Astro-Notes on September 30, 2010 – follow your intuition into the unknown



Quest Tarot

Jupiter Rx in Pisces receives a trine from Pallas in Scorpio and a sesqui-quadrate from Venus in Scorpio. Another trine is formed between Vesta in Libra and the Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aquarius. This implies that our mental strategy has evolved to a level of understanding that influences our approach in profound ways, thereby allowing us to draw from our highest potential, depending upon the degree of awareness we have developed, of course. If this learning process has led to a state of unity and thus of more wholesomeness, we have truly made progress and sophisticated individually, while also fulfilling our part in the larger scheme of things by contributing to the elevation of group consciousness.  The Sun’s conjunction to Saturn in Libra at the apex point of a t-square with the nodal axis indicates that by reaching this crossroads on our path, there is a feeling present that a way of living is coming to an end as well as a sensing that we have to step up to these new responsibilities in order to assume more control over our life, especially what the rules of engagement concerns. As this new cycle begins, we are challenged to break with unproductive past patterns and to leave our fears behind, while planting the seeds of integrity, maturity and personal authority, thereby strengthening our sense of Self. After the Moon’s Cancer ingress at 09:45 am EDT and opposition to Pluto in Capricorn a few hours later, attempts to withdraw into the safety of our shell and side-step the restructuring forces at work will be confronted by the inevitable, which leads into the “crisis in consciousness”, associated with the Third Quarter Moon. With the waning Cancer Moon conjunct her South Node and squaring off the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Libra the challenge is to substantiate the poise we’ve achieved through resoluteness, patience and support of established structures.

Erotisches Tarot

Tarot card of the day is a double: “The Fool covered by The Moon”, which is representative of the start of a new journey with unlimited as yet unrealized potential. A choice has to be made that involves trust as we’re following the calling to serve our higher purpose, while being guided by the source of intuitive clarity and creative vision. We must unravel the perplexity of our thoughts and have the intensity of diligence to stay the course and pursue the path that leads to the expression of our higher Self.

In the news: North Korea on Thursday released what is believed the first official image of leader Kim Jong Il’s youngest son and apparent heir after the younger Kim earlier this week was handed top military and party posts at a Workers’ Party conference. The ascension of Kim Jong Un to a prominent ruling party post put him well on the path to succeed the supreme leader at the helm of nuclear-armed North Korea and carry the family dynasty into a third generation. After months of speculation, the state KCNA news agency announced on Wednesday that the untested Kim Jong Un had been made second in command to his father at the ruling party’s powerful Central Military Commission. “It is another step toward a new power structure which will consist of Kim Jong Un, a young and inexperienced dictator, and two people — his aunt and her husband — who will be making all real political decisions while mentoring the young leader,” said Andrei Lankov, a North Korea expert at Kookmin University. “A figurehead and a couple of powerful regents, if you like.” – In this case, the ruler makes sure that his established structures are well supported by the same clan to carry the family dynasty into another generation (Moon in Cancer conjunct SN square Sun-Saturn in Libra), which is also very much in line with the beginning of a new Sun-Saturn cycle – the son is about to succeed the father as heir, whereby he is learning from his more experienced family members (The Fool covered by The Moon).

Astro-Notes on September 29, 2010 – looking within

Robin Wood Tarot Deck

A quincunx between Juno in Leo and Uranus Rx in Pisces indicates a turning inward in order to connect with our center for reflection and creative inspiration to redefine our role within the collective.

Tarot card of the day is “The Hermit”, indicating that it is now time for important reflection, when we need to step back and look for the answers or truths within ourselves. We have to take each step with a deliberate, conscious approach. In recognizing that each of our thoughts and actions is a brick we use to build our lives, we partake in the creation of our own reality. By listening to the inner stirrings we are able to hear the small voice within that leads us to higher ground.

