Partial Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon 2011

Like June, the month of July is ushered in by a Partial Solar Eclipse (read the June 1 entry for reference), only this time in the water sign Cancer, giving the Moon rulership over it. Besides fluctuations in the precipitation cycle, which could cause heavy rains, floods or droughts, and atmospheric changes, matters of farming, crops, maternal and fertility issues, bonding and nurturing instincts, women, the public, patriotism, tradition, heritage, properties, real estate, domesticity as well as home- and family related issues are affected and highlighted for the next months. Conditions and circumstances in general will be subject to fluctuation or tidal changes during alternating phases of growth and decline.

In addition, July 1st sees the birth of a new Saros cycle. This new series will be Saros Series 13 New South (to use the Jansky naming system) or Saros Series 156 (according to the van den Bergh numbering system), which features in its birth chart a loose Cardinal Grand Cross comprised of the New Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Libra (square), Pluto in Capricorn (opposition) and Uranus in Aries (square). The closest midpoints (45 degree module) are Pluto on the midpoint of Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter on the midpoint of The Sun/Neptune, for which renowned astrologer Bernadette Brady, M.A., gives the following interpretation:

“The theme of this entire series will be about undertaking and or completing large endeavors. At a personal level, hard struggles begin to resolve, old thorny issues begin to untangle and the too-hard problems start to become clear. Added to this Grand Cross is the energy of the tightest midpoints and these are Pluto to Mars/Jupiter, which suggests extraordinary effort and achievement PLUS Jupiter to New Moon/Neptune, which brings long and difficult issues to gentle conclusions through inspiration or the insight of a bright idea. So, if you are stuck or jammed on an issue at the moment, apply your mind and give yourself permission to ‘think outside the box’ or do a little active imagination to help find solutions. Old problems can be solved in this period. This eclipse is also happening amongst the stars of Gemini which, within the Assyrian astrologer/priests’ letters to their kings, usually indicates the death of a king or the ending of an issue. So endings… but endings of problems, the ending of ‘old’ things, which then allows a fresh approach to life.” (excerpt from her newsletter)

Thus, the extraction, release and filtering of accumulated energy, associated with a South Node Eclipse, is related to the closing of a chapter or drawing of a bottom line so that issues can be resolved and matters concluded and we can ready ourselves for the utilization of our inherent talents and gifts or for the outpouring of those things, ideas and plans, we’ve nourished and gestated in our imagination for a quite some time, as evidenced by Mercury in Cancer’s trine to Ceres in Pisces in the Eclipse chart, which indicates the completion of a developmental phase on the mental plane and communicative level. Mars in Gemini’s semi-square to Eris in Aries stresses the enactment of our agenda in this regard and also that our motivation is driven by our self-interests and the will to survive and end up on the winning side in this competitive environment of ours (“eat or be eaten” is very much a motto). As Juno in Virgo is approaching a square to the nodal axis, we’re reaching a turning point in the way we define our role in the larger scheme of things, which requires from us to imitate and practice what we learn and observe in order for our relationship principle to function in a manner that serves our future prospects.

Under the pressure of the Cardinal Grand Cross we’re forced to break out of our shell or cocoon to be shaped and formed by the new trends and collective processes at work in both – our individual lives and society at large, while our inner barriers are eroding, providing us with a chance to reinvent ourselves and to become more self-sufficient and authentic as we grow into the Self-image we’ve envisioned. We can rely on our resourcefulness, inner strength and personal power for the sustainment and fostering of this new seed-tone that sounds forth with the Solar Eclipse as we prepare ourselves to master the challenges inevitably presented to us. In the end, the ultimate form is forged from considerable tension.    


The Sabian Symbol for the Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon states:

”A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process. Keynote: The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal – CRAFTSMANSHIP.”

 (Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of  Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Page 116)

Tarot card for the Solar Eclipse/Cancer New Moon is “The Wheel of Fortune reversed”, suggesting changes that could turn out to be difficult and could be feeling ‘out of control’. Expect the unexpected. Accept life’s sudden twists, even if you’re apprehensive and unsettled about something. Don’t be careless, though or let your ego get in the way. Count on interruption or inconsistency. Keep planting seeds and trust that there will be results. However, don’t depend solely on luck or fate and never struggle against the events coming into your life.

Astro-Notes on June 23, 2011 – a stable focus

The Moon made ingress to Aries at 4:23 am EDT and formed a semi-sextile to Neptune Rx in Pisces, enlivening our dreams and activating our imagination before she engaged in a waning square to the Sun in Cancer for the Third Quarter Moon phase of the Gemini lunation cycle that transpires at 7:48 am EDT. This ‘crisis in consciousness’ is a test of our will to move out of our shell and ahead in life, regardless of personal sentimentalities. Looking at ourselves with objectivity will aid us in seeing our role within our environment from a truer perspective. With the Sun in Cancer also casting a semi-sextile to Mars in Gemini (and the Moon a sextile) and Mercury in Cancer a quincunx to Pallas Rx in Aquarius, the situation requires adjustment to the new course of action together with the changing ideology by focusing on the future and our individual progress in this context.

