From New Moon to New Moon – Pisces New Moon 2009

Overview from the Pisces New Moon Phase up until the Full Moon Phase

Preceding the Pisces New Moon Mercury transited the North Node, formed a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius and cast a trine to Pallas in Gemini. Due to his retrogradation, the shadow phase of which ended February 21st, when Mercury aspected Ceres Rx in Virgo via a quincunx, Mercury made a second entrance into the sign Aquarius to pass over all the planetary bodies traversing this sign, thereby transfering the message from this detour to them to align us with our purpose in a reformed way. Thus, insights derived from this phase of introspection, that tested our skills and reminded us of limitations, could have been dawning on the mental horizon, facilitating needed alterations in our approach. From there on, we might have instigated the changes that would prove to be more efficient as well as proficient in the future as they would suit our individualistic inclinations and ideologies better.


Subsequently, we might have concluded that theory and practice are different things indeed, which means our experiment is far from over. Before we continued our mission we had to recapitulate and to reconfigure; a necessary adjustment intended to stimulate our thought process by asking for even more originality, inventiveness and brilliance. The strong concentration of energies in the sign Aquarius allows us to surpass everything we’ve tried and know and are accustomed to. During this Dark of the Moon phase there might also have been some form of surrender, of cutting our losses and meditating on the issue.


A New Moon in the last sign of the zodiacal band and the wheel of the solar year relates to a time of cleansing through release and transcendence, giving birth to a new vision and a newer version of Self. Eris in Aries’s strenous aspect to the Pisces lunation provides the trigger to set this process into motion that like a lens can bring our essential truth of being into focus.

“Uncompromising self-assertion” is the keynote of the lunation, complemented and modulated by an inner stage of maturation as reflected in the opposition of the Sun-Moon conjunction to Ceres Rx in Virgo, which perfected the next day, February 25th, when Mercury in Aquarius squared Vesta in Taurus and engaged in a sextile to Venus in Aries. Than, the spark produced by the friction could have ignited the mental fire, while the dynamic created between the inner planets kept it burning.


Over the remaining days of the month February Mercury moved on to conjunct Juno and semi-square Pluto in Capricorn, thereby catching up with Mars, whom he’ll reach on the 1st of March. At the time of his meeting with Juno an unconventional proposal might have been introduced that might have caused differences to arise as well as intense reactions and heated debating for the duration of discussions and was most likely followed by more announcements and decisions, whereby the power of rethoric might have inspired and cut down to the marrow. This would have demanded inner preparedness in order to withstand criticism and other vocal attacks. Self-control and a firm stand would have guaranteed successful conduct in such situations, is implied by Mercury’s and Mars’ quincunxes to Saturn Rx in Virgo.


Sextiles from Mercury and Mars to Eris in Aries over the next couple of days provide opportunities for the Self to thrust forward determinedly and boldly to push the revised agenda, while the sesqui-quadrate from Ceres Rx in Virgo insists on strength of character by carrying out those efforts.

Intellects will be strongly stimulated by the semi-sextiles of Mercury-Mars to Uranus in Pisces and might require from us to think on our feet to demonstrate a sharp wit and mental dexterity. When Mercury will bond with Chiron in Aquarius during the lead-up to the First Quarter Moon, painful issues might have to be addressed directly and intelligently.


Like the Moon, the Self has been waxing since the New Moon event and is heading now into “the crisis in action”. With the Sun in Pisces squared off by the Moon in Gemini, a weak persona would be at cross purpose with the emotional easiness needed in the current circumstances. The climate is still stormy and unpredictable, perhaps even hostile, particularly in the case of unresolved wounding issues, which could become a matter of offence the moment Mars will move over Chiron.

Prior to the First Quarter Moon, the semi-sextile from the Sun in Pisces to Jupiter in Aquarius together with the sextile from Venus in Aries to Pallas in Gemini asked us to try standing in another one’s shoes and to show understanding for differing opinions in order to open a dialogue and initiate conversation.


On March 5th then, when the Sun will cast a semi-sextile to Venus and Mercury meet Neptune in conjunction, empathy is emphasized to inspire mental subtlety and awareness of other’s feelings, which could enable us to bridge our differences. This constitutes the test of the First Quarter phase, during which emotional detachment and objectivity might be hard to come by, especially with the Moon’s ingress into Cancer on the 5th.