Personal Note: Transiting Mercury in Virgo has been in sextile to my natal Sun in Scorpio in house 3 and in square to my natal Pallas in Sagittarius in house 4 this morning. When J left for work he was reminded of the bag my daughter had brought back from her visit to my mother-in-law as a gift for me and had given to him to take it home. So, he knocked on the door and handed it to me. It took quite some effort to untangle the knot that kept this plastic bag closed. In the end, it tore into my nail, which felt like a bad sign that had me already upset before I even had a look inside. Since she had already told me about this gift, I kinda knew what to expect, but with an aspect to Uranus around, it would of course still been a ‘surprise’ or something other than I had expected. Right on top were 3 t-shirts placed, not one as she had said. 2 of them she had bought at the Reiki Centre and the other one most likely in the store, where she uses to buy her clothes. This made me realize that my daughter hadn’t taken the one t-shirt from the Reike Centre that was meant for her, which was something that didn’t really surprise me. Though they come in nice colors (one in a light yellow, the other one in lavender and the third one from the other store in a beautiful dark blue) and have a zodiacal motive printed on them (the dark blue one has something stitched on it), it’s not her style, neither is it mine and neither are they in my size. The plain Jane typical t-shirt doesn’t appeal to my Venus in Libra in aspect with Uranus and Neptune, who also doesn’t like the Ladies wear and neither does walking around in a sack. Large is definitely not my size. Next I saw the knitting magazine she had ordered from Germany for me, which was a very nice gesture indeed and to which I was looking forward, but it is not what I had hoped for, even though I had told her about the trend here. Angie had told me that only the handcrafted baby stuff sells in her store. For some reason, the Ladies are not interested in handcrafted merchandise. Oh well, it just confirmed that my mother-in-law never really listens to which the many unnecessary misunderstandings between us remain ample proof (she has also confused the birth month for her next great grandchild again). No sense to argue. The yarn she had bought I could actually use, which is something other than I had expected. However, I know that she only means well. She is a true giver, who can be very generous and all she wanted to do was to surprise me with those nice things and therefore, I won’t complain about it. It is a gift I kept telling myself, while trying to figure out, what I could do with it. My inner voice said: Don’t fuss around and be appreciative. 🙂

Astro-Notes on September 28, 2010 – access the inner guide

The Moon made ingress into Gemini at 02:10 am EDT and started our day with a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn, which brought an adjustment to the easy-going, flighty atmosphere that could’ve triggered resentment, because it picked up on the tense vibration created by the square between Pallas in Scorpio and the Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aquarius and thus on a sensitive topic that is the source of a wounding issue. Ceres in Sagittarius’ square to Jupiter Rx in Pisces challenges us to use the high road in this regard, to draw from the wisdom we’ve gained lately as well as from our capacity for compassion. With this better understanding, we’re reminded to remain tolerant and aware of what we want to nourish and foster. Living out compulsive tendencies will only add to the cycle of hurting. We need to use evolved tactics instead and choose intelligently, thereby focusing on long-term developments. Mercury in Virgo’s quincunx to Eris Rx in Aries demands a mindful attitude from us and thus to stay away from criticism and from pushing our agenda amidst circumstances we can’t change, but have to brave with the purity of our heart.


Gaian Hierophant

Tarot card of the day

is “The Druid”, representing spiritual guidance and higher truths that provide us with the ability to bridge difficulties through a wounded part of ourselves that is open to the world of pain and longing, because suffering in ordinary life makes us question and opens the way to a greater understanding of the higher laws of life. We are seeking for answers of a philosophical and philanthropic kind between spiritual and material values. This card symbolizes all the things that are righteous and sacred on the manifest side. Establish a connection with your inner guide and seek spiritual sustenance to replenish your spiritual nature.  

In the news: According to a new study, women apologize more often than men. “Men aren’t actively resisting apologizing because they think it will make them appear weak or because they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions,” said study researcher Karina Schumann, a doctoral student in social psychology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. “It seems to be that when they think they’ve done something wrong they do apologize just as frequently as when women think they’ve done something wrong. It’s just that they think they’ve done fewer things wrong.” Men were also less likely to report being victims of wrongdoing. This led the researchers to investigate whether men are just not offended as easily, and less likely to think they’ve done something objectionable. Women might have a lower threshold for what requires an apology because they are more concerned with the emotional experiences of others and promoting harmony in their relationships”, Schumann speculated. Recognizing that men and women may perceive situations differently may help the genders to get along. “Neither men nor women are wrong when they disagree about whether or not an offense has occurred or whether or not an apology is desired”, Schumann said. “It’s just that they have different perceptions of an event that has occurred between them.” – It’s all a matter of perception, indeed, and this differs between the genders most evidently, based on the masculine and feminine principles (Pallas in Scorpio square Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius). Apologizing, and thus admitting to wrongdoing, involves moreover the ego (Mercury in Virgo quincunx Eris Rx in Aries). The more control we exert over the ego, the easier is it for us to adapt higher ideals and principles to be able to forgive and empathize (Ceres in Sagittarius square Jupiter Rx in Pisces and the card of the Druid/Hierophant).