Tarot card of the day is “Justice”, indicating that we’ve reached a state of balance and can call now on our ability to see both sides of a situation, while remaining fair and even-minded.  It is a message from our conscience, letting us know we should do the right thing. This card refers to a choice or decision that is primarily logical and can be worked out accordingly. A matter can be resolved in our favor.

Astro-Notes on June 21, 2011 – Summer Solstice

Litha Summer Solstice Pentacl – Designer: Naumaddic Arts

Pallas Rx in Aquarius receives a tense sesqui-quadrate from the Sun in Gemini and a flowing trine from Venus in Gemini, which stresses intelligent maneuvering on our part as we learn to imitate strategies, while adapting and responding to the busyness in our surroundings. Vesta stations retrograde at 19:40 Aquarius at 9:28 am EDT, concentrating our energy and dedication to our cause. She will be retracing her steps to 06:08 Aquarius, where she will turn direct on September 17. This correlates to a phase when we will be reorienting our focus and reforming our spirit. Reaching its northernmost point from the equator, the Sun’s ingress to Cancer at 1:16 pm EDT marks the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. Consequently, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest day, whereas for the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night and the start of winter. As the Sun seems to ‘stand still’ high in the sky, we transition into ‘stasis’ and have a chance to pause, stop and take stock before fully committing ourselves to the new season. Individual development is peaking. There is liveliness and vibrancy as well as a re-gathering and refocusing of intent. A time of Self-nurturance, of sustaining our sense of Self and supporting our center is beginning now. Mercury in Cancer’s square to Saturn in Libra challenges us to overcome traditional ways of thinking and reasoning in order to assess or rectify our timing and tasking, instead of side-stepping our responsibilities.

Tarot card of the day is the “Wheel of Fortune”, indicating a turn of fate that could bring new opportunities into our life or a lucky break or another fortunate circumstance. Life is in constant motion, providing the potential for change we can instigate if we are prepared to do so. This card also addresses the cyclical nature of life – what goes around comes around.

Astro-Notes on June 20, 2011 – an unorthodox perspective

The Moon makes ingress to Pisces at 4:45 pm EDT, followed by a conjunction to Neptune Rx, which has the potential to trigger higher sensitivities and our imagination, thereby opening a release valve for the awkwardness that stirred a rebellious streak within us during the Moon’s void of course period in Aquarius. This could of course also enhance the irritability we might be experiencing. Another ingress will happen at 10:49 pm EDT when Mars enters Gemini, where he will be traversing until August 3, and which corresponds to a phase of focused intention and busy, lively, frequent activity, a hustle and bustle that could even ask for multi-tasking and require dexterity on our part, when we’ll be motivated by new information, associations and ideas.

Tarot card of the day is “The Druid reversed”, representing the regressive aspects of a too rigid orthodoxy, which is stuck in tradition and therefore inspires unconventionality. The spirit of anarchy is about to enter our thoughts as rules and regulations make us feel claustrophobic and we cannot see the point in them. There could be an excessive adherence to dogma together with societal or group pressure or an inability to listen and to connect to our higher Self. Beware of first impressions; you would be wise to seek a second opinion. Don’t judge a book by its cover or rush into new agreements – they could prove disappointing.

Personal Note:  I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate card for the day, because I have an orientation day today from 10 am til 4:30 pm, which will certainly stir up the rebellious streak within me a few times. Looking forward to the late afternoon.

Lunar Eclipse lunatics

Riots erupted in downtown Vancouver, BC, Wednesday night after the Canuck’s 4-0 Stanley Cup final loss to the Boston Bruins. Angry rioters set cars on fire, looted stores and taunted police officers, who fired tear gas, pepper spray and flash bombs and used batons and also police dogs on rioters. With Jupiter in the money sign Taurus as the Lord of the Sagittarius Full  Moon/Lunar Eclipse the damage exceeds by far that of the incident 17 years ago. Venus in Gemini, dispositor of Jupiter, was in a tense semi-square aspect to Eris in Aries, the goddess of strife, who’s archetype moreover correlates to competition, whereas Jupiter is associated with sportmanship. Evidently, a sense of sportmanship was absent as a majority of the fans couldn’t deal with the loss, which was indicated by the Full Moon’s (Moon-Sun opposition) square to Ceres in Pisces, a symbol of nurturance and support. Disillusioned in this regard, the ‘mob’ had to find an outlet for their anger and disappointment, which soon turned into hostility with Ceres also in sextile aspect to the warrior planet Mars, situated in Taurus, Venus’s sign. The mayor of Vancouver labeled this situation as ‘despicable’ and made it to his cause to make these rioters accountable. There’s not only a lot of photographic evidence (Pisces), the riot prompted thousands of Vancouver residents to sign up to a Facebook campaign that is aimed to identify rioters and looters (Sagittarius/Gemini axis).  – Personally, I wish people would direct their anger toward justifiable causes that concern our environment, health, social security and politics instead of getting ‘worked up’ over a game. As the nodal axis traverses through the Sagittarius- Gemini polarity, our quests, convictions, principles, beliefs, viewpoints and philosophies together with our social sense are evolving from the level of the superficial, mundane and shallow. It may happen slowly, but also steadily.