Tensions will continue to build up over the next few days. Venus will turn retrograde on the 6th, when the Sun will square Pallas and Juno semi-square Pluto, forcing us into a decision for the protection of our self-interests. As we are undergoing a period of revaluation regarding our awareness of Self and how we relate to this Self for the duration of the retrograde, personal crises are unavoidable. They strengthen our character, promote self-improvement and allow us to start over after we’ll have let go off unnecessary attachments.


Mars’ conjunction to Neptune happens on the same day Mercury will ingress Pisces and semi-square the retrograde Venus, while the Pisces Sun will oppose a retrograde Saturn. The clearer we are about our intentions the more control we can exert over our actions and responses. Therefore, we’ll have a chance now to uncover our underlying motives and the ends they serve. Parts of our personality that are non-essential to our sense of identity can be made transparent during this process and vaporize together with the fog of illusions that might have hung like a cloud over a portion of our mind and at the same time can we envision a more holistic picture that connects us to our higher senses. Over the next couple of days will Vesta in Taurus aspect Pluto and Saturn Rx, challenging us to be more resourceful and insistent in our dedication toward individuating as we approach the Full Moon. 


Daily aspect calendar for March 2009

March 1st: Mercury in Aquarius quincunx Saturn Rx in Virgo (18+/18+), Mercury conjunct Mars in Aquarius (19+)


March 2nd: Ceres Rx in Virgo sesqui-quadrate Eris in Aries (05+/20+), Mercury in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+)


March 3rd: Moon ingress into Gemini at 02:58 am EST, Mars in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+), Mercury in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces (22+/22+), Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Jupiter in Aquarius (13+/13+), Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (22+)


March 4th: First Quarter Moon at 02:45 am EST at 13:52 Gemini/Pisces, Venus in Aries sextile Pallas in Gemini (15+/15+), Mars in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces (22+/22+)


March 5th: Mercury conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (24+), Moon ingress into Cancer at 06:07 am EST, Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Venus in Aries (15+/15+), Mars conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (22+)


March 6th: Juno in Aquarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn (18+/03+), Sun in Pisces square Pallas in Gemini (16+/16+), Venus retrograde at 15:27:27 Aries at 12:17:02 pm EST (direct on April 18, 2009 at 29:11:59 Pisces – shadow from February 2nd – May 21st , 2009)


March 7th: Juno in Aquarius quincunx Saturn Rx in Virgo (18+/18+), Moon ingress into Leo at 08:24 am EST, Sun in Pisces sextile Vesta in Taurus (17+/17+)


March 8th: Mars conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (24+), Mercury ingress Pisces at 02:55 pm EST, Sun in Pisces opposite Saturn Rx in Virgo (18+/18+), Mercury in Pisces semi-square Venus Rx in Aries (00+/15+)


March 9th: Moon ingress into Virgo at 11:34 am EST, Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Juno in Aquarius (19+/19+), Vesta in Taurus sesqui-quadrate Pluto in Capricorn (18+/03+)


March 10th: Vesta in Taurus trine Saturn Rx in Virgo (18+/18+), Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (03+/03+), Full Moon at 20:39 Virgo/Pisces at 10:37 pm EST


March 11th: Mercury in Pisces opposite Ceres Rx in Virgo (04+/04+), Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Eris in Aries (21+/21+), Venus Rx in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius (15+/15+), Pallas in Gemini square Saturn Rx in Virgo (18+/18+), Moon ingress into Libra at 02:45 pm EST


March 12th: Mercury in Pisces semi-square Eris in Aries (06+/21+), Sun conjunct Uranus in Pisces (22+)


March 13th: Juno in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries (21+/21+), Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Chiron in Aquarius (23+/23+), Moon ingress into Scorpio at 08:22 pm EST


March 14th: Venus Rx in Aries semi-square Mars in Aquarius (14+/29+), Mars ingress into Pisces at 11:19 pm EST


March 15th: Ceres Rx in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (03+/03+), Sun in Pisces semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (25+/25+)