Personal Note: As I logged in to Facebook this morning, I found an interesting article and wanted to add the webpage to my favorites, but accidentally hit add to my favorites bar. This has happened to me before, however, I wasn’t able to remember all the single steps it would take to correct this mistake since the program doesn’t let me delete the folder for reasons I can’t comprehend, because I’m not technology savvy (Pallas in Scorpio square Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius). It was at that time that the Gemini Moon was applying in quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and this corresponded for me with a struggle with the technology (or forces beyond my ability to control) that lasted at least half an hour. My way of dealing with this programming error is to move all the undesirable links and folders into a junk folder, of which I can’t get rid off in my favorites though. The difficulties I experienced and due to which I had to close down the program several times were caused from the link I had to delete first (the links ordered under the folders can be deleted) in order to be able to merge the folders and which had slipped my mind. Thus, I kept experimenting for a while.

Astro-Notes on September 27, 2010 – control your fate

Saturn in Libra’s squares to both ends of the nodal axis in Capricorn/Cancer indicates that we’re at a crossroads structure-wise, where we have to take a stand in regard to issues of dependency versus self-reliance in order to rectify the balance. Juno in Leo’s quincunx to Jupiter Rx in Pisces refers to an adjustment what the role we’re playing in our relationships concerns that realigns us with the direction we have envisioned for ourselves. With Pallas in Scorpio in square to the Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aquarius, awareness about how our tactics influence our affairs, and for this matter where we self-sabotage, is critical to this process and to our ability to make wise choices. We can turn a corner now and advance our cause if we can overcome past conditioning that prevents us from making progress.  

Tarot card of the day is the “6 of Cups”, suggesting that it is time for making new friends and laying solid foundations for the future. This card is strongly linked to emotional patterns and reveals a connection to the past we need to revive to take us in a new direction by evaluating the past to see the reflections and effects the past has on the present. New understandings from other points of view are possible and new elements can enter our life, which are linked to the past. Once we have let go off our fears, we are undaunted in our efforts to shine our inner light into the world, working in cooperation with a universal flow and trusting in our capabilities and knowledge.

In the news: Ten years ago, after a long and bitter debate, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved use of the abortion pill by American women. It is hailed as safe and effective, but new turmoil may lie ahead as the pill’s proponents consider using telemedicine to make it more available. Already, a pioneering telemedicine program in Iowa has provided the pill to about 1,900 women — with a doctor able to consult with a faraway patient in a video teleconference, then unlock a container by remote control to release the pill. To the alarm of anti-abortion activists, abortion providers in other states are pondering whether similar programs would enable them to serve more women, especially in rural areas. Affording women more privacy than a surgical abortion, the pill marketed as Mifeprex now accounts for about one-quarter of U.S. abortions performed in the first nine weeks of pregnancy and about 15 percent of all U.S. abortions. Unquestionably, the pill has made abortion more accessible for many women outside major cities. Ten years ago, Planned Parenthood offered surgical abortions at 151 sites, according Cullins; now the organization has 322 centers providing abortion — nearly half of them relatively small clinics that offer the pill but not surgery. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s CEO, Jill June, said abortion opponents see the telemedicine concept as a particular threat because it would make abortion services more decentralized. – This controversial theme touches on a sensitive issue that is linked to the wounding and healing principle (Pallas in Scorpio signifies the abortion pill as the strategy to abort in order to deal with the challenge of pregnancy and be able to plan parenthood – square to Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx in Aquarius). It is a non-invasive method, a true wonder of our technology (Aquarius), which of course raises problems with proponents of the past, who still believe we live in the times of the Old Testament (Saturn in Libra square SN in Cancer and Juno in Leo quincunx to Jupiter Rx in Pisces). Well, overpopulation wasn’t a societal problem then, but times they’re changing and so must the mentality (Pallas) in order for us to be able to control our life direction (Saturn square NN in Capricorn) and also to assume responsibility for our collective future. The telemedicine concept that is intended to reach more women (Juno in Leo quincunx Jupiter Rx in Pisces) is a wise strategy (Pallas in Scorpio) as well as a revival of past success that will take us in a new direction (6 of Cups) from which healing and progress may ensue (Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius).