Astro-Notes on June 16, 2011 – preparedness

After the Moon’s Capricorn ingress this morning at 1:58 am EDT, sextile to Neptune Rx in Pisces and trine to Jupiter in Taurus we feel prepared and ready to take on the day to fulfill our obligations in order to accomplish all the things on our agenda. Mercury’s ingress to Cancer at 3:08 pm EDT, where he will be traveling until July 2, begins a phase of ‘instinctively feeling out’ our environment when our perception is more subjective and functions rather tentatively and reactively (even defensively) or, in other words, in protective mode. Information exchange happens on an emotive-intuitive level, influenced by moods and sentimentalities, and connections are formed to bond and belong. A tense sesqui-quadrate from Mercury in Cancer to Pallas Rx in Aquarius alerts us to caution regarding past ways of thinking, thereby calling for foresight as we process the information coming our way.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Wands”, indicating that we’ve come a long way. Our efforts have paid off and the goal is in sight. The task is almost completed. Therefore, we must persevere and see this through to the end, while relying on our inner strength and remaining vigilant. This card emphasizes preparedness and prudence.

Personal Note: I’m awaiting a call from a potential employer today that could have me on a working schedule next week. So, things seem to be coming together. Sharon and I met yesterday night for a Full Moon ritual we performed by the lake. We sat down on the rocks, while the Sun was setting, which is always a spectacular view in these surroundings, and wild geese were flying over us in the famous V-shape formation. Conveniently, they had ‘left’ us 2 feathers we added to our small ‘altar’. We blessed the water for providing us with this sacred space. I’m grateful for my friends and the wonderful time we had.

Astro-Notes on June 15, 2011 – Total Lunar Eclipse/Sagittarius Full Moon 2011

The Gemini lunation cycle culminates in a Total Lunar Eclipse. Aspect perfection is at 4:13 pm EDT. A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in close proximity to the Moon’s Nodes and the Moon passes through the deeper shadow cast by the Earth, the umbra, where no direct light from the Sun can reach her. However, the Earth’s atmosphere refracts light, while at the same time filtering it, which illuminates the Moon with a series of varying red colors, depending on the prevailing conditions. Lunar Eclipses are felt internal and can trigger unconscious and psychic issues, which constitute our shadow material. With the Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse conjoined to the North Node, an opening for new intake is created and we need to be willing to exert ourselves in this new direction. Thus, “total liquidation of the past” (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse) has reached a culmination point, which reveals a measure of success and failure in this context. Therefore, we’re either filled with joy or sadness or even a mixture of both.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 24:23 Sagittarius states:

“A chubby boy on a hobby-horse. Keynote: The anticipatory joy of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing – FORESHADOWING.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 24:23 Gemini states:

“A gardener trimming large palm trees. Keynote: Bringing under control nature’s power of expansion – PRUNING.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Pages 224-225 and 105 and 106, respectively)

Suggested by these symbolical pictures is that “The negro girl fighting for her independence in the city” (Sabian Symbol of the Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse) has to reign in her imagination (reference can be made to the promised ‘expansion with an underlying sinister flavor’ that is descriptive of this particular member of the Saros Series 13 Old South) and start to look at the situation with objectivity and an open mind, also implied by the Lunar Eclipse’s square to Ceres in Pisces, which shows moreover a turning point in the developments that could bring an end to a certain way of life or set of circumstances. Because the latter is also engaged in a sextile to Mars in Taurus, we are encouraged to not give up yet, but to persevere and continue pursuing our dreams and ideals, even if we feel as though we lost this round. With Venus in Gemini in semi-square aspect to Eris in Aries, we need to employ an adaptable approach that’s in favor of our self-interests and respond with the proper attitude and a forward-looking mindset to the unfolding of events.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Pentacles”, indicating self-reliance and personal contentment in circumstances where we can fall back on our own resources and start growing and cultivating things. Although caution is indicated to provide ourselves with the necessary security to accomplish what’s in our best interest, we can expect tangible gain and good results. This card denotes the ability to complete any work necessary through self-discipline and patience.