March 16th: Moon ingress into Sagittarius at 05:21 am EST, Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Venus Rx in Aries (13+/13+)


March 17th: Vesta in Taurus semi-sextile Eris in Aries (21+/21+)


March 18th: Juno in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces (22+/22+), Pallas in Gemini sextile Eris in Aries (21+/21+), Mars in Pisces opposite Ceres Rx in Virgo (02+/02+), Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Jupiter in Aquarius (16+/16+), Third Quarter Moon at 28:15 Sagittarius/Pisces at 01:47 pm EST, Moon ingress into Capricorn at 05:18 pm EST, Vesta in Taurus semi-sextile Pallas in Gemini (21+/21+), Mercury in Pisces opposite Saturn Rx in Virgo (17+/17+)


March 19th: Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (03+/03+)


March 20th: Juno conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (23+), Sun ingress Aries at 07:43 am EST (Vernal Equinox), Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Eris in Aries (21+/21+)


March 21st: Moon ingress into Aquarius at 06:06 am EST, Mercury in Pisces sextile Vesta in Taurus (22+/22+), Mercury in Pisces square Pallas in Gemini (22+/22+)


March 22nd: Mercury conjunct Uranus in Pisces (23+), Sun in Aries quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (02+/02+), Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Chiron in Aquarius (23+/23+), Jupiter in Aquarius quincunx Saturn Rx in Virgo (17+/17+), Sun in Aries semi-square Jupiter in Aquarius (02+/17+), Venus Rx in Aries semi-square Neptune in Aquarius (10+/25+), Pallas in Gemini square Uranus in Pisces (23+/23+), Mars in Pisces semi-square Eris in Aries (06+/21+), Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Juno in Aquarius (24+/24+)


March 23rd: Venus Rx in Aries semi-square Juno in Aquarius (10+/25+), Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (25+/25+), Vesta in Taurus sextile Uranus in Pisces (23+/23+), Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (03+/03+), Moon ingress into Pisces at 05:08 pm EST


March 24th: Juno conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (25+), Pallas in Gemini trine Chiron in Aquarius (24+/24+), Venus Rx in Aries semi-square Chiron in Aquarius (09+/24+)


March 25th: Venus Rx in Aries semi-square Vesta in Taurus (08+/23+), Mercury ingress Aries at 03:55 pm, Venus Rx in Aries semi-sextile Mars in Pisces (08+/08+)


March 26th: Vesta in Taurus square Chiron in Aquarius (24+/24+), Moon ingress into Aries at 01:02 am EST, Mercury in Aries quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (01+/01+), New Moon at 06:07 Aries at 12:05 pm EST


March 27th: Mercury in Aries semi-square Jupiter in Aquarius (03+/18+), Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (03+/03+), Jupiter in Aquarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn (18+/03+), Sun conjunct Venus Rx in Aries (07+), Pallas in Gemini trine Neptune in Aquarius (25+/25+)


March 28th: Moon ingress into Taurus at 06:08 am EST, Mercury conjunct Venus Rx in Aries (06+)


March 29th: Vesta in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius (25+/25+), Sun in Aries semi-square Chiron in Aquarius (09+/24+)


March 30th: Moon ingress into Gemini at 09:35 am EST, Mercury in Aries semi-square Chiron in Aquarius (09+/24+), Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (10+), Mercury in Aries semi-square Neptune in Aquarius (10+/25+), Sun in Aries semi-square Neptune in Aquarius (10+/25+)


March 31st: Mercury in Aries semi-square Vesta in Taurus (11+/26+), Sun in Aries semi-square Vesta in Taurus (11+/26+)

Love&Peace – Verena Donath


February 25th – 28th, 2009


February 25th: Sun in Pisces opposite Ceres Rx in Virgo (06+/06+), Mercury in Aquarius square Vesta in Taurus (13+/13+), Mercury in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries (14+/14+)


These aspects bestow the necessary impetus to get us out of a rut as the right idea might just come along. Suddenly, the fog could clear and expose the perfect scenario. Exhilarated by the sheer possibility our hearts could beat faster, encouraging us to throw us into our project headlong. A square from the Pisces Moon to Pallas in Gemini in the morning could be the proverbial trigger that gets our thought process going, whereas her many semi-sextiles allow us to shift our energies accordingly in order to adjust to the vision that seems to fill every cell of our body with vibrancy. At night will the Moon oppose Saturn Rx in Virgo, which could feel like a call to order that reminds us of our duties.


