make sense in the context of the New Moon’s alignment with the Saturn-Uranus opposition with Saturn in Virgo representing ‘discipleship’ under the observing eye of the ‘master’ and Uranus Rx in Pisces the next generation, awakened from innocence and a state of ‘bliss’, getting prepared for the future. We’re witnessing in this symbolic picture a transmission of higher and even sacred ideals via an instructive process that is dedicated toward serving the collective spirit. The ‘novice’ becomes aware of ‘higher dimensions’ and his role in the scheme of things as well as his capacity for self-transcending in his aspiration to reach upwards.

At this seed moment, however, we’re also presented with a conflict, readily recognizable in the generation gap, which translates as the main conflict exemplified in the Saturn-Uranus opposition as a confrontation between the old and the new and which is playing out in a conflict of interests with one side attempting to thwart all efforts toward progress, thereby undoing itself (Mercury Rx in Virgo opposite Juno Rx in Pisces). A lack of empathy could also contribute to and result in misunderstandings. Due to the inward turned energies on top of the oppositions the unconscious factor in this equation is greatly enhanced. Thus, individually as well as collectively we have to face up with reality, the feasible and the possible, while trying to put us in another one’s shoes. Our blind spots may come under scrutiny in order to improve our ways of relating and to make us more selective in our choice of words or to point out when our communication is unproductive and where we waste our time and efforts in this regard. Missing compassion or the human factor in general will be highlighted as well. Therefore, finding alternatives to conflicting schedules, inefficient agendas, contradictory ideas, non-workable plans and impractial, flawed methods will be imperative this lunar month. Although, even more importance could be placed on themes related to emotional  and social intelligence. It might be a time of training – of learning and practicing in a striving toward ‘perfection’. Consequently, we will have to look at ourselves with a critical eye and be willing to work on both – our skills and our flaws.

Virgo New Moon 2009


Venus in Leo contributed to the Mercury-Juno opposition on September 19th with aspects of adjustment, which allowed us to commit us toward our favored interests, to pursue pleasure, enjoy ourselves and having some Self time, inclusive the exchange of some niceties with others, whereby we had a first chance to be considerate toward others’ feelings.

On the 20th the Sun and Mercury Rx met in conjunction in Virgo, succeeded by Venus’ ingress into this sign at 09:32 am EDT. Other aspects perfecting that day were Vesta in Leo’s sesqui-quadrate to Uranus Rx in Pisces, Venus in Virgo’s trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Pallas in Virgo’s quincunx to Neptune Rx in Aquarius. The inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury marks the beginning of a new Mercury cycle, when a new seed idea is impressed upon the mind and in this case it’s repeating the New Moon theme. Especially after Venus is dancing to the same tune now. With our focus on personal advancement we may have been fierce and undeterred in our commitment and thus performed impressively, which could have felt deeply satisfying and might have empowered us in a way that could have had us touching our source of strength at the core of our Being.

Today, September 21st, did the Moon ingress Scorpio at 00:52 am EDT, adding intensity to our day. The Sun in Virgo opposed Juno Rx in Pisces and Pallas in Virgo opposed Uranus Rx in Pisces, whereas Venus in Virgo engaged in a semi-square to Mars in Cancer. So, while we’ve been applying an effort to serve our cause or interests or to be efficient in any other way, there may have been a few disruptions or unexpected news that might have interfered with our plans, set us back somehow, felt rather disappointing and side-tracked us from the path of our good intentions.

Since the day of the New Moon I didn’t have the time to blog or to check out my favorite sites or read the news or do some of the other things I used to do on a regular basis. Because my plan was to travel to Alliston and to stay there for the entire week, I was busy preparing for this trip. Friday night I was prefering the couch after I had run some errands on my way home from work and was done with my chores around the house. On Saturday I was lucky to have enough time to myself so that I could accomplish what I had set out to do and even enjoyed a couple of hours in the sun. Came Sunday I was ready to drive all the way up to Alliston with J on my side as my “instructor”, showing me the easiest way to memorize (I made only 4 turns instead of the 12 he does on his shortcuts) as well as the things I had to pay attention to. I was surprised about myself that I mastered it so well, while he was the one who needed the coffee, the break and then fell asleep anyway. Being in great spirits I went into the city with Anne later on, strolling through some stores and spending some money. Later we sat in the garden and talked about the latest developments and where this might lead to. At night I walked the dog, running with him through the park in the beautiful late summer weather, feeling exhilarated and having a great time. Today I’ve been trying to catch up with mixed success. There were a few irritations I had to deal with, inclusive news I didn’t like, but had to accept and that seem to change the whole picture around. However, it’s still Mercury Rx and therefore nothing is definitive as yet.


September 16-17, 2009

Today did Venus in Leo participate in the Saturn-Uranus opposition by semi-sextile and quincunx, respectively. Subsequently, a few adjustments according to the trend may have been in order, especially with two more quincunxes happening between Pallas in Virgo and Chiron Rx in Aquarius and between the Sun in Virgo and Neptune Rx in Aquarius. A trine between Ceres in Libra and Jupiter Rx in Aquarius indicated a temporary ending of a particular growth phase, which is a rhythmic alteration meant to teach us how to live a more balanced life. With the Moon’s ingress into Virgo we might be more selective as well as specific in our approach.

Since the company provided me with a computer I didn’t have to bring my laptop with me to work and that meant I also couldn’t check and play around with my personal stuff or keeping myself updated on the astro and other events. This had to happen on a day when the company network was extremely slow and it took us forever to pull up long lists etc. At one time, my colleague fell asleep. Well, it was just annoying, but we had a few minutes for a nice conversation.

That’s how far I came with the blog yesterday evening before I moved to the couch to watch an episode of “Bones”, which used to be my favorite series. Today, September 17, was another outstanding day in regard to the astroweather. The Virgo Sun formed an opposition with Uranus Rx in Pisces and then a conjunction with Saturn, while Mercury Rx in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn. Later tonight will Mercury transit back into Virgo. I was a bit concerned that something negative could happen to J as his natal Pluto and nodal axis were touched by these aspects. In reality, it was me who had an awkward, embarrassing moment when I finally got to meet the owner of the company all (J, my daughter and I) of us work for and I wasn’t able to respond appropriately, because I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my face and I could barely talk when we watched those hilarious youtube videos during our lunchbreak. Definitely not the best first impression! I felt like the guy with the mask in this famous Jim Carrey movie – Loki had taken over! It was a perfect expression of the planetary archetypes at work as I couldn’t contain my inner loki (Merc Rx in square to Pluto in Capricorn) and stepped over the boundaries (Sun conj. Saturn/oppo Uranus) in a moment when I was completely myself. Well, I’ll certainly have enough time to analyze THAT as Mercury regresses into Virgo, followed up by the Virgo New Moon.