Astro-Notes on September 26, 2010 – be true to yourself

The asymmetrical triangle configuration formed by Juno in Leo, Ceres in Sagittarius and the Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aquarius is strongly activated today due to aspect perfection within it. Understanding of the subliminal energies at work we’ve gained so far, especially what our expectations, projections and personal blind spots concerns, can assist us in achieving our future prospects if we set our intentions accordingly and intensify our efforts towards that end, indicated by a sextile between Mars in Scorpio and the North Node in Capricorn.

Tarot card of the day is “The Druid reversed”, representing an unorthodox perspective and unconventional thinking that extends to breaking the norm. Due to an experience of disillusionment there is an awakening to what is happening around you and what it really means. Rely on your own judgment and do the right thing, even though there’s a level of confusion of what exactly the right thing is. Be true to yourself.

Personal Note: With Mercury in Virgo transiting my natal Uranus-Chiron opposition and natal Pluto plus squaring natal Juno during these last few days, the astro-weather has brought once again matters that involve my thought process to my attention. I’ve been stricken with a state of lethargy that has proved to be debilitating to my already dreamy mental condition (Neptune in house 3). It’s almost as if someone isn’t home, which makes it difficult for me to think clearly and communicate effectively. Hopefully, this will get better today.

Astro-Notes on September 25, 2010 – watch your expectations

Juno in Leo’s opposition to the Neptune Rx-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aquarius and trine to Ceres in Sagittarius complete the asymmetrical triangle configuration that has been forming over the last few days and is suggestive of a dynamically, creative interlude that opens channels for playful and imaginative engaging with others, from which we can derive a sense of nourishment and belonging. If we don’t set our expectations too high, we won’t be disappointed when not everything works out as we had hoped for. As long as we don’t lose our optimism and commit us wholeheartedly to our highest ideals and aspirations, while consciously aiming for realizable goals, can we overcome any tendencies toward negativity. Indicated by a square between the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is that we might be struggling with forces beyond our control or a situation, where our influence is limited and our Self-confidence is wavering. The more important is it for us to keep up a positive attitude and maintain a composed, balanced personality. Once the Moon makes ingress into Taurus at 04:16 pm EDT contentment is easier to come by as our mood stabilizes and we seek out comfort and focus on our wellbeing.

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Wands”, representing self-assertion and ambition. Your strength lies in your leadership abilities. Be confident and self-reliant and direct your efforts in areas, where your strength can bear fruit. Be guided by high-spiritedness and integrity, but also set yourself free. Feel the heat and the passion of the creative fire within you and pursue your long-term goals. Any project you’re working on is an inspired choice and will take you far. There is no better time than the present to use your abilities to solve a complex problem and get as many people involved as you need to achieve success. Any struggles you may encounter will be worth it as you shall soon see the mastery of the different elements of your life honed by your talents into a unified working method.

Astro-Notes on September 24, 2010 – a glimmer of hope

The sextile between Ceres in Sagittarius and Neptune Rx in Aquarius, who is conjunct Chiron Rx, offers us an opportunity for social mingling and integration we can take advantage of to expand our support network and to nurture our interconnectedness.  

Tarot card of the day is “The Star”, indicating renewed hope and quiet confidence. You have inner faith and the belief that you are following the right path. As you’re opening yourself to receive, you also let the light out from within, thereby allowing for a flow of love and light to come to you as well as radiate from you. This card brings you the gift of pleasure in nature, of reasoned intuition and shining hope. It reveals a loving phase, filled with calm energy and a sense of being blessed. Dwell on the good.

Personal Note: My little, wild rabbit was rollicking so lively yesterday night that she fell down in the basement. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have hurt herself, but I had to try to catch her to get her out of there, because she wouldn’t come up the stairs. This meant I had to chase and corner her, while she didn’t see a way out and therefore she was feeling trapped and very frightened. It was almost midnight when I carried this kicking and heavily breathing little thing in my arms and pressed on my chest upstairs and released it in her cage. She was shaking and so was I. Worrying about her robbed me of my sleep. To my relief she had recovered and eaten her food and treads and would also leave her cage later in the morning to hide in one of my baskets. So, she seems to be fine after this crazy Full Moon experience. Other than that, the Parkhill Fair is beginning today. I’m already excited and hope this will turn into a nice weekend.