February 26th: Mercury conjunct Juno in Aquarius (15+), Moon ingress into Aries at 04:23 pm EST


Mercury’s bond with Juno in Aquarius signifies a good time to talk about our individual role within the structure of our relationships and the space and support provided for our Self-unfoldment. Throughout the day will the Moon cast a few semi-squares from the sign Pisces and also after her Aries ingress.  Thus, for the first part of the day we could be in a contemplative mood and dwell on the most pressing issues or dream about the future. In any case, inner tension will have to be released, addressed directly and with fortitude. Once the Moon is in Aries we can’t evade the issue any longer.


February 27th: Venus in Aries semi-sextile Vesta in Taurus (14+/14+), Mars in Aquarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn (17+/02+)


Our cause could demand a stronger commitment from our side, which might finally lead to a parting from obstructive patterns in favor of a more innovative approach. Self-determination can conquer fear and inspire decisive action. The Aries Moon’s sextiles to the North Node and Jupiter in Aquarius can stim us adventurous, pushing us into unchartered territory with bravado. Her conjunction to Venus in Aries in the evening can arouse the fire in our heart, engage our emotions to our actions and raise impatience.


February 28th: Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn (17+/02+), Mars in Aquarius quincunx Saturn Rx in Virgo (19+/19+), Moon ingress into Taurus at 10:33 pm EST


Discussions have entered a critical stage to a point of no return. Words could carry more power than usual and destroy the best intentions in the act. Messages are definitive and unquestionable; their content unmistakable. A liberating move could be a likely consequence that could propel us toward more self-sufficiency. In the morning will the Aries Moon conjunct Eris and sextile Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, starting the day in a quarrelsome mood, which could provoke arguments later on and could cause us to let go off any feelings of guilt or remorse that might have weakened us, especially in the event of the Moon’s semi-square to the Sun in Pisces in the afternoon. Strengthened on the inside, we’re ready to stand up for our interests.

Love & Peace – Verena Donath


February 17th – 24th, 2009

February 17th: Mars in Aquarius trine Pallas in Gemini (10+/10+), Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (10+)


Approximately every two years meet Mars and Jupiter in conjunction and start a new synodic cycle. In the sign Aquarius this inaugurs activities based on intellectual stimulation, leading to big, sweeping changes. The end of one cycle sees usually some form of completion, which is repeated in Mars’ trine to Pallas in Gemini that states that an initiative and part of the mission has been fulfilled. This readies us for the next course of action; only this time we might want to try a different strategy. Though the latest tactic has apparently defied the odds and moved us ahead with our plan, it was not without great difficulty and a few setbacks. Fresh inspiration will guide our intentions along a new path. Enthusiastically, we might aim high and feel supremely confident when the Moon in Sagittarius will cast a series of sextiles to the Aquarian cluster in addition to a trine to Venus in Aries.


February 18th: Juno in Aquarius square Vesta in Taurus (11+/11+), Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Aquarius (11+/11+), Sun ingress into Pisces at 07:46 am EST, Mercury in Aquarius sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (04+/19+)


An opportunity for unbridled, willful self-assertion opens with the perfection of another sextile between Venus and Mars. By bestowing those energy outpourings with our individual touch and directing them along a preordained channel, we ensure that we’ll have more control in the outcome of the matter. Our latest ordeals taught us some invaluable lessons, instructing us to not leave anything to chance. Preparing us well for the task ahead allows us to better qualify for the job in addition to garner approval for our objectives, while circumventing unpleasant surprises or negative reactions from others. The Sun’s Pisces ingress heralds a phase of synthesis in the sense of tying up loose ends, purging and envisioning. It is a state of transition and fluidity, where we can get absorpted into the void, becoming ethereal ourselves, drift away and seek to escape from the material prison of the mundane world. Although we need to beware of the malleableness of our personality during that time, tuning in to the subtle undercurrents in our environment could prove to be a great asset.

