Astro-Notes on January 31, 2016 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Ceres in Pisces semi-square Pluto in Capricorn
– Jupiter Rx in Virgo quincunx Eris in Aries and conjunct NN
– Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries
– Vesta in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
– Third Quarter Moon at 11:41 Scorpio/Aquarius at 10:27 pm EST

The Third Quarter Moon of the Capricorn lunation cycle will transpire late tonight amidst a couple of tense aspects that involve Pluto in Capricorn, the ruler of the Moon (in Scorpio). These challenge us to get in control over our circumstances or affairs and also of our obsessions or the shadow side of our nature to be able to make progress with our causes and projects. The ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies the Last Quarter Moon is testing our perception of reality and in this case it concerns especially distractions, interruptions and other unexpected developments that keep us from carrying out our agenda as well as ‘rebellious’ choices we make, triggered by deeper psychological patterns and a resistance to change of which we need to become aware of. In this regard we have to realize that this is our last chance to finally get our stuff together. Therefore, it’s time to move out of our own way and commit ourselves whole-heartedly to our causes. We cannot continue going down a path that doesn’t serve our best interests. Instead, what we need is an attitude adjustment.


Tomorrow will we celebrate Imbolc, a cross-quarter day in the wheel of the year that marks the return of the light here in the Northern Hemisphere. This festival honors the great Celtic goddess Brigid, the Light-Bringer and Exalted One that has connotations with the Roman goddess Vesta, which kindles and tends to the inner flame. She is the ‘Beloved’, the ‘Lady of the Lambs’ that oversees the quickening of life and the passage from the dark of winter to the promise of spring. Hope is growing in our hearts as winter is reaching its peak. We know it is only a matter of a few weeks until this season will be over and the Earth and all her creatures will awaken once again. Tradition calls upon us to light candles and place them in the windows of our home. In the same sense should we rekindle our inner light and keep the flame burning.

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Swords”, symbolizing a decision-maker, who lives by clear logic and fact and by justice and fairness, has a sharp mind and a high intellect and expands on inner wisdom. He is impartial, puts emotions aside, makes informed decisions and applies mind over matter. Thus, it is a day when we filter our thoughts and imagination and put them into cohesive ideas and projects.

Astro-Notes on January 23, 2016 – Leo Full Moon

Over the last couple of days, first the Sun (for a 30 day stay) and then Pallas (until April 26) made ingress to Aquarius and this afternoon Venus entered the sign Capricorn, where she will be traversing until February 17. As a consequence, we might have felt the ‘change in the air’ not just in the wind chill outside, but also in the fresh breeze that’s been swirling through our lives. At the same time are we more in control of our emotions and have gotten our priorities in order, which means we are ready to take the next step toward realizing our ambitions and desires.
When the Sun is travelling through Aquarius we are more inclined to express our individuality and uniqueness and also our difference or what sets us apart from others, whereby we seek to advance our personal causes and to become more independent and individualized in the process. In fact, we might even reinvent ourselves. However, since Aquarius symbolizes both – the individual and the collective – we will moreover tend to self-realize or affirm our Beingness through our group purpose and contribution or involvement with our social circle, associates and peers during this period, especially through networking and collaborating. With Pallas also travelling through the sign of the waterbearer, our focus will be on progress, change, new trends and the future and our approach will be more detached, innovative, intellectual, preventive and ‘avant-garde’, even ingenious or revolutionary, as we seek to upgrade, modernize and reform our strategies, while improvising, taking risks and chances and thinking outside of the box. Venus’ transit through Capricorn corresponds to a phase when we either strengthen our relationships or breaking up with individuals or groups, when we strive to achieve a sense of wellbeing and keep our values realistic, down to earth and conservative, when we are more in touch with the material aspect of life as well as our mortality and worth and when we validate what we have, while working on structuring and managing our finances and resources.
In the meantime did the Moon make ingress to Leo and now we are craving fun, attention and personal enjoyment. We also want to spoil ourselves, celebrate, feel alive, be creative and connect with our inner child or focus on our children. The Capricorn lunation cycle culminates tonight in the Leo Full Moon and the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Leo New Moon back in August 2015 comes to fruition too. Thus, ‘the hidden choir singing during a religious service’ (Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn New Moon) remains no longer in the background. Instead, it is now taking center stage and the urge is ‘to dramatize one’s achievements by showcasing one’s trophies (skills or talents)’ (Sabian Symbol and keynote for the Leo Full Moon). Suggested is furthermore that the ego has been overcome. Therefore, the ‘carrier pigeon that is fulfilling its mission in terms of service to mankind’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon from August 2015) has been replaced by a ‘Hindu Yogi (the messenger of the ‘higher realm’ has turned into a ‘spiritual master’), who demonstrates his healing powers through the focusing of spiritual (“higher”) energy’ (Sabian Symbol and keynote for the Aquarius Sun) and self-discipline.
The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 3:29 Leo states:
“A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition. Keynote: The masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals – TO DRAMATIZE ONE’S ACHIEVEMENTS.”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 3:29 Aquarius states:
“A Hindu yogi demonstrates his healing powers. Keynote: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind – FOCUSING OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY.”
(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 133-134 and 251, respectively)


Leo FM 2016
Because the Full Moon is in a tense aspect to Chiron in Pisces, as things are coming to a head or climax it is critical that we remain aware of our vulnerability and our blind spots and don’t shoot ourselves in the foot or take unnecessary risks, in particular in regard to the ‘super-storm’ that is pounding the East Coast of the U.S. Although this extreme weather might mess with your plans, it is important to take the warnings seriously and wait it out. Do the smart thing.
Tarot card of the day is the “Wheel of Fortune” indicating that the wheel has turned and we’ve entered a new phase of the cycle. We must accept that things can always turn around; that what goes around comes around. However, in every crisis lies opportunity. It’s not a time to be complacent; instead we have to actively follow this path now and go with the flow.

Astro-Notes on January 16, 2016 – First Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Mercury Rx in Capricorn semi-sextile Venus in Sagittarius
– Pallas in Capricorn semi-square Saturn in Sagittarius
– First Quarter Moon at 26:16 Aries/Capricorn at 6:26 pm EST

After the inferior conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Capricorn we realized that we have to organize our lifes and schedules more efficiently in order to be able to manage our various duties, which requires that we discipline ourselves and straighten our focus and then we need to approach things systematically as well as in the right order according to their importance. Therefore, we had to review or even rearrange our agendas and rank matters priority-wise, while trying to fit them into our busy schedules and making amends whenever necessary, yet in the end we might have felt defeated or unaccomplished, because we had to keep delaying some of our plans or projects for which there was no time left at the end of the day. Not to mention that certain things, procedures or systems just won’t work and we don’t know the reasons why. Consequently, the ‘crisis in action’ that accompanies the First Quarter Moon is testing our diligence, professionalism and determination as we’re struggling to maintain a sense of order or structure. The issue of ‘anger management’ might have come up a couple of times too, especially when others rained on our parade, so to speak. Thus, it is imperative that we ensure our higher values are met and get our stuff together – on the emotional and mental level.

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Pentacles”, a card that refers to encouragement due to cooperation and collaboration. Teamwork and planning are the essential ingredients toward the achievement of our goals. We’re taking the next step toward becoming established. Improvement of our situation and success are possible if we apply the necessary effort and show persistence.

Astro-Notes on January 9, 2016 – Capricorn New Moon

Daily aspects:
– Ceres in Aquarius sextile Eris Rx in Aries
– Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius
– Juno in Scorpio semi-square Jupiter Rx in Virgo
– New Moon at 19:13 Capricorn at 8:30 pm EST
– Ceres in Aquarius quincunx Jupiter Rx in Virgo

Before the start of this new cycle different opportunities to take care of our self-interests, especially what the near future concerns, beckoned, of which we could have taken advantage if we chose to bridge certain problems so that healing or a sense of unity or even camaraderie could ensue. And although we might have felt a bit overwhelmed by everything that was revealed and had to be processed and accepted without further fighting it, we know now that we aren’t alone in this and that there’s always some kind of help or support available. Moreover, our responsibilities or chores may have increased lately or there may have been more demands or requests placed on us, requiring from us to manage these limitations or burdens realistically and in a timely and organized manner, in particular in regard to the financial, material and contractual aspects (terms of engagement) of these matters.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 19:13 Capricorn states:

“A hidden choir is singing during a religious service. Keynote: The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity – the ideal of PLENITUDE of Being.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 241)

Capricorn NM 2016

It is critical that we keep up our faith and trust that things will work out in the end. We just need to review our options together with the opportunities and possibilities offered to us so that we can find solutions for our various dilemmas, which means that instead of focusing on the complications in certain relationship situations, we need to convince ourselves that we shall overcome this too and will eventually succeed one way or the other if we just get our affairs sorted out and in order and our stuff together, which will enable us to influence events or developments and to draw from our resourcefulness in the process. This is the first New Moon of the New Year – therefore, it has relevance for the whole year. 🙂

Tarot card of the day is the 6 of Wands”, suggesting that things are changing in a positive way. There is the possibility of acclaim and acknowledgment. It could be our day to shine or we could be coming out on top. We strive to be successful and seek to promote ourselves more frequently in order to gain the recognition we desire. However, it is important that we keep the ego in check.

Astro-Notes on January 2, 2016 – Third Quarter Moon

Daily aspects:
– Third Quarter Moon at 11:14 Libra/Capricorn at 00:30 am EST
– Sun in Capricorn semi-sextile Saturn in Sag
– Pallas in Capricorn square Eris in Aries and semi-square Neptune in Pisces

The square between Pallas in Capricorn and Eris in Aries together with the semi-square between the former and Neptune in Pisces describe the ‘crisis in consciousness’ that accompanies this particular Last Quarter Moon rather perfectly. As we transitioned from the old year into the new, I was struggling with New Year’s Day traditions from days past. I had worked all day Thursday, returning home late from my shift when it was already dark and getting colder. Tired and exhausted, I was not in the mood anymore to take the old trash out. I just wanted to sit down with a big cup of coffee that would warm me from the inside and wake me up at the same time so that I would stay awake until midnight to ring in the New Year. However, reading through the posts I get in my mailbox through my subscriptions, I was alerted by the ‘warnings’ of lore and customs, especially since I needed to do my laundry yesterday morning, which is an absolute NO. Going back and forth over my options I decided that my own schedule or rhythm is better suited to my plans and I discarded all those ‘words of inherited wisdom’. To be honest, I don’t think or feel that this is going to bring me bad luck (although I could really do without), on the contrary, I felt more in sync with my environment or the larger cycles/the universe by following my instincts. Not to mention, the first day of the New Year was a 1 day for me personally (Eris- and autonomy-related) on which I drew the “Queen of Swords” (objective, logical, uses reason and intellect etc.) as card for the day. Thus, it didn’t feel wrong. Instead, when I took the trash out it seemed rather to me that I was ready to throw out the old and that this was my personal day to renew myself and get ready for the New Year and all the exciting changes it will bring.
The Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius New Moon that started this cycle stated: “In an old-fashioned northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer. Keynote: The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future human needs – ASSURING SUPPLY.” The emphasis here is on “old-fashioned” and also on “foresightedness”. At this stage in the cycle it is our approach or strategies/politics, which are being tested in this regard and whether they or the traditions we’re holding on to are feasible or realistic or even useful for us to “assure our future needs are getting met”. So, perhaps, with the Sun in Capricorn involved in a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, it would be wiser to follow our own authority instead of letting our lives being ruled by fear, superstition or limiting beliefs that prevent us from living more authentically.

Tarot card of the day is the Ace of Wands”, suggesting an upsurge of ideas and imagination and the drive and energy necessary to undertake such projects. There is the promise of motion, direction and positive energy and thus, we could be feeling quite energetic and enthusiastic as well as optimistic and hopeful for the future. Today we’re driven by a strong, creative force, proceed with courage and confidence and expand our potential.