Astro-Notes on December 24, 2013 – reaffirming our bonds

With Mercury in the last degree of Sagittarius (long-distance connections) yesterday traversingWeihnachtsmarkt through my 4th house (roots, past) I enjoyed a long chat with my best girlfriend back from the old days in East Germany. To my surprise did I find out that she has been living separated from her husband for 2 years now (here came the 5 of Swords as Tarot card of the day through strongly) and has moved into an apartment in another area of that city where we both were born. No wonder I couldn’t reach her! Although I’m happy that we reconnected, I was also sad that this part of our past was now ‘gone’ too. The place where she used to live and which I visited frequently holds so many memories we both cherish. Though such is life and now, after all this time, has she too moved on finally. Meanwhile, Mercury made ingress to Capricorn this morning at 5:12 am EST, where he will be transiting until January 11, which initiated a period during which we either strengthen connections or break them up, organize and work on our agendas, daily schedules and mobility, especially what the realization of our plans concerns, and manage matters of communication systematically, practically and with authority. The semi-sextile between Ceres in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio shows a shifting of the nurturing principle toward ‘harsher’ realities and shared responsibilities. For me personally that means that I’m going back to work after being off for 3 mostly relaxing days. A sextile from the Sun in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces offers us an opportunity to manifest our vision of these ‘holy days’ and thus of coming together in flesh and spirit. My daughter will be picking me up from work tonight so that we can spend Christmas together. 🙂

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re calling a truce and restoring harmony where it is needed. We’re working for peace and reaffirming our commitment to bonds. Thus, we create an atmosphere where we can relax, while reducing stress and tensions, and consequently have a chance to experience serenity and contentment. Generally, we can be more at ease. This card is reflective of our personal value system and of what we believe will bring us the ultimate fulfillment and happiness in life.

Personal Note: In my home country is Christmas Day celebrated today or rather tonight and Santa Claus will visit every household or home, where he is ‘booked’ (LOL). The kids and also the adults have to recite Christmas poems or sing Christmas carols and confirm in front of him that they have been good throughout the year. If not, they will get a taste of the “stick” (a bundle of evergreen twigs). Then he will hand them their gifts. A traditional meal is potato salad and wiener.

Astro-Notes on December 23, 2013 – a disruptive vibe

Christmas_NightWith Mercury in Sagittarius engaged in a semi-sextile aspect to retrograde Venus in Capricorn we need to make adjustments regarding options we have so that they complement material and practical issues we reviewed. Though the Tarot card I drew for today seemed a bit odd, the first headline I read when I opened my homepage was “Celeb feuds of 2013”. So far, responses from my contacts have been constantly interfering with my attempts to get this posted. LOL.


Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Swords”, suggesting that we’re dealing with mixed feelings about life in general and experiencing conflict or discord – inner as well as outer. The more important is it to pick our battles wisely and think before we act. There are boundaries and limitations in life situations we must accept, even though they could make us feel powerless. In this regard, we must overcome ourselves and focus on our needs in order to regain our composure. On the other hand, this card can indicate victory or achievement, which has been well-deserved and long-awaited, but only if we don’t give in to defeat.

Astro-Notes on December 21 and 22 – Winter Solstice 2013

Although it has been here since November already, winter has officially begun yesterday at 12:11 pm EST when the Sun made ingress to Capricorn and marked the Winter Solstice, a quarter day and important power point in the wheel of the year. Not only does the Northern Hemisphere experience the shortest day and the longest night and the Southern Hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night, a turning point in the waxing and waning interplay of light and darkness has been reached, which will become more outwardly (objectively) recognizable around the time of Candlemas. Moreover, the apparent standstill of the Sun (apparent, because it is actually the Earth who revolves around the Sun) is accompanied by Venus’ retrograde station in Capricorn that happened at 4:53 pm EST and initiated a period during which we’ll be reviewing personal values, worth and fulfillment in a practical, feasible and realistic manner. Venus will retrace her steps to 13:33 degrees Capricorn, where she will turn around on January 31, 2014. The shadow cast however extends from November 20th until March 4 of next year. Thus, we got an inkling of and a glimpse into the near future we can use to find out how the season might unfold through the themes that came forward and the aspects, which dominate the chart for the Winter Solstice. One of them is Mercury in Sagittarius’ sextile to Juno in Aquarius, which provided me personally yesterday with the opportunity to join my daughter on a long-distance trip to Alliston to visit the larger family over here for our annual Christmas get-together. It was not only a welcome diversion from my usual schedule, it also offered us a chance to address changing relationship dynamics and consider future options.
Note that there is a cardinal T-square forming between Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that could divide people in different camps or have them taking sides regarding controversial social issues and our personal reactions to it, especially what our individual rights and freedoms concerns.