Over the course of the day will the Sagittarian Moon square the Saturn-Uranus opposition and semi-square Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius, which keeps us alerted and in enterprising spirit when the situation reaches a critical point. However, there’s also a tendency to rush things as we could get carried away in the heat of the moment.


February 19th: Pallas in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius (10+/10+), Moon ingress into Capricorn at 08:25 am EST, Mars in Aquarius square Vesta in Taurus (12+/12+)


Some form of collaboration has seemingly been achieved after a long period of going it alone and several futile attempts to weave a web of interconnections. As a silver lining is forming on the horizon now, we’re obviously steering our ship on a changed course. Decisive action could help us to turn another corner that will bring us closer to our goal. When the Moon ingresses the sign Capricorn in the morning we could feel ready to make solid plans, especially in the event of her succeeding sextile to the Sun in Pisces that permits us to reflect on the single steps, while her conjunction to Pluto keeps it profoundly realistic and simplistic.


February 20th: Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (06+/21+), Mars conjunct Juno in Aquarius (12+)


To make progress it will be critical to think future-oriented as well as to rely on intellectual independence in the process. Differing opinions can distract our focus and pressing questions might demand brainstorming. Interactions with others will be defined by quickwittedness and the manner in which we assert our social intelligence. A square from the Capricorn Moon to Venus in Aries in the morning, followed up by a trine to Vesta in Taurus, presents a challenge to hot-headed types in pursuit of a radical viewpoint. Being overly pushy could invoke resistance as well as repetitive debating about the same issue, whereas finding common ground could earn results.  


February 21st: Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (02+/02+), Mercury in Aquarius quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (07+/07+), Moon ingress into Aquarius at 09:06 pm EST


Since we’ve applied all those efforts to strengthen our influence, we might have noticed a different trend and subsequently we seem to be able to shake the shadow or cloak of invisibility, which created a cloud around our persona. Our improved connectivity could stimulate communication and assist us to clarify a situation by addressing our concern. Later at night will the Moon ingress Aquarius and shift our mood from serious and down to earth to excited and social.  


February 22nd: Mercury conjunct North Node in Aquarius (09+)


Considered to be “the line of destiny”, the nodal axis like a compass needle points us into the destined direction our life is supposed to follow and thus reunites soul and spirit. Mercury is the last of the faster moving planetary bodies currently transiting the sign Aquarius to make a pass over the North Node, sending information our way with the potential to inspire and to provide us with foresight. Stressful octiles cast by the Aquarius Moon to the Saturn-Uranus opposition in the morning could tickle already taut nerves with unusual thoughts, inviting us to do the unthinkable or at least something rather original. In the afternoon will the Moon form conjunctions with the North Node, Mercury and Jupiter and at night trine Pallas in Gemini, connecting all the dots for us in the most individualistic way until it’ll feel right and could confirm our presentiments.  


February 23rd: Venus in Aries semi-sextile Vesta in Taurus (13+/13+)


Our evaluation of what has transpired could impel a courageous approach in order to perservere. The Aquarius Moon’s semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning could stim us insistent, while her conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune in the afternoon could provoke a different reaction to a wounding pattern as our sensibilities could change.


February 24th: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (11+), Sun in Pisces semi-square Eris in Aries (05+/20+), Moon ingress into Pisces at 07:59 am EST, Mercury in Aquarius trine Pallas in Gemini (12+/12+), New Moon at 06:35 Pisces at 08:35 pm EST


Mercury and Jupiter meet in Aquarius a second time since the beginning of this year to usher in the Pisces New Moon with an electric current that can leave our heads spinning regarding the impulse sounding forth. A trine from Mercury to Pallas could indicate an adequate alteration in our attitude that is conducive for the conveying of the message, which could be driven by an identity crisis due to Eris’ tense involvement with the lunation. The Moon’s Pisces ingress evokes heightened awareness, while her communion with the Sun for the New Moon in this highly sensitive sign could result in enlightenment.

January 18th saw the first Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, but with Mercury in retrograde motion. Introspection might have been at a peak than with the focus on rectifying and compensating for previous choices. Now, we may have gained a better understanding of the concept of process, which includes that individuals operate at different mental levels, speeds and modes of perception. In the grand design of the whole, we all have our justified place and function, even though we mostly cannot wrap our minds around an impartial, holistic paradigm. But we humans partake in this multi-dimensional and pluralistic creation and every individual in its own idiosyncratic way. This can lead to competition and discord, whereby our notion of right and wrong is only relative to our cognition and conceptualization and can therefore trap us in certain beliefs, where we’re held hostage by our personal truth. Yet, in moments of awareness the light shines in from a new angle, removing the veil from things previously hidden. However, our mind can play tricks with us, letting us use our imagination as a double-egded sword that can either blind us with ignorance and denial or cut through illusions and phantasmata. Thus, the mental picture we want to see is moulded by our intentions, which in turn are informed by our desires.  Depending on the state of our ego, our motivations can range from selfishness to selflessness. If we’re too self-centered we worship the ego, separate the Self from the rest of the world, lack morality and concern for others. Consequently, our self-interests will take priority over everything else and come at the expense of others.  Altruism is the opposite of egocentrism. It is conditioned by interconnectivity and based on inclusiveness, mindfulness and empathy.


The Sabian Symbol pertaining to the zodiacal degree highlighted by the Pisces New Moon states:

“Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist. Keynote: The spiritual blessing, which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth – Self-assertion.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Pages 272-273)


To be an individual in our own right is the promise of incarnation as well as our individual choice once we’re capable of making conscious decisions and understand the consequences of our actions. In due time and after a process of character-forming by various influences we assume a definitive shape in order to become the person we need to be. Yet, it is still up to each of us which meaning we’re giving to our lives.




Love&Peace – Verena Donath

February 9th – 16th, 2009


February 9th: Sun in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+), Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces (20+/20+), Lunar Appulse Eclipse at 20:59 Leo/Aquarius at 09:49 am EST, Sun conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (20+), Mercury in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Ceres Rx in Virgo (25+/10+)


This Lunar Eclipse is the Full Moon of the preceding Solar Eclipse; an alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon with the latter on the dark side of the Earth at farthest distance from the Sun and closely conjunct her South Node. By passing through the Earth’s shadow, which in the case of a Lunar Appulse Eclipse happens in the penumbra, the resulting occultation of the Moon is only partially, whereby the Moon’s light is slightly growing dimmer as she takes on an eerie, somber glow. Darkness falls upon us, while our senses become alert and awareness heightens. Thus, we have to grope our way in tentative steps, thereby getting a feeling for the things hidden in the shadow, which might assume distinct forms and shapes under our touch than we’ve registered when we looked at them with the light on. On a subjective level we’re going through a similar experience, and because this energy is highly concentrated, the impact can be profound, irrevocable and lasting as it reverberates through time.

Affected by the Leo Lunar Eclipse is our center, the source of our confidence, beingness and creativity, which we develop through the process of personality integration. Depending on the degree to which we have self-actualized and individuated, we can measure our independence from formative influences as well as the ability to make truly individual choices. Our self-expression is an indicator of our state of mind. Feelings of entitlement can cloud our judgment and cause conflicts with our social purpose, whereas feelings of inferiority could be damaging to our health and sense of Self, preventing us from individualizing. Should our affairs reveal an inner split, tearing us apart from within or an inflated ego, disconnecting us from the rest of humanity, we’re set on a collision course, steered by the Eclipse.   

Starting with the quincunx to Saturn, the Sun began transiting the boomerang configuration, permitting us to shift gear inwardly, thereby jolting us either out of complacency and compliance or exposing narcissism. Now, during his opposition to the Moon, both tie in the remaining legs to add a remarkable feature to the Eclipse chart, thereby providing the impetus that drives it. Consequently, an emotional storm could unfurl and cause a stir, whether inwardly or outwardly, handing out a free pass to upset the status quo, to break through barriers of fear and insecurity, to reform and decondition what’s no longer working. Once let loose, there’s no holding back anymore and no restraining of frustration. Patience will run out and cautiousness could be thrown to the wind. Wounds could get laid bare, voiced with indignation and addressed directly and uncompromisingly. Some lines will have to be crossed. Although liberating, the truth could hurt, sending shock waves to unexpecting recipients. Yet, the reality is obvious and simple. Ideologies favoring self-interest on the one hand and weakness on the other might crumble together with the structures they rest on. Repercussions could be hefty, leaving some gasping or even emotionally paralyzed, while others’ galvanizing experience could bring forth a more authentic Self. When the personality is ready and willing to undergo change the tide will be turning. Opportunities will present themselves, because our eyes will be open to the potential inherent in every single moment. With growing awareness chances are we acknowledge our role in the scheme of things. Insights can reveal a whole new world to us, which could inspire transcendence and new beginnings.


The Sabian Symbols pertaining to the zodiacal degrees highlighted by the Leo Full Moon are:

“Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly. Keynote: The often negative and at times ludicrous first experience with spiritual teachings – Premature expansion of consciousness.”

“A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life. Keynote: The capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human relationships with strength of character and personal integrity – develop RESILIENCE under adversity.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Pages 144 and 262, respectively)


Basically, these symbolical statements can be referred to a confrontation between being FULL (of oneself) and being EMPTY, which is the most pressing conflict in the socio-political environment. Due to the insatiable greed and narrow self-interests of the elite (Plutocrats), supported by the deregulations and lack of accountability offered by a corrupt government (they put in place), the economy is in a state of recession, the whole system is bankrupt, the middle class is disappearing and the situation seems to get worse with every single day that passes by. Still, the top executives are getting ‘drunk’ on the bailout money, while the populace is paying the bill and suffering under the conditions. The Lunar Eclipse brings this issue to a head amidst the clashing of those opposite poles and the echo will be heard for a long time. In individual lives, this has relevance in regard to behavioral reactions and patterning involving the fullness and emptiness of the Self, which need to be discontinued to end painful or unbearable circumstances and cure the split within.


February 10th: Moon ingress into Virgo at 00:38 am EST

Traversing the sign Virgo, the Moon will engage in a few quincunxes throughout the day. Moods are more humble now, while we’re seeking for solutions and healing. Based on the latest realizations, we might have to filter and sort out the emotional ballast, which could end in a decision when the Moon will square Pallas in Gemini in the early afternoon. From there on, it should be easier to let go of unproductive patterns and routines, particularly in the event of the Moon’s conjunction with Ceres Rx in Virgo, on which she follows up with a sesqui-quadrate to Mercury in Capricorn. Then, pragmatism can prevail, permitting us to take a step toward self-improvement.


February 11th: Venus in Aries semi-square Chiron in Aquarius (06+/21+), Mars in Aquarius sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (05+/20+), Juno conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (08+)

Both, Venus in Aries and Mars in Aquarius, contribute to the dialogue of the boomerang in a sharp tone that will certainly get our attention, especially with the relationship asteroid Juno forming a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius. This puts the principle of relating front and center, whereby the effect could be magnified and therefore speeding things up. It’s time to take it up to the next level or into the next round. In order to achieve our objectives we should be acting boldly and fast, having the element of surprise on our side as well as a daring attitude to push collaboration. Understanding that opinions can differ, alternating between ideologies, we don’t need to fear rejection. Instead, prepreparing for the encounter can assist us to enter the odds and risks into the calculation and to find the courage within us to fight for our cause, no matter how dire the prognosis. From the sign Virgo, the Moon will also activate the pattern by conjunction to Saturn Rx, allowing us to remain cool and in control.


February 12th: Moon ingress into Libra at 03:32 am EST, Mars in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (05+/20+), Sun conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (23+), Juno conjunct North Node in Aquarius (09+)

To spur progress it’s critical to be proactive and to consciously participate in the shaping of events, which can take a turn now. A strong, undetered motivation can win others over and enable us to build a coalition. Charisma and positiveness are admirable attributes, which can create sympathy and might inspire equally positive responses from others, leading to consensus and team work. Our advancement will be influenced by the nature of our intentions and the modus operanti we use in our interactions with others. We might distinguish ourselves from our brethren in many ways, but the cause demands that we put all differences aside, take an egalitarian stance and move things forward.

Early in the morning will the Moon’s Libra ingress set moods toward cooperation and friendliness. Her square to Pluto in Capricorn could compel to dig deeper and react from a soul level. Later in the day, the atmosphere can lighten up considerably as she will go on to trine the Aquarian energies and oppose Venus in Aries, thereby emphasizing even-temperedness and the need for harmony in our relationships.


February 13th: Ceres Rx in Virgo trine Vesta in Taurus (09+/09+), Jupiter conjunct North Node in Aquarius (09+), Juno in Aquarius quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (09+/09+)


With Jupiter’s energies infusing the North Node and a trine between Ceres and Vesta the situation looks promising. After having successfully resolved the latest frictions, our efforts could now pay off and we can approach the future with renewed optimism. Social connections should be positive and stimulating, providing us with a sense of purpose that might nourish us from within. Thus, good relations could be a source of enjoyment for the soul with the potential to make us feel wholesome. Tomorrows look bright and inviting; spirits are uplifted. Keeping our mood gracious, the Libra Moon cares for an emotionally balanced state. In the late afternoon, she will contact the boomerang configuration with dynamic and flowing aspects, stimming us conciliatory and cordial. We might even get  our charms on.


February 14th: Moon ingress into Scorpio at 09:50 am EST, Mercury ingress into Aquarius at 10:39 am EST, Ceres Rx in Virgo quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius (09+/09+)


The Libra Moon will cast a square to Mercury in Capricorn before either will ingress the succeeding sign. This could come as a reminder to coordinate schedules, set a time for a meeting and stick with the arrangement. Once Mercury wears Aquarian colors, the pace could become a lot more hectic as the energy is highly charged and adds a factor of unpredictability. Interferences and cancelations are common with this placement; particularly so with all those energies concentrated in this sign the air is hyped up. Consequently, we might be preoccupied with socializing and with contributing our unique, individual vibe to the collective beat. Entering Scorpio the Moon brings intense emotions to the already heavily loaded atmosphere. Her stressful octiles to the Saturn-Uranus opposition could end the romantic encounters typical for Valentine’s Day on a stormy note, which could unleash emotional volcanoes. Places could be crowded and service or other comfort could leave a great deal to be desired.


February 15th: Venus in Aries semi-square Neptune in Aquarius (09+/24+), Ceres Rx in Virgo square Pallas in Gemini (09+/09+), Venus in Aries quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (09+/09+)


A sense of disillusionment might be present when our expectations weren’t met and subsequently we might feel let down. Our fire smoldered and our passions tamed we could seek refuge in serenity; but not for long. Some questions might have us doubting or wondering, bringing our intuition into play and soon we might be in a condition of deep contemplation. Conclusions we might reach could not sit well with us, forcing us to address the issue in a straightforward manner. If we feel anxiety on the inside, we want answers and won’t remain silent. At night, when the Scorpio Moon will cast a semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn, the tensions could wear us out to a tipping point, where we no longer make a secret out of our true feelings.   


February 16th: Venus in Aries sextile Pallas in Gemini (09+/09+), Mars conjunct North Node in Aquarius (09+), Mars in Aquarius quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (09+/09+), Third Quarter Moon at 28:21 Scorpio/Aquarius at 04:37 pm EST, Moon ingress into Sagittarius at 07:53 pm EST, Mercury in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn (02+/02+), Venus in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius (09+/09+)


The Third Quarter Moon brings “the crisis in consciousness”, elucidating what has unfolded since the New Moon in significance. As the waning Scorpio Moon squares the Aquarius Sun, shared values are at cross purpose with individual causes, testing the influence of the person. In the morning will the Moon square Neptune in Aquarius and sesqui-quadrate Venus in Aries and thus reinforcing the problem we’ve been dealing with. This could push some buttons. Bottled up emotions could break free and release a torrential flood in unmistakable language. With Mars conjunct the North Node we can become self-determined warriors, advocates and defendants of our cause, standing up for our values and for what is ours. It’s not an occasion where we would back down. On the contrary, anger, insistence and willfulness will drive the argument. There will be an element of explosiveness in the air and at the same time we might feel as though we’re standing at an edge. Realizing that there’s only one direction to go, we may want to execute a smart maneuver that could gather us an advantaged position.  Negotiations can become easier when the Moon enters Sagittarius and moods swing toward generosity. When hearts and doors open we could use the opportunity to make a plea for support.


Love&Peace – Verena Donath