Winter Solstice 2013

Tarot card of the day was the “10 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we sought out permanence and were looking for a solution that will last. Therefore, we were working on the creation of a lasting foundation by moving beyond makeshift arrangements and through a consensus of vision. This card refers to a climax in our foundational life, a culmination, completion or achievement we’ve reached that is the result of our material and tangible efforts and allows us to make a commitment to a sustainable future. We’re now investing in long-term benefits, knowing that we need a consistent approach in order to achieve success that will stand the test of time.

Today, the Moon will make ingress to Virgo at 2:18 pm EST, shifting the mood from festive, enjoyable and self-indulgent to being efficient, conscientious and methodical, while focusing on the details, especially in consideration of the things on our list that still need to be done. Therefore, Juno in Aquarius’s tense semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn urges us to manage our affairs and personal business with foresight and acceptance of our individual differences, in particular because we are more critically inclined as well as judgmental at this time, which might cause some contrariness or overreacting. The advice is to “put your swords down” as the
Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Swords”, signifying a break from normal life and a time when we avoid overexertion. We seek to relax body and soul, because we want to gain a better perspective by standing back from the situation and coming to terms with what is. For the moment, there is a truce, which gives us a chance to stabilize ourselves, recover, center our thoughts, stop worrying, put down our defenses and take a breather from the chaos and stress around us. In a practical sense, this card is an indicator that we need to have some time out from our current circumstances, to reflect and review your progress so far to be able to re-evaluate and re-assess our priorities. It is almost like conducting our own “Post Implementation Review” following a major milestone or a major challenge. Therefore, we have to make some time and space to reflect on what has worked well, what has not worked and what we need to change for the future.

Astro-Notes on December 17, 2013 – Gemini Full Moon

Yesterday did Mercury in Sagittarius move into the Jupiter-Saturn trine (quincunx Jup Rx in Cancer and semi-sextile Saturn in Scorpio) that marked the end of a period during which we outgrew the past, knowing that we closed a chapter and that there’s no going back to how things were. However, we also re-established a sense of structure and reconnected with our support system and this has aided us in managing our affairs from a place of higher understanding. As the Sagittarius lunation cycle culminates in the Gemini Full Moon that transpired at 4:28 am EST together with the seed impulse that came forth with the Gemini New Moon on June 8, “the lamp burning in the archaic temple in a container shaped like a human body” becomes “a flag bearer in a battle” – the “fire”/spirit/light takes over the entire body and is there for everybody to see – the ideal is getting carried to the ‘front line’ and lives on no matter how tough the getting goes and “this traditional wisdom” becomes the “essential truth”. Alas, there is no way but forward.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 25:36 Gemini states:
“Frost-covered trees against winter skies. Keynote: The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence – ESSENTIALIZATION.”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 25:36 Sagittarius states:
“A flag bearer in a battle. Keynote: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals – CONSECRATION TO AN IDEAL.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 106 and 225, respectively)

Gemini Full Moon 2013

Implied by these symbolical pictures is the function and purpose of the crown chakra, also called the ‘white light’, the lotus with a thousand petals or Sahashrara in Sanskrit and its association with cosmic consciousness. It is the most subtle element on which the entire physical universe is created and it is our inner light and sense of empathy and the part of our consciousness that is concerned with perceptions of unity and separation. Therefore, as Uranus, who has been in retrograde motion since July 17, stations direct at 8:35 Aries at 12:39 pm EST, we too have to turn around and accept the changes and new trends in order to be able to make progress and promote our group’s ideals, especially with retrograde Jupiter in Cancer engaged in a tense sesqui-quadrate to Neptune in Pisces. Consequently, it is critical to have faith in the future and in our social purpose, whereby we have to remember our vision for this world together with the mission we have taken upon us. In this context, the ultimate sacrifice of single individuals (in particular collective ‘idols’) will not only spearhead the common cause, but also elevate the group’s vibration and consciousness; their star will shine on long after the battle has been fought and won.
After the Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 1:16 pm EST will we feel how much we depend on each other and need the support, bond, protection and help of those who care.

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Pentacles”, emphasizing a need for practicality and solid foundations, which requires that we learn to control our environment and take command over our life. We want to be in charge over our circumstances, build up our life, hold onto what we achieved so far and also reach for our goals. Therefore, we have to set limits and rules, don’t give in to any weaknesses and create order where it is needed. This card moreover urges us to let go off anxiety and count our blessings. Our situation is not as bad as we fear.

Astro-Notes on December 9, 2013 – First quarter Moon

This is the exact moment of my lunar return and the chart has Gemini rising – it’s ruler Mercury is in Sagittarius in the 6th house of routines, service and obligations. Thus, I’m heeding a call to fulfill my writing ‘duties’. Since we are also in the First Quarter phase of the current lunation cycle, the accompanying crisis in action required a decision from me re the intentions I had seeded at the onset of this particular cycle. At that time, I posted an entry here after I had disappeared from the scene for the duration of 4 weeks, which was the ‘result’ of having an eclipse in my 3rd house of communication, connections, mobility and locality and Mercury retrograding through this area of the chart at the same time. Although my move to Stratford happened on November 2, I had to disconnect my phone and internet a couple of days prior to that, because the telecom company I used in Clinton doesn’t provide its services in the area I relocated to and they wanted their modem back. During these last days in October I had already worked in and commuted to Stratford, where I had informed myself about potential internet providers amongst which I chose Wightman Telecom. I called them up before my move and also had made sure they got the deposit they requested. Yet, they were only able to set up an appointment for installation on November 12, which seemed like an awful long time to me – ha! think again – Merc is retrograde and you are dealing with a “new” provider – so, they missed out on passing on important information to me and therefore, the appointment was canceled and we rescheduled for the next week after I had complained about this to their customer service manager. Now with Jupiter also retrograde (Merc still in his echo/shadow phase), they messed that up again and consequently, it took another week to set up the installation. As a means of compensation for my troubles, I got the first month phone and internet for free. Anyway, after all this time a lot of mail and other unfinished business had accumulated I had to take care of. However, on the day of the Sagittarius New Moon I composed a blog post, because my girlfriend came late for her visit, which gave me some time to start out on it. Today then, with the Pisces Moon in first quarter square aspect to the Sagittarius Sun, I reconnected with another girlfriend of mine on Skype as I was becoming aware that the question for me is “which connections are more important” and I made my decision accordingly. Her name appeared on my computer screen and knew that I had to call her up, thereby ‘relying upon my organismic responses’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius New Moon). I missed her so much. She’s been my best friend since we first met at the former Online College of Astrology. It was also so much fun to talk to her little boy again, who is so adorable. He still sang me a birthday song, even though this day has long passed. Conclusively, the conflicts I have been experiencing regarding my ‘relationship responsibilities’ for an extended period of time are getting resolved finally as I let go of a daily commitment I cannot fulfill anymore and that has lost its purpose in my life – at least for now – after this life change (relocation, ‘new job’, new people, new environment, new schedule) I just went through. However, with Mercury in Sagittarius in sesqui-quadrate aspect to retrograde Eris in Aries and semi-sextile the North Node in Scorpio (quincunx South Node in Taurus) and the Sun in Sagittarius engaged in another semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, this is not the end of it all – just the ending of a routine or regular pattern or habit of connecting and communicating (retrograde Jupiter in Cancer is trine Saturn in Scorpio – a chapter of the past has been closed). I still consider this creative outlet or channel as a means to express myself and I will explore and review the possibilities and options in this context. So, please stay tuned or subscribe.

Tarot card of the day is the “The High Priestess”, suggesting that we’re being aware of a larger reality and are seeing the potential or understanding the possibilities as we’re opening us to what could be. We’re looking beyond the obvious and being receptive to all kinds of subtle and hidden influences, which include our inner voice we need to listen to and trust. Also, we need to look for areas of our life, which are out of balance and therefore require greater foresight and wisdom. Our life is changing. Things that once seemed certain can no longer be taken for granted.

Astro-Notes on December 2, 2013 – Sagittarius New Moon

With the Sun in Sagittarius in semi-sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and Vesta in Libra in semi-sextile aspect to the North Node in Scorpio, we’re making the necessary adjustments to be able to manage our affairs with an increased and growing understanding of our role in the larger scheme of things and thus, dedicate us toward our transformed life direction and evolving future prospects. The Moon made ingress to Sagittarius early this morning at 1:31 am EST and is now heading toward conjunction with the Sun to ‘usher in’ a new lunar cycle in the sign of the archer.
The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 10:59 Sagittarius that will transpire at 7:22 pm EST states:

“In the left section of an archaic temple a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body. Keynote: The value of the ‘return to the body’ advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness – RELYING UPON ORGANISMIC RESPONSES.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Page 216)

Implied by this symbolical picture is the hidden influence of subconscious patterns we’re ‘worshipping’ – or in other words conditioned patterns of thinking and evaluating – in our decision-making process, which is re-emphasized in Mercury in Scorpio’s semi-square to Ceres in Libra that shows a times of crisis in regard to our ability to properly assess our nurturing needs based on psychic factors that keep us vacillating and manipulated by unresolved inner conflicts. Therefore, it is important that we become aware of our dilemma and strive for concord and reconciliation of these contradictions.

Sagittarius New Moon 2013

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Swords”, representing a delicate balance. We may feel as though we have reached an impasse or even a stalemate. What is needed is a truce so that the problems we’re dealing with can be resolved using logic and the intellect, especially if we don’t know how to proceed. It’s a card of choice that could require from us to make a split decision. There is a sense of being caught between a rock and a hard place, which could make decision-making difficult or, on the other hand, could have us torn by indecision or opposing choices. Awareness of the consequences of our decisions is therefore imperative. However, resolutions will be found and a new beginning is arising